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The greenbrier is a forbes four star, aaa five diamond award winning luxury resort in West Virgina. It’s also the site of a massive underground bunker meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the US congress during the cold war. What the FAK. The facts and knowledge on real postapocalyptic shelters Vivos is a privately funded network of underground shelters with a location in Indiana and another in Kansas. The Indiana location costs $50,000 per adult and $35,000 per child, it accommodates.

80 people for a minimum of one year without having to surface, and can withstand a 20 megaton blast. The Kansas survival shelter is a massive 2 million square foot area that is being outfitted now. It’ll be able to accommodate 5000 people for a minimum of one year. Located 130 feet below the surface of a mountain and carved out of solid limestone They plan to preserve one out of every million human on earth’s, artifacts, DNA and reproductive.

Cells, as well as books, data, and more. The Adirondack Missile Silo is an old military Atlas F missile Silo converted into a luxury underground shelter. Located in Upstate New York, there is a 2000 square foot log home on the surface of the structure. The underground shelter is a 2300 square foot 2 story luxury home. The silo tube is 52′ in diameter and 185 feet deep. The security doors are able to withstand a 2000 lb blast. They plan to continue to renovate and make it into a larger.

Survival condo that is able to accommodate multiple people. but it’s for sale as is right now for 3 million dollars. The luxury survival condo is also built out of an Atlas F missile base that has undergone massive cleanup and restoration. It accommodates between 36 and 70 people for 5 years completely off the grid with 54,000 square feet of underground protected space. Each buyer has the ability to own a half floor unit designed for 35 people or a full floor unit designed for 610.

People, equipped with a five year supply of high quality freeze dried food. the facility has a water filtration and reservoir system that insures the water supply is safe as well as hydroponic gardens and aquaculture to provide residents with fresh vegetables and fish for food. For just $10,000 per person Atlas survival shelters will build and install a galvanized corrugated pipe shelter in an undisclosed location of your choice. They’re buried up.

To 42′ deep and have a lifespan of 200 years. each unit comes standard with removable floor boards for under floor storage, bunk beds, air filtration systems, blast valves, and an emergency escape hatch hidden underground. You can even get one of these boulders to conceal your escape hatch. The underground city, located in China, is a bomb shelter built in the 1970’s in anticipation of a nuclear war with the Soviet Union. Built by 300,000 local citizens including children,.

It was mostly dug by hand. the tunnels cover 33 square miles and is 2659 feet under the surface with 90 entrances hidden in shops along the main streets. It opened in 2000 as a tourist attraction and is kept up by the city, but has been closed for renovation for a while. I’m gonna leave you with this blast door. Where is it, how heavy is it and how large of an explosion can it handle?.


Hey guys, its ro! Welcome to another Nerdy Nummies. Its October, my favorite holiday is Halloween, so I am so excited to make a creepy recipe today! I got so many requests from you guys to make the Brain Cake thats from the Nerdy Nummies Cookbook, and Ive never made a tutorial of that so I thought wed.

Do that today. Also, Ive been getting a lot of requests from you guys for the marshmallow fondant recipe from the book. Its super easy, so if anyone at home is wondering, How do I make fondant at home? Whats a good, easy recipe that I can do? Im gonna show you guys how to make that today.

Its really yummy, few ingredients, and its microwaveable! So, today, we are gonna be making a Zombie Brain Cake! Lets get started! The cake that were gonna be making today is a red velvet cake. Here it is in the book and were just gonna be following along! So, the things you will need to make the red velvet cake will be:.

2 cups of all purpose flour, 2 cups of sugar, 3 eggs, 1/2 a cup of whole milk, 1 stick of butter which is about 1/2 a cup, 1 cup of sour cream, 1/4 cup of cocoa powder, 1 teaspoon of red gel food coloring, 1/2 a teaspoon of salt, 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Now lets put it all together! The first thing that were gonna do, in this bowl right here were gonna whisk.

Together our dry ingredients. Our flour, cocoa powder, our saltysalty, and baking soda! Then, mix together until its well combined. The next thing were gonna do is in a larger mixing bowl, were gonna cream together our butter and sugar, until everything is well mixed.

Our mixture is ready and now were gonna add the eggs 1 at a time, so we have 3 eggs so were gonna add an egg, mix it up, scrape it down with our spatula. Add the next egg, mix it up, scrape it down, and then add the last egg, mix it up, scrape it down! After our eggs are mixed in were gonna add our vanilla extract and.

Then mix it up one more time! I set my egg mixture off to the side, now in a small mixing bowl Im gonna mix together my sour cream and milk, then whisk it up! Weve got all of our mixtures here and now we are gonna put them together! Weve got our dry ingredients over here and our liquid ingredients over here. And were gonna alternate adding them into our big mixing bowl.

Add dry, mix it up, add liquid, mix it up, add dry, mix it up, add liquid, mix it up, add dry, mix it up! The last thing we need to add is a little bit of red food coloring, and this is whats gonna make our red velvet cake red! Our cake batter is now ready and were gonna pour it into a bowl that were gonna put into the oven.

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