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Hi! My name is Scott Reil and on behalf of Expert Village, I would like to talk to you about container gardening. When designing containers, it is good to keep a couple of general principals in mind. One is the principal of contrast and in trying to do my two containers here, I’ve chosen a taller container which I’ve even accented the vertical even more by putting a tall plant in it and plants that grow in a more upright shape and I want to contrast that with the horizontal. You can see I’ve picked a lower container here and.

I want to pick some plants that are going to accent the horizontal more. First of all I am going to put this gerber daisy in the middle. Now you can see the leaves hold on a very horizontal way and the flowers that come up, it holds on a horizontal plane as well. So this is the kind of plant that is going to really accent the container that it is in by being horizontal as well and that’s a good way to look at it. Here I’ve actually wanted to make the taller container vertical and the lower container horizontal but you.

Could switch it around some. To make this container more horizontal all we need to do is put some trailing things and some lower more vertical plants and trail it over to the side it would change the feel entirely. The other thing to think about when you are designing containers, is your color contrast and your color compliments. This one I’ve chosen to go with a little bit of a red, white and blue theme little bit on the patriotic side but I also again, chosen plants are going to stay low, packed and horizontal so this.

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Is never going to be a really tall container. What I have done though is I’ve chosen some plants that are going to compliment the colors that I’ve used in this container. For instance, this quartz blue verbena is going to show off a very blue coloration in here soon and it is really going to stand out against that red here, but it is very much going to compliment the blue in the container that I used back here. I’ve also done much the same thing with the ageratums that I’ve used. The ageratum, being to the whiter side is going to compliment.

With the white snapdragons up here, but there is just a tinge of pink in here so it will reference back to the daisy’s that I’ve got in the middle. The other nice compliment that I have going here is we have two types of ageratums, so even though the flower colors are different, I get very similar looks in the big tall flower up here and the low flower that I’ve used down there. By contrasting and complimenting back and forth between different colors, you can get a look in your container that is going to be cohesive with the gardens,.

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