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Google interns first week

Matt malone the first time i saw the campus, it was incredible.There’s volleyball nets and colorful umbrellas.And you see people walking their dogs.It feels kind of like a playground, a big playground.Kim day the atmosphere around google, it’s definitely very eccentric, but also very academic.Male speaker 1 at google, we actually do have the ability to make more of an impact on people and more of a change in one year than many people do in their lifetimes.Florian koenigsberger it’s an environment in which very few.

Limitations are placed on where your mind can be during the day.Male speaker 1 you’re all starting your teams this week.And some great advice is to not to be afraid to fail.But we want to flip that around a little bit and say don’t be afraid to succeed.Matt malone my name’s matt malone.I’m a graduate intern here at google in consumer operations this summer.I have a background as a infantry officer in the army.I thought leading people directly on the ground as a combat leader would provide the.

Greatest leadership challenge.And then i switched over to working in intelligence.That’s where i really started to fall in love with technology.Paola correa my name is paola correa.I go to the university of miami.And i study advertising and marketing.When i was little, i used to collect ads.I used to get a kick out of going to different places and seeing how the same message would impact differently and would look differently.Kim day my name is kim day.I’m from melbourne, florida.I’m studying physics and computer science at the.

Florida institute of technology.I grew up on the space coast of florida.And i always grew up watching the shuttles take off from the kennedy space center.And i knew that i really wanted to work with technology and be able to be on the cutting edge.Florian koenigsberger my name is florian koenigsberger, and i’m from new york city.Google as a company was attractive to me because they are a tech company that’s been so much more than that.There isn’t a place that google is not.Grant oakley i’m grant oakley.

I’m from spokane, washington.Just the process of coding is actually surprisingly fun.You get this epic win at the end of the day, where you throw up the arms in celebration.It’s exciting to work at google because unlike a lot of software companies, i use google products every day.That’s pretty exciting.Female speaker 1 so we’re headed upstairs.Matt malone i’ve always thought of work as just as work.Female speaker 1 this is going to be your desk right here.Matt malone at google, it’s completely different.

At google, i was extremely excited to start at work.I could barely sleep the first night.Yeah, my inbox has already been exploding.Female speaker 1 how many yeah, 45 emails for your first day’s pretty good.Matt malone i’m working in the online help center.And my project is part of an effort that will completely change the way google is reaching out to consumers and helping them with google products.Female speaker 2 our help centers are not just the us.But we have them in 40 plus languages.

So you have to think about how we’re going to manage that complexity.Matt malone from your first day as a google intern, you’re treated as a regular employee.Male speaker 2 don’t presume that just because you’re an intern as such that you’re not a member of the team.Florian koenigsberger one usually expects as a new person to be at the bottom of the knowledge totem pole.The fact that i’m not is an illustration of how much responsibility is given to us as interns across the board.Chris paola.

Paola correa how are you chris doing good.I’m chris.Paola correa nice to meet you.I’m paola.Chris i worked with a couple of interns last year.And every intern that i’ve seen come on has just exuded googliness.Paola correa i’ll get the hang of it eventually.Chris you’ll get the hang of it.Don’t be afraid to ask.Paola correa ok.Chris is their work going to be challenging yeah, because the most important work is challenging.Kim day this summer, i’m working on an email notification for google accounts.

And it’s going to be sent out to thousands of users.And it’s going to make their accounts more secure.Grant oakley my code helps developers test their code very efficiency.And that way, they can write good stable code for the products.Male speaker 3 you will be working on something that not only your team, but the entire google will see.Female speaker 3 basically, internship is like a good experience towards becoming a fulltime hire, right kim day the one thing that all the interns definitely have in common is passion and motivation to get.

These things done.Because you don’t necessarily have to know everything.But you have to be willing to learn.Female speaker 4 is this your first time at google interns cheers.Paola correa the week has been unstoppable, restless, a bunch of activities.There’s always something new.And the next activity or the next person that we meet is more exciting than the last.Florian koenigsberger they do a really, really good job of making you understand the way this place thinks.I think, specifically, of an exercise we did that gave a.

Completely new perspective on how to brainstorm.Male speaker 4 what is brainstorming to you tell me what you guys said.Matt malone it’s focused on learning to put aside your judgments right away and avoid criticizing new ideas that may seem strange to you.Florian koenigsberger impossible is not a word that’s thrown around very often.I think it helps you imagine.I certainly did not associate imagination with productivity before coming here.But i think this place makes that real.Paola correa for the rest of it, i know that there will be.

A lot of work involved, maybe some work that i don’t know how to do.But a little bit of fear is good.Matt malone i do feel a lot different after being here for my first week.I guess i’ve always identified myself very much with the military.I was in the military for five years.But i’m starting to see myself as a googler.I see myself as someone who fits in here.I don’t feel like an outsider.I feel googley.Grant oakley i would say meeting sergey was definitely.

One of the highlights of my week, month, maybe year.He’s fine, just stopped and shakes my hand.And then he rode off on his elliptical bike.It’s pretty great.Kim day maybe it is a little early to say that after i’ve only been here a week or so, but i just feel like there’s always going to be something new you’re going to learn every day.And that’s really the best part about being an engineer.Florian koenigsgberger if this is what being an intern feels like, i’d love to be an intern for.

10 Unbelievable Underground Homes

from something out of the teletubbies to a former missile silo, we count ten unbelievable underground homes! 10 malator, considered one of wales’ architectural masterpieces, malator is a property in druidstone that was literally built into the side of a hill.Locals call it the teletubby house’ because its turf roof and peephole doorway make it look like the home from the lcdinspired kids’ show.Interestingly, the home has just one fishbowlstyle room that’s sectioned off with different coloured pods.Its sweeping coastal views are inviting and its underground nature protect.

It from crappy welsh weather.9 bolton eco house, in 2010, former manchester united captain gary neville made plans to build an ecofriendly underground home in the british suburb of bolton.The millionaire football star wanted an 8,000squarefoot, fourbedroom home that would blend seamlessly into the surrounding hillside.Natural light would pour in through huge petalshaped glass openings and everything would be powered by a bonoapproved wind turbine.The lavish home was constructed but, but gary’s plan to build an elaborate wind turbine was thwarted when his neighbours complained.Not wanting to cause a feud, he aborted the.

Turbine project in 2012.8 edgeland house, located in austin, texas, the unusuallooking edgeland house is considered a modern reinterpretation of a traditional native american pit home.Its organiclooking roof is covered with native grasses and wildflowers, meaning they probably have to mow their roof every sunday! for contrast, the rest of the home has sharp angles and an ultramodern veneer.The home is designed to be energy efficient, making it an ideal underground lair for any evil geniuses who like to tend flowers.7 kandovan cave dwellings,.

although it’s mostly known for war and civil unrest, the middle east has some of the most breathtaking homes in the world.Located at the base of iran’s mt.Sahand, the kandovan caves have hidden 700yearold dwellings that were carved out of natural rock formations.Although they’re centuries old, these subterranean apartments have all been updated and include all of the modern comforts of home.Enjoy living inside a piece of history without sacrificing wifi.6 festus cave house, tucked into a sandstone cave in festus,.

Missouri, this 15,000squarefoot home has an unusual history.Beginning as a working mine, it was purchased by a new owner in the 1950s and transformed into a roller rink and concert venue.Unfortunately, this period was shortlived because most concertgoers prefer venues that don’t have terrible acoustics and stifling humidity.The structure was later sold in an ebay auction, of all things.Its new owners, curt and deborah sleeper, installed modern interiors while honouring the original sandstone walls.Thanks to geothermal heating and smart design, stay cool all year ’round without the need.

For air conditioning or a furnace.5 vals hillside home, tucked into the hillside to protect it during long winters, this hardtospot swiss home is perfect for secret getaways.Designed by famed architects search and christian mller, vals hillside home is an opulent underground pad that respects the surrounding ambience while managing to look like something from an ikea catalogue.Its large windows reflect the stunning alpine vistas and if for some crazy reason visitors feel like stepping outside, the area’s also home to worldfamous thermal baths.

4 sedum house, known to its friends as the house of the future’, this north norfolk home attracts so much sunlight i’m surprised it doesn’t know solar beam.Its upper level is bordered with glass windows, even though most of its rooms are located underground.As with many of the entries on this list, sedum house is extremely ecofriendly, with insulated shuttering, a geothermal heat pump and a unique system for harvesting rain water.3 aloni house, found on greece’s rugged antiparos island, aloni house is a unique rectangular structure.

Built between the slopes of two adjacent hillsides.Its simple boxy design incorporates traditional greek design elements and would appeal to anyone who hates curved edges or enjoys touring their local box factory.Visitors will only be able to see this halfburied house if they’re standing in the centre viewing point.From any other angle it resembles a decrepit ruin or blends into the surrounding desert.2 hacienda de la paz, on the surface, hacienda de la paz looks like your average californian mcmansion.But hidden beneath its surface lies a secret!.

No, it’s not a basement full of corpses it’s five underground levels of lavish living space.Wealthy shrimp importer john z.Blazevich built this unique underground home after local laws prohibited him from going forward with his original design a supertall multilevel monstrosity.Working with famed spanish curator rafael manzano martos, blazevich’s design for hacienda de la paz included an underground tennis court, a 10,000squarefoot turkish bath, a ballroom, nine bedrooms, twentyfive bathrooms in case all your guests need to go at one, multiple secret passages and pine flooring constructed from trees that fell hundreds of years earlier.

It sold for a whopping $53 million.1 subterra castle, this underground home was once an atlas missile base before it was flooded with over a million gallons of water.Looking at it now, it’s hard to believe this fourbedroom slice of domestic bliss once housed an intercontinental ballistic missile.Talk about a fixerupper.Eccentric renovators edward and dianna peden have worked hard to convert the space into something that promotes peace.The missile control centre is now their living room, and other rooms contain drums and a stage, a hot tub and sauna, and even a ceremonial stone.

Postzoning In Containertopia SF Factory Of Container Homes

Postzoning in containertopia sf factory of container homes,When we first visited luke iseman and heather stewart on a formerly abandoned lot in west oakland ca they were renting out space to friends to build tiny. Boat builders incredible 20ft shipping container home,A 20ft shipping container can be a challenging space to work with when constructing a home thankfully with years of experience building superyachts and. Shipping container homes in canada,Beautiful picture collection of canadian houses made from shipping containers music purpleplanetmusic organ donor downloaded it from.

Aussie couple builds offgrid mobile home with 2 containers,Paul chambers had began building a home out of two shipping containers as a project but when his wife got tired of suburbia and put their fourbedroom home. Shipping containers recycled into affordable accessible utah home,Real estate broker jeff white dreamed of transforming used shipping containers into affordable housing laughed at by the first architects he approached. Meka reinvents shipping container housing,Meka reinvents shipping container housingtreehuggermodulardesignmekaworldreinventsshippingcontainerhousing shipping.

Must see shipping container homes for sale from canada,Kottagerv shipping container homes for sale that is made from canada this is a kind of affordable green housing shelter motorhome using the.

Tv journalist quits his job to live on a tiny house boat cruise uk canals fulltime,In this tutorial we meet david johns a former tv journalist from the uk who quit his job sold his house and bought a narrowboat to cruise the canal network.

Shipping Container House Bees Wiped Out

Shipping container house bees wiped out,The story of the bees and the battle with small hive beetle ebook buildshippingcontainerhouse. Shipping container home plans,The link below for shipping container home plans design tinyurlcontainerhome4u tinyurlcontainerhome4u since weve started. Container city london,Channel 5 behind closed doors series on container city at trinity buoy wharf.

Thinking inside the container a continuous delivery story use case track,Riot builds a lot of software at the start of 2015 we were looking at 3000 build jobs over a hundred different applications and dozens of teams we were handling. 10 unbelievable underground homes,From something out of the teletubbies to a former missile silo we count ten unbelievable underground homes facebook. Cutting the first internal wall of the shipping container house,Cutting the first internal wall of the shipping container house only using a 4 inch grinder with the guard removed using 5 inch cutting disks using a grinder with.

Fusion insulation spray foam closed cell foam on steel shipping container,5 minute tutorial from fusion insulation of ireland showing how a steel shipping container can be easily renovated and made condensation and drip resistant. 40 cubic yard rolloff container new paint job at gorilla cans facility dallas tx,Our lead painter adding the first layer of paint in our inhouse epa certified paint booth at our 10 acre service center in wilmer tx this container was painted. Taking initiative container houses christal angel ng tedxyouthjis,In her talk christal is reinventing the idea of turning shipping containers into container houses with the environmentally friendly cheap and disasterproof.

Shipping Container House Firewood Chainsaw

Shipping container house firewood chainsaw,Shipping container house firewood and chainsaw ebook buildshippingcontainerhouse blog containerhousewordpress. Framing around shipping containers,Ogb presents this project by ted elsasser owner ofsouthwestsustainablebuilders this building began as two recycled shipping containers. The cafdirect container house with wayne hemingway,Wayne hemingway and tilly hemingway hemingway design vintage festival caf direct cafedirect fair trade fairtrade coffee tea chocolate hot drinks drink.

Container homes avante developments products tutorial 1,Avante developments container residentialcommercial industrial buildings. Shipping container homes building the new prefab,Container building is becoming more popular each year i hope to see more and more in the future. Crazy shipping container hostel,Vlog epno 9 subscribe tinyurlglobepotterer instagram instagramcharliematkinson snapchat gsycharlie blogwebsite.

3d house build with real life container,I had to cut this job a bit short it was eating lots of time the options however are endless maybe a great way for architects to display bold house designs. Living on a container ship,0000 enya storms in africa 0252 enya pax deorum 05 enya orinoco flow 1005 enya carribean blue 1358 bee gees night fever 1433. Zircon container company tutorial,We are the leaders in steel container customization zircon provides premiumquality portable steel cargo containers for onlocation use by companies in a.

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