Used Shipping Container House

Wake up, Ma, goin’ down the road. ltigt narrator The Barnwood Builders are turningltigt ltigt an old shipping containerltigt ltigt male 1 What the hell is thatltigt ltigt narrator into a portable barnwood cabin.ltigt ltigt But this transformationltigt ltigt is going to be a lot harder than anyone thought.ltigt Oh oh oh oh! Hey! Malfunction. ltigt narrator It’s gonna mean hard work,ltigt ltigt good funltigt In the middle! ltigt narrator and a few surprises.ltigt I’m getting outta here. ltigt Man, this thing looks good.ltigt ltigt theme musicltigt ltigt narrator Two hundred years ago,ltigt.

Ltigt the American pioneers built their homes by hand.ltigt ltigt Mark Bowe gives these old barns new lives.ltigt ltigt He and his longtime crew find them,ltigt ltigt take them down and fix them upltigt ltigt so they can be turned into modern homesltigt ltigt that will last another 200 years.ltigt ltigt Mark I mean, you oughta appreciate pop culture every now and then.ltigt It can’t be all Grateful Dead, or. We’re not listening toltigt Pretty Young Thingltigt by Michael Jackson or any other Michael Jackson song. ltigt So you can’t mm hm breakdance.ltigt.

Ltigt laughingltigt Where we going today, boss You know what, we’re staying home. ltigt country musicltigt ltigt narrator Home for the Barnwood Builders is Lewisburg, West Virginia,ltigt ltigt in the heart of Greenbrier County.ltigt ltigt They call it the Coolest Small Town in America.ltigt ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt And in the mountains outside of town,ltigt ltigt Mark Bowe keeps his inventory of pioneerera logsltigt ltigt on a fouracre worksite they call the Boneyard.ltigt ltigt With a rare couple of days scheduled at home,ltigt ltigt Mark has a big idealtigt ltigt to turn his extra inventory into a whole new product line.ltigt.

The Portable Container Cabin

Good morning, fellas. Good morning. It’s gonna be a busy week. Well, you know. I hope you all ate your breakfast this morning. Me and Johnny split a Cheerio. Good Johnny, I’d like to get you to clear off the back 40 back there for a little surprise I got coming. Surprise. ltigt Mark Surprise, surprise.ltigt All right. All right, let’s get. All right, guys. Let’s do it. All right, let’s roll. ltigt narrator The surprise is a used shipping containerltigt ltigt that Mark wants to transform into a mobile barnwood cabin.ltigt.

Ltigt country musicltigt So the guys don’t know what’s happening today. ltigt But we’re gonna try to build a cabinltigt ltigt out of a shipping container.ltigt ltigt Sherman What the hell is thatltigt Here comes your surprise, buddy. ltigt narrator This shipping container is 8 feet wide by 20 feet long.ltigt ltigt It weighs about 4,000 pounds,ltigt ltigt and it’s got a lot of miles on it.ltigt ltigt Johnny That’s our surpriseltigt ltigt Mark That’s your surprise.ltigt ltigt Graham How did you fit that in your hatltigt We’re gonna try to build a cabin out of it.

Ltigt I got some welders coming in a little bit.ltigt ltigt We’re gonna cut a window and two doors.ltigt We’ve got leftover flooring. ltigt We’ve got leftover barnwood.ltigt ltigt We’ve got leftover rafters.ltigt Let’s just take all the parts and pieces and make us something out of it. That’ll be fun. So you’re gonna wrap it We’re gonna wrap it. ltigt narrator To transform this container into a portable cabin,ltigt ltigt these guys are going to wrap it in antique barnwood.ltigt ltigt They’ll use timber poles as exposed rafters,ltigt ltigt barnwood for the ceiling,ltigt.

Ltigt and corrugated tin for the roof.ltigt ltigt Once it’s delivered to its final location,ltigt ltigt they’ll add a classic timber frame porch.ltigt And we’ll turn this thing into a container cabin. ltigt And then see if we can make this thingltigt ltigt look like it’s been here for 100 years.ltigt ltigt The market for our cabins are typically higher end customersltigt ltigt that want to recycle a piece of the past.ltigt ltigt What I see happening for us in the future,ltigt is we need to make our product accessible to everybody.

Guys, this is the future of our company. We’re gonna have to figure out how to make products that we can just ship down the road. If this works, we’ll sell a bunch of these out of this yard. ltigt We can do hunting cabins.ltigt ltigt We can do guest houses, backyard projects.ltigt This will allow us to expand our business all across the United States and keep us home. ltigt narrator Mark’s plan is to make these cabinsltigt ltigt right here on the Boneyard,ltigt ltigt then ship them to their final locations.ltigt.

ltigt But this is totally new territory for Mark,ltigt ltigt so he’s got a lot riding on this prototype.ltigt It’s better than some of ’em, isn’t it ltigt If this doesn’t work, I’m out several thousand dollars,ltigt ltigt and it’s going to be a very expensive failure.ltigt ltigt narrator So Mark’s not wasting any time rounding up potential buyers.ltigt ltigt Like, for instance, the tow truck driver.ltigt You want one Yeah, I’d like to have one. Smells all right. Gonna be hot. ltigt narrator The steel container will formltigt ltigt the structural frame of the cabin.ltigt.

Ltigt But turning it into a portable homeltigt ltigt is gonna take some creativity.ltigt Oh this thing’ll be nice. You get a couple windows in it, throw a window air conditioner in it, a little heater. Wouldn’t take much to heat this. Running water, electricity, microwave. What else does a man need ltigt narrator But working on a big hunk of steelltigt ltigt is a new experience for these guys.ltigt ltigt Tim We been working on cabins and stuffltigt ltigt that are made in 1830s, 1840s, maybe 1850s.ltigt We ain’t used to working on something.

That was built December of 1997. Two foot centers. ltigt narrator The first step is to cut a door and two windows.ltigt ltigt Mark So that’s kinda the idea for the doorltigt ltigt and the windows.ltigt ltigt narrator But Mark’s much more at home working on wood.ltigt ltigt So he brings in the welding teacherltigt ltigt from a local college.ltigt ltigt Mark Let’s let the wood guys meet the metal guys.ltigt ltigt Where do you wanna start firstltigt We’re gonna have to start with the cutting. So you just point and we’ll shoot.

Ltigt Mark All right, so let’s get a measurement here.ltigt ltigt narrator And Mark knows exactly where he wants the door and windows.ltigt That’s the center of the door. ltigt narrator Kind of.ltigt ltigt Mark Rightltigt ltigt No way.ltigt Yeah, but. Center to center. ltigt Johnny That’s not center.ltigt That’s not center, doc. Get the guy who teaches at the college to get these measurements. I’m really more of a big picture guy. whistling Tell me what happens here. We’re using an oxyacetylene set of cutting torches today. It heats the metal up to around 5,400 degrees,.

Ltigt and cuts right through it,ltigt ltigt actually, by the oxidation process.ltigt ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt This is my first time cutting into one of these containers.ltigt ltigt This is a piece of soapstone.ltigt It’s what we use to mark on the steel with. ltigt The soapstone stays on there when you’re actually cutting.ltigt ltigt It really holds on there pretty good even with the heat.ltigt ltigt narrator The oxyacetylene torches make short workltigt ltigt of the corrugated mild steel.ltigt ltigt But at 5,400 degrees,ltigt ltigt the heat is so intense,ltigt.

Ltigt they have to cut in disconnected segments.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Mark How come there’s breaks in thisltigt You didn’t make a continuous cut and Kung Fu kick it outta there. Well, you gotta stop the heat at certain spots, or metal this thin will warp and go all over the place. ltigt Mark So that’s just a trick of the tradeltigt Yeah. Nice. ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt narrator Once the first cuts have cooled,ltigt ltigt they go back through and finish the job.ltigt All right. ltigt Huff and puff, blow that door out.ltigt.

Wait a minute, before you do that. laughing All right. You reckon you can move that window over a little it ltigt Brad Sure.ltigt ltigt Mark It does look like something now.ltigt ltigt narrator But the welder’s biggest job is still ahead.ltigt ltigt Before the rafters go on,ltigt ltigt the entire top of the container has to come off.ltigt ltigt Mark We’re gonna cut away the topltigt ltigt and we’re gonna put a pitched roof on it,ltigt so it’ll look like an old cabin. ltigt narrator The steel top weighs about 500 pounds.ltigt.

Ltigt If it falls in, it’ll damage the floor,ltigt ltigt and it’ll be nearly impossible to get out.ltigt In order to get the roof off, ltigt they cut holes through it for a chain.ltigt ltigt We’re gonna chain it to this beam,ltigt ltigt and then we can have our straps on the beam.ltigt Then we can just lift everything off. ltigt narrator So they support the top with the forklift and an old beam.ltigt ltigt And once that beam is secured,ltigt ltigt they make the dangerous final cuts around the perimeter.ltigt.

Mark All right, let’s get this thing out. theme music ltigt narrator The Barnwood Builders are trying to turnltigt ltigt a used shipping container into a portable barnwood cabin,ltigt ltigt and time is tight.ltigt ltigt Mark Next week we’re outta town.ltigt ltigt So by the end of this week, I’m hoping to seeltigt ltigt Johnny in a rocking chair on the front porch,ltigt sipping a sweet tea. ltigt narrator Right now, the 500 pound steel top has to come offltigt ltigt without damaging the rest of the container.ltigt All right, let’s get this thing out.

Crunching ltigt Tim It’s about to happen.ltigt ltigt Graham There you go.ltigt ltigt Mark You got it.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt One thing I didn’t tell you is that we did fit the stairs in here in the corner. Just so you know, we just hooked the power up. ltigt The escalator works.ltigt Johnny, you got an elevator over there Oh yeah. ltigt narrator With the steel top out of the way,ltigt ltigt they’ll add a gabled roofltigt ltigt and barnwood ceiling in its place.ltigt ltigt Mark When you walk inside of this container,ltigt.

I want the wow effect. ltigt narrator That wow effect will come fromltigt ltigt the exposed timber pole rafters on the inside.ltigt ltigt And for those, Mark has found a wayltigt ltigt to reuse some old inventory.ltigt ltigt Last year the guys built a dogtrot barnltigt ltigt here on the Boneyard.ltigt ltigt The extra rafters from that job will be used on this container.ltigt ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt The top of each rafter is cut flatltigt ltigt to hold the roof sheathing.ltigt ltigt And each rafter will attach to the containerltigt.

Ltigt with a birdsmouth notch.ltigt Nine and five eighths. ltigt narrator So Sherman builds a template called a jigltigt ltigt to get uniform notches.ltigt ltigt Sherman Basically, we’ve got a guideline to follow.ltigt They’ll all be the same that way. ltigt narrator While Sherman and Graham cut the rafters,ltigt ltigt Mark makes plans for the exterior walls.ltigt I’m gonna put some red barnwood all across the sides. ltigt narrator The red barnwood will wrap all the way around the container.ltigt ltigt But there’s one problem.ltigt You know, I’ve probably got 50,000 boardfeet of lumber,.

And I don’t have one stick of red wood. So I’m gonna go find a red barn somewhere just because I think it’d be cool. ltigt country musicltigt ltigt narrator So Mark hits the road in search of a barnltigt ltigt with just the right red.ltigt ltigt Mark Well, one thing’s for sure.ltigt This thing doesn’t have a paved parking lot. mooing ltigt Sometimes when I go look at barns,ltigt ltigt the animals that actually live in ’em,ltigt don’t want ’em to come down. It’s okay, it’s just me. I’m gonna take a look at your barn.

I’ll be right back. mooing ltigt It’s a really nice barn,ltigt ltigt but the barnwood is just a little too painted.ltigt ltigt What I’m looking for is the faded, faded red.ltigt Just so we have enough hues to tell that this thing has actually weathered here for the past 85 years. All I’m trying to do is look at the barn and get outta here. ltigt narrator The red barnwood on this barnltigt ltigt isn’t weathered enough for the look Mark wants.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Back at the Boneyardltigt.

Ltigt Johnny You ready to get these rafters onltigt ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt narrator The rafters are up,ltigt ltigt but the project will stallltigt ltigt if Mark can’t find some weathered red barnwood soon.ltigt ltigt So he follows a lead on another barn for sale.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Mark Now this is a big barn.ltigt This thing’s huge. This is a gambrel roof barn. ltigt A gambrel roof has two different pitches.ltigt ltigt The lower pitch is often very steep.ltigt ltigt People only do that on farms.ltigt This barn looks to be built in around the mid1950s.

I could tell because one of the first things I spotted was these circle kerf marks. So this has been cut on, probably, an old waterwheel with a jagged tooth. This is really cool, all these levels of oxidation in this oak, ltigt where the metal hits the wood.ltigt I love the way the light comes through these barn boards. ltigt I never get tired of looking at that.ltigt ltigt And this thing’s sturdy, too.ltigt Oh gosh. ltigt One thing I know, after 16 yearsltigt of being in this business,.

Is you never moonwalk across the grain. You gotta go with the grain if you’re gonna dance, baby. ltigt narrator This barn won’t work out either.ltigt ltigt This is way more barn than Mark needs.ltigt ltigt Finding the red barnwood is only half the battle.ltigt ltigt Back at the Boneyard, they have to figure outltigt ltigt how to attach it to the container.ltigt ltigt Sherman We’re putting firring strips on so our vertical barnwoodltigt will have something to nail to. ltigt narrator This is where wood meets steel.ltigt ltigt Mark A firring strip is a thin piece of wood that we put on walls.ltigt.

Ltigt In this case we’re going to drillltigt ltigt the firring strips into the containerltigt so we can then secure the barnwood to the firring strip. Last firring strip. What a relief. mooing ltigt narrator Back on the road, this is Mark’s last chanceltigt ltigt to find the perfectly weathered red barnwood.ltigt ltigt If this doesn’t work out, he’ll have to useltigt ltigt the brown barnwood he has on the yard.ltigt ltigt But Mark really wants red.ltigt ltigt Mark This is a great red barn shed,ltigt ltigt out here in the middle of this cow field.ltigt.

Ltigt And ideally what I’m looking for is this look,ltigt ltigt where the paint has been rubbed off by the cows.ltigt What I’m trying to figure out is this looks really good, and I think that the paint is old enough that it may just scrape off with a wire brush, and then I’ll end up with this look. rubbing sounds I don’t know, this might work. I mean, if I can sand it off by hand. This is really hand sanding. ltigt All right, so let’s see what’s around the front.ltigt.

So let’s see. Somebody made moonshine. ltigt There’s a copper hood.ltigt This is cool. It’s actually a tall bird nest. This is a skyscraper bird nest. ltigt narrator The owner of this old shed is the town vet.ltigt ltigt Mark Hey, Doc Wilson.ltigt Mark, how’re you doing I’m doing great, how’re you Just fine. This is a nice little barn you got. Well, thank you. ltigt Mark I love the barnwood and the colorltigt ltigt and the amount of paint that’s on it.ltigt But what I’m really interested in is to know where these beams came from.

Ltigt Doc Wilson These beams are from the 1850sltigt ltigt and they came from the house across the road.ltigt ltigt They’ve been in this barn about 15 years now.ltigt Mark You ever think about selling ’em Well. theme music ltigt narrator Mark has found the perfect red barnwoodltigt ltigt to cover his container cabin.ltigt ltigt Now he needs to buy it.ltigt You ever think about selling them ltigt Doc Wilson Obviously we’re not using ’em,ltigt ltigt so we are interested in selling.ltigt ltigt Mark Okay, I’m interested in using ’em.ltigt Well, they can be yours for a price.

Ltigt narrator It’s a deal.ltigt ltigt Doc Wilson’s guys will strip this shedltigt ltigt and deliver the red barnwood, and the extra logs,ltigt ltigt to the Boneyard tomorrow.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Back at the Boneyard,ltigt ltigt the rafters and the firring stripsltigt ltigt are on the container cabin.ltigt ltigt Sherman I’m happy this is done.ltigt ltigt narrator Before they put the red barnwood up,ltigt ltigt they have to paint the container.ltigt ltigt Mark You feel that air changingltigt Yeah. I think it’s gonna rain before long. ltigt narrator But you can’t paint in the rain.ltigt.

Ltigt funky musicltigt I feel rain, guys. ltigt narrator Before they paint, they’ll have to move the containerltigt ltigt to shelter without tearing up the floor.ltigt Get her moved. Let’s move it, move it, move it. ltigt We’re gonna lift a little bit.ltigt ltigt narrator Without a tow truck, Sherman hatches a planltigt ltigt for an old fashioned log roll.ltigt ltigt Sherman We’re gonna put some tier poles underneath of itltigt so it’ll roll and we’ll just move ’em as we come through the building. Like they moved those big pyramid blocks.

There you go, moving a pyramid block. ltigt rock musicltigt Another job well done. ltigt country musicltigt ltigt narrator And just in time too.ltigt ltigt Safe from the rain, they paint the container blackltigt ltigt so no color will showltigt ltigt through the knotholes of the red barnwood.ltigt ltigt Tim Johnny, what’re these boards forltigt ltigt narrator For the cabin’s ceiling,ltigt ltigt they use wood they took off an old corn crib.ltigt ltigt And once it’s up, the container starts to feel like a home.ltigt It sure looks pretty in here.

Ltigt Mark It looks awesome.ltigt ltigt Tim Just cutting off that metal roofltigt ltigt and putting these rafters on here opened it up.ltigt Makes it look a lot bigger in here. ltigt narrator While they wait for Doc Wilson’sltigt ltigt red barnwood to get here,ltigt ltigt they turn their attention to the inside of the cabin.ltigt What they’re doing right now is trying to get the inside prepped. ltigt I’ve got Johnny cutting some insulationltigt ltigt to put in between the firring strips.ltigt ltigt Sherman is squaring up the doors and the windows.ltigt.

Ltigt Graham is drilling holes,ltigt ltigt and Tim’s just kinda handing thingsltigt ltigt and doing things like he normally does.ltigt Hey, Tim, y’all know we gotta get this thing ready to go for tomorrow so we can see if this thing actually will pick up and go down the road and then be dropped back off. ltigt So before the trailer gets here,ltigt ltigt we’re gonna need to get that floor system in.ltigt We’re gonna also have to get barnwood clad around the whole thing. Gotta see if it travels. We can do it.

You think it’s gonna work It’ll work. It’ll travel. I believe whatever Johnny believes. Hey, Sherman, what do ya think about this ltigt Is it gonna workltigt If you’d leave me alone I’d get a lot more done. That’s my cue, stage left. Ah! ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt narrator Sherman can get by without Mark’s help for a while.ltigt ltigt But Brian is looking for some company.ltigt ltigt Mark It’s always a good time when Brian shows up on the yard.ltigt Hey, Mark! ltigt Mark Whatltigt Come here! ltigt You know I used to beat you.ltigt.

I know you did. Yeah! ltigt Mark Here’s how I do it.ltigt ltigt First I get in your head.ltigt Oh do ya First I get in your head. There’s plenty of room in there. I’m going first. ltigt Oh, I was only off a foot and a half.ltigt ltigt That don’t count.ltigt I didn’t know if you said throw through the window or hit the window jam. Now I see what you’re doing. Oh my God. I just knocked a piece off. ltigt Mark You know what that isltigt It’s the broadside of a barn.

Ooh, eat it! In the middle! I’m done, I’m out, man. ltigt narrator Brian’s done for the day.ltigt ltigt But all that rock throwing gives Mark an idea.ltigt ltigt Mark Before we put this door up,ltigt ltigt you know we need to age it a little bit.ltigt We got this door at a big box store. We’re gonna beat up a door from a big box store ltigt narrator And what’s better to age a door than a handful of rocksltigt Let there be age. Hey, I’m gonna get my bump in.

Make it rain. Hook shot. ltigt Mark Kareem Abdul DeTim.ltigt laughing ltigt Graham You guys have lost your marbles.ltigt Johnny Jett, you’re the next contestant on Beat The Heck Out Of A Door. You got a shotgun ltigt Mark Johnny’s the best artist we got.ltigt ltigt Johnny That might help it look like itltigt was hand split or something. Planed out. We’re gonna put the stain real heavy ltigt inside of all of these little divots,ltigt ltigt so that gives it a little bit of character.ltigt It’s hard to get character from a factory, isn’t it.

Ltigt narrator Beating it up can make the door look old.ltigt ltigt But Johnny takes his craftsmanship to another levelltigt ltigt by giving this door a story.ltigt Cat scratches. Dog scratches Let me in, there’s something out here. Maybe a mountain lion’s out there. And he was just begging to come inside. He normally don’t come inside, ltigt but he sure wanted inside today.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Mark Oh man, cat scratching looks great.ltigt If we can’t make it, we’ll fake it. Yeah. ltigt Sherman Hey, I need that door.ltigt.

I said that’s a dime holding up a dollar. I need that door. Door man coming. Yup. Oh it looks different out here in the daylight. All right. ltigt Johnny How’s that lookltigt It looks great. You put 100 years on it just now. Yeah, yeah it’s looking like a cabin. ltigt We’ll get some of that red barn siding on it,ltigt ltigt it’ll look a lot better.ltigt ltigt beepingltigt ltigt narrator And right on cue,ltigt ltigt the red barnwood shows up.ltigt ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt Mark went through a lot to find this.ltigt.

Ltigt Hopefully it’ll be worth the risk.ltigt theme music Yes Man, this thing looks good. ltigt narrator The Barnwood Builders are turning a shipping containerltigt ltigt into a barnwood cabin.ltigt ltigt They’re using extra rafters from one job,ltigt ltigt leftover ceiling boards from another,ltigt ltigt and the red barnwood from this shed.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Tim Is that end squareltigt ltigt Graham It’s square enough.ltigt ltigt narrator They cut each piece of red barnwood to size,ltigt ltigt and screw it to the firring strips.ltigt ltigt Their goal is to build a product right here in the yardltigt.

Ltigt that they can put on a flatbed and ship anywhere.ltigt ltigt But before they can market itltigt ltigt Tim Hey, Mark, looks like Lynch’s is here.ltigt ltigt narrator they have to prove that it’s actually portable.ltigt ltigt Mark I can’t sell these thingsltigt ltigt unless I know they’re gonna transport.ltigt It’s gotta be mobile. That’s key to everything. ltigt narrator So Mark hired a lowboy trailer for the road test.ltigt ltigt Mark The real trick is gonna beltigt getting this container onto a flatbed. ltigt narrator But getting this cabin on a trailer won’t be easy.ltigt.

All right, it’s the moment of truth. I tell you what, I felt a lot better about it when it was sitting underneath my beautiful shed. Now I’m nervous as can be. We’re gonna use these big tier poles as skidders so we can just take the structure ltigt and slide it out from underneath of the shed.ltigt ltigt It’s a different thought processltigt ltigt of changing how we think about a building.ltigt We ain’t used to building mobile buildings. ltigt So I think we’re gonna have to hook a couple chains to it.ltigt.

Yeah, that’d probably work. We’ll get it on there one way or another. ltigt narrator But now that the roof and the barnwood siding are on,ltigt ltigt it’s a lot harder to move.ltigt Damn, that’s heavy. You better get outta the way. Hey, whoa. Whoa, whoa. Malfunction! ltigt narrator The weight of the cabin crushes the skidder.ltigt It’s crushed that pole. It put all the weight on some of the barnwood, ltigt and it, you know, knocked that piece of barnwood off,ltigt ltigt and knocked this piece.ltigt ltigt Now if it looks like we’re gonna bust upltigt.

Ltigt a bunch of barnwood,ltigt we ain’t got enough to replace it. ltigt That’s the problem right now.ltigt Need a little modification of the plans. ltigt narrator They try to lift the cabin onto bigger poles.ltigt Take two. He’s gonna have to pull closer. That’s as far as she’s going, somebody get on the back. ltigt Mark You ain’t gonna do it from there.ltigt ltigt narrator But it’s too much for Johnny’s forklift.ltigt ltigt Mark Look at the back wheel, hell,ltigt ltigt the back wheel’s coming off the ground.ltigt With the boom extended,.

It don’t like to lift a whole bunch. ltigt It puts a lot of pressure on everything.ltigt Let it down. ltigt Sherman We’re gonna have to get him closer.ltigt ltigt Mark Come on in as much as you can get.ltigt Ready ltigt narrator With the forklift in closer,ltigt ltigt Johnny’s got better leverage.ltigt Lift and back. Can you lift a little bit ltigt Johnny Now whatltigt Back up. ltigt Keep going.ltigt That would be good. Now we’re gonna spin that end around. We’re gonna put some more poles under it.

ltigt dramatic musicltigt ltigt narrator But the valuable barnwood is still at risk.ltigt ltigt Sherman All right, ho.ltigt ltigt Ho!ltigt Damn it. ltigt Mark The red barnwood took Mother Natureltigt ltigt about 50 years to weather it to that color.ltigt ltigt We can’t afford to break any more of it.ltigt Move in, come on, come on! Yeah, right there. ltigt narrator Mark is having second thoughtsltigt ltigt about lifting the cabin onto the trailer.ltigt ltigt Mark We’re tearing up good work here.ltigt ltigt I mean, you’re sweating, been working like a dog.ltigt.

I ain’t tearing up work you been doing. ltigt narrator But Sherman is not giving up.ltigt ltigt Mark It’s your work, man.ltigt ltigt Sherman Let’s load it.ltigt ltigt Mark You do it.ltigt Back up, Johnny. ltigt Mark We’re gonna use two forklifts to lift it.ltigt One on each side. ltigt Johnny and the other driver are gonna have to liftltigt ltigt at exactly the same time from opposite sides of the buildingltigt in hopes that it doesn’t tip over. ltigt narrator If they can lift the cabin,ltigt ltigt then the trailer can back underneath it.ltigt.

Ltigt But the two forklift drivers can’t see each other.ltigt Hey, Johnny!ltigt ltigt ltigt Johnny Whatltigt You’re gonna have to watch me. This is it, this is the only way to find out if it’s gonna work. Pick it up. ltigt narrator Inch by inch, the two forklifts struggleltigt ltigt to lift at exactly the same rate.ltigt Stop, ho! I want you to pick it. ltigt Hey, just raise ’em straight up.ltigt ltigt They ain’t coming up together.ltigt Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! theme music ltigt rock musicltigt ltigt narrator If they can get this container cabinltigt.

Ltigt on this trailer,ltigt ltigt they’ll have a portable productltigt ltigt that they can deliver anywhere.ltigt Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! They ain’t coming up together is what it is. ltigt narrator They need to lift it high enoughltigt ltigt to back the flatbed underneath it.ltigt ltigt Sherman That’s clear right there.ltigt You need a little to clear Johnny’s forks. A little bit. Hey, shut your forks back. A little more. Hold it right there. Okay! Ho! Easy! ltigt country musicltigt ltigt Mark Damn, that feels good.ltigt It looks great, but my nerves are so shot,.

I can’t really be that happy. Wake up, Ma, we’re going down the road. ltigt Graham Bye, little red house.ltigt Bon voyage! Bon voyage! ltigt Arrivederci!ltigt ltigt narrator After the road test, this containerltigt ltigt will return to the Boneyard where it’ll stay.ltigt ltigt It’ll be a model home for Mark’s business.ltigt ltigt But having a little house on the Boneyardltigt ltigt will have some fringe benefits too.ltigt ltigt These guys are gonna use it.ltigt ltigt Mark It just makes sense to have a place here on the yardltigt for everybody to stay.

Ltigt Johnny lives about four and a half hours away in Kentucky.ltigt ltigt Sherman lives about five hours away in Pennsylvania.ltigt ltigt Sherman It gets old driving back and forth, you know.ltigt ltigt Mark And they come down here and work four tenhour shiftsltigt ltigt and then go home for the weekends.ltigt ltigt Sherman Five hours coming, five hours going.ltigt ltigt Mark Sherman slept in his truck.ltigt Graham sleeps in a hammock in between the posts in here. Motel rooms are not Johnny and Sherman’s style. ltigt They’d rather be here.ltigt.

Ltigt Sherman It’ll be nice not to have to go to a hotel for sure.ltigt ltigt Graham I’m looking forward to the container being done here.ltigt ltigt It’ll give me a place to crash.ltigt It’s a winwin for everybody. Time to go back to work. ltigt narrator Mark wants an old fashioned latch for the front door.ltigt ltigt So he heads to a local blacksmith’s shop.ltigt How ya doing I’m doing great, I’m Mark. I’m Glen. Damn, I tell you what, Glen. You got some grippers on ya, buddy.

How long you been doing smith work About 20 years. You’ve got so many things in here, ltigt I can’t quit looking around.ltigt Let me tell you the project we’ve got going on, and see if you can help us out a little bit. What I’m looking for is an old thumb latch handle ltigt that makes a sound when you open it,ltigt ltigt and makes a sound when you shut it.ltigt ltigt Glen How about like a Colonial style thumb latch.ltigt ltigt That’s got the sound,ltigt where it has a slide bolt that slides shut and always clicks.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for. ltigt Glen We’ll start with just a piece of square bar.ltigt I think we can make ya a latch outta this. Let me get it heated up. ltigt Mark What kind of temperature you goin’ for hereltigt ltigt Glen We’ll probably be going 2,800 degrees or so.ltigt ltigt narrator After a quick lesson, Glen gives Mark a turn at the anvil.ltigt It’s all yours. Thank you. ltigt Glen I was talking to a blacksmith one day and I said,ltigt ltigt When do you call yourself a blacksmith ltigt.

He said, If you’re beating on hot metal, you’re a blacksmith. Damn it, that’s hot! Good God, what’re your hands made out of anyway ltigt Lord have mercy.ltigt ltigt narrator So the apprentice decides to let the master finish the job.ltigt ltigt country musicltigt ltigt After a lot of sweat and elbow grease,ltigt ltigt the parts of the thumb latch handle are ready for assembly.ltigt ltigt Glen All right, now we’ve got all the pieces made upltigt ltigt for the door handle.ltigt ltigt Mark That’s the sound I’m looking for.ltigt.

Ltigt Glen Yup, that’s it.ltigt ltigt Mark That says, An old door. ltigt ltigt Glen Yup.ltigt ltigt narrator Back at the Boneyard, it’s time to start the porch.ltigt ltigt And that is worth celebrating.ltigt ltigt Mark I’m really excited about the porchltigt ltigt because the porch sets it off.ltigt A house without a porch, to me, is just like a, I don’t know, half nekkid house. ltigt narrator The 20foot long porch will have barnwood flooring,ltigt ltigt and four handhewn porch posts.ltigt ltigt While Sherman frames out the porch,ltigt ltigt Mark searches his inventory for post beams.ltigt.

Ltigt Mark We’re gonna make the porch outta some old beamsltigt ltigt that we’ve got laying around.ltigt Use some things around here that I can’t sell. What you’d cut ltigt narrator The flooring and the postsltigt ltigt came out of this Pennsylvania bank barn.ltigt ltigt While the guys were taking it down a few months ago,ltigt ltigt some of the long beams were damaged.ltigt These are some stress fractures in the logs. ltigt This is not sellable as a log beam anymore.ltigt ltigt narrator But they can be repurposed into porch postsltigt.

Ltigt for the container cabin.ltigt ltigt Mark And so we’re gonna have to take these 12 by 12sltigt and reduce them down to about a 5 12 by 7. ltigt If it weren’t for this project,ltigt we wouldn’t have been able to use those two beams. ltigt narrator Once the beams are cut to size,ltigt ltigt Mark and Sherman set them in place.ltigt ltigt They need to finish the porchltigt ltigt before they leave town tomorrow.ltigt ltigt But Mother Nature has other plans.ltigt ltigt While they wait out the rain,ltigt.

Ltigt they take care of some other pressing business.ltigt How far, 40 feet ltigt Mark Yup.ltigt ltigt Rain means we can’t work,ltigt ltigt so we gonna get us a bologna sandwichltigt and pitch horseshoes for the rest of the afternoon I guess. I’m a put my horseshoe face on. unintelligible There it is, oh! ltigt Mark It’s on there, it’s on there!ltigt There it is! ltigt rock musicltigt Woo! ltigt I like the rain!ltigt theme music ltigt country musicltigt ltigt narrator After the rain, the guys work overtimeltigt.

Ltigt to finish the porch of the container cabin,ltigt ltigt and Brian shows up with the metal for the roof.ltigt ltigt Brian Hey, boss.ltigt Do I have to help unload this You don’t have to do anything you just have to pull up and we’ll get everybody else to help. Okay, sweet, sweet, sounds good, man, sounds good. ltigt narrator Lucky for Brian, because it’s hot on that roof.ltigt ltigt Tim You can about add 40 degreesltigt ltigt to whatever the outside temperature is,ltigt but they’re up there again. ltigt All that heat’s comin’ off that metalltigt.

Ltigt and reflecting right back in their face.ltigt ltigt Sherman Come on, Tim, it’s hot.ltigt I’m coming, man, I’m sorry. I was trying as fast as I could go, buddy. Two hundred and eightytwo degrees. I’m glad I’m not up there, I’ll tell ya that. Oh the last screw! I’m going swimmin’ for the rest of the day. ltigt narrator The cabin’s looking great,ltigt ltigt but there’s one detail that’s bugging Mark.ltigt ltigt The new cuts on the rafters just don’t look old.ltigt Well, I’m trying to stain the end grains of the rafters.

I don’t think this is gonna be what I need. I mean, that just doesn’t look great. It looks like paint. The stain looks great when you’re wiping it on a nice new clean board. But when you start to stain the end grain of an old piece of wood, everything we put on there just looks like paint, so I’m gonna go get a bucket of water and make my own stain. This is just scrap metal and parts and pieces that we pull out of old timbers. So what I’m gonna do.

Is pour my water in here. Hope that the bucket doesn’t have a hole in it. ltigt This concoction is like a pioneer stain stew.ltigt We’ve got nails, we’ve got old boards. We’ve got patina, we’ve got metal, we’ve got everything. Part of me feels like Emeril. You take a rusty nail and bam! I’m gonna let this marinate for a little bit. A little time lapse. vocalizing Mark’s World, Mark’s World. Extreme close up, whoa! Dude! All right, so we’ve let this marinate a little bit. First thing I’m gonna do is get it wet.

And then I’m gonna take an old piece of wood that’s down in here, one that’s got a nice good patina on it, and then rub it on here a little bit. The goal here is to get this thing looking like it actually was cut off 100 years ago. I never thought I’d be in the business of making old wood look old, but that’s what I’m doing. So, here’s the new cut. This is a store bought stain. This cut matches the color of the wood just a little bit better.

I think this is gonna work. ltigt narrator They put a few finishing touches on the container cabin.ltigt ltigt And Mark has one delivery left to make before he leaves town.ltigt I’ve got this really nice handhewn beam that I’m gonna take up to one of our customers. He’s gonna use it as a fireplace mantel. ltigt country musicltigt ltigt narrator Mark is delivering this fireplace mantel beamltigt ltigt to a client who has just completed a log home.ltigt ltigt Mark I love to be able to visit the places that we’ve builtltigt.

Because our hands and our sweat has been on every part of that house. This place is awesome, man. theme music ltigt narrator As the guys put the finishing touches on the container cabin,ltigt ltigt and add a few personal details,ltigt ltigt Mark is delivering a beam for a fireplace mantelltigt ltigt to one of their clients.ltigt Hey. Hey, Mark, how ya doin’ Doing great, Dick, how’re you Good to see ya. Good to see you. ltigt This place is awesome, man.ltigt ltigt Dick Thank you.ltigt ltigt narrator Mark and the guys built the log frame of this homeltigt.

Ltigt from a cabin they took down in Indiana.ltigt ltigt They built it up on the Boneyard first,ltigt ltigt then stacked it here,ltigt ltigt on the Whitman’s West Virginia farm.ltigt ltigt Dick Pretty well have the inside completed,ltigt and just minor stuff. Yeah. So we’rewe’re really enjoying it. Well, I brought one of the minor stuffs. Okay. Come on over. Take a look at this beam. ltigt Dick Good.ltigt Check this thing out. Oh great, good shape. I think it’ll match the one you have downstairs. Right, yeah it sure will.

Okay. I remember the one we left you here, when we left. Right. Now as you know, I haven’t been in here since we delivered this thing, so, I’m just dying to get inside it. Go right ahead, go right ahead and make yourself at home. Wow. ltigt The original cabin that we took down in Indianaltigt starts right here and goes toward the front of the house. Everything off the back of the house here is modern. ltigt That’s where you put your kitchen, all the cabinet work.ltigt ltigt That way you don’t cover up all the logs.ltigt.

Ltigt The good thing about itltigt is when you’re actually here in the kitchen, this is the functional part of the house. You don’t necessarily need old. You don’t have to have everything old to make this work. You know, this thing is full of character. Thisooh wow. I love this living room. ltigt narrator The mantel beam Mark broughtltigt ltigt will go on an upstairs fireplaceltigt ltigt and match this one in the main room.ltigt Now this is what a mantel beam’s supposed to look like. An old handhewn timber.

That’s been sanded and waxed down. It’s smooth to the touch. It’s got all the character. I’m not gonna get a splinter. This is the way they used to do flat screens back in the day. They didn’t have the surround sound, but the flat screen would’ve been very similar and there would’ve been eight or ten other kids over here, very hungry, without wearing shoes, watching it. It was great. It must’ve been a great time. This place is beautiful. When we took this building down in Indiana, it was an original dogtrot.

Ltigt narrator A dogtrot was a common pioneer barn design,ltigt ltigt with two pensltigt ltigt separated by a breezeway.ltigt This pen right here was an 18 by 20. And then this pen over here was another 18 by 20. ltigt And the dogtrotltigt ltigt is actually separated by a breezeway.ltigt In the original cabin that we took down from southern Indiana, it was only separated by seven feet, just enough room for a staircase and to be able to get through the hallway. In this case, we separated out another 12 feet.

Still get the staircase, but a little bit more room in the foyer. ltigt country musicltigt Hello Antique Cabins and Barns. ltigt Beautiful logs,ltigt ltigt long range mountain views.ltigt I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this. ltigt narrator Back at the Boneyard, Mark finally has a momentltigt ltigt to enjoy the finished container cabin.ltigt ltigt Mark We’ve never built anything like this before,ltigt so it was a huge learning curve. ltigt But now we know how to build it, how to move it,ltigt ltigt and how to make it livable.ltigt.

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