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Portable Mobile Shipping Container Homes with Elegant Finish

Halfproduced portable container cabin outside elegant finish with many color options to suit your preference and taste requirement.Can be used as single room for private or combo units together to acquire large open space.Modular design makes they easy to expand in horizontal and vertical direction.Prebuilt wire and pipes for power and water supply in walls.Distributor, sockets, switchs, led lights are all installed and in integrated.This is the indoor stairs part for 2 storey portable building.Parts of walls are removed for large space, special designed connection components will keep the gap sealed, so waterproof and isolation can be guaranteed.

REAL Apocalypse Shelters FAK 24

The greenbrier is a forbes four star, aaa five diamond award winning luxury resort in west virgina.It’s also the site of a massive underground bunker meant to serve as an emergency shelter for the us congress during the cold war.What the fak.The facts and knowledge on real postapocalyptic shelters vivos is a privately funded network of underground shelters with a location in indiana and another in kansas.The indiana location costs $50,000 per adult and $35,000 per child, it accommodates 80 people for a minimum of one year without having to surface, and can withstand a 20.

Megaton blast.The kansas survival shelter is a massive 2 million square foot area that is being outfitted now.It’ll be able to accommodate 5000 people for a minimum of one year.Located 130 feet below the surface of a mountain and carved out of solid limestone they plan to preserve one out of every million human on earth’s, artifacts, dna and reproductive cells, as well as books, data, and more.The adirondack missile silo is an old military atlas f missile silo converted into a luxury underground shelter.Located in upstate new york, there is a 2000 square foot log home.

On the surface of the structure.The underground shelter is a 2300 square foot 2 story luxury home.The silo tube is 52′ in diameter and 185 feet deep.The security doors are able to withstand a 2000 lb blast.They plan to continue to renovate and make it into a larger survival condo that is able to accommodate multiple people.But it’s for sale as is right now for 3 million dollars.The luxury survival condo is also built out of an atlas f missile base that has undergone massive cleanup and restoration.It accommodates between 36 and 70 people for 5 years completely.

Off the grid with 54,000 square feet of underground protected space.Each buyer has the ability to own a half floor unit designed for 35 people or a full floor unit designed for 610 people, equipped with a five year supply of high quality freeze dried food.The facility has a water filtration and reservoir system that insures the water supply is safe as well as hydroponic gardens and aquaculture to provide residents with fresh vegetables and fish for food.For just $10,000 per person atlas survival shelters will build and install a galvanized.

Corrugated pipe shelter in an undisclosed location of your choice.They’re buried up to 42′ deep and have a lifespan of 200 years.Each unit comes standard with removable floor boards for under floor storage, bunk beds, air filtration systems, blast valves, and an emergency escape hatch hidden underground.You can even get one of these boulders to conceal your escape hatch.The underground city, located in china, is a bomb shelter built in the 1970’s in anticipation of a nuclear war with the soviet union.Built by 300,000 local citizens including children,.

It was mostly dug by hand.The tunnels cover 33 square miles and is 2659 feet under the surface with 90 entrances hidden in shops along the main streets.It opened in 2000 as a tourist attraction and is kept up by the city, but has been closed for renovation for a while.I’m gonna leave you with this blast door.Where is it, how heavy is it and how large of an explosion can it handle before we go here’s last tutorial’s winner.Be sure to subscribe for more vsauce2 and as.

How To Make The Mini Metal Foundry

Things aren’t always what they might appear to be.For example, this decorative houseplant you’re looking at, is actually an artfully disguised, metal melting furnace.In this project we’re using equal parts of sand and plaster, to make a simple backyard foundry, that’s powerful enough to melt scrap metal in seconds, but still pleasant enough keep around for decoration.Let’s start this project with a big bag of play sand, and some plaster of paris.Both of which you can find at your local hardware store, for under $20.We’re also gonna.

Need a 10 quart steel bucket, and a tablecloth to cover anything important, because chances are this is going to get a bit messy.I found that this 2.5 quart bucket can be used for measuring the ingredients, but it’ll also serves a more important purpose that you’ll see in just a second.Now the recipe i’m using for this makeshift refractory lining, is 134 buckets full 21 cups of plaster of paris, 134 buckets full 21 cups of sand.And 114 buckets, filled 15 cups with water.The moment the water touches the.

Dry mix, the clock starts ticking and we’ve only got about 15 minutes before it all hardens up.So let’s get busy mixing everything together.It’s really important to get all the dry powder wet, and work out any lumps as quickly as possible.And after mixing for a couple of minutes, it should be fairly runny, and roughly all the same color.Now when you’re convinced there aren’t any clumps of powder left in the bucket, the refractory mix is ready for pouring.So let’s carefully transfer it to the steel bucket as slowly as practical,.

To minimize the splattering.There should be just enough fluid to fill the bucket about 3 from the top, and now if we bring back our plastic measuring bucket, we can use it to form the center of the foundry.I filled my bucket with water, to give it a bit of weight, but anything like sand or rocks will work as well.And you can see that as we push the bucket into the center, the mixture rises upward, but it doesn’t spill out.Now it’s obvious that the mix is already starting to firm up, so let’s try working the bucket.

Up and down a few times, to help level it before it sets.And all we have to do now, is hold still for 2 to 3 minutes.This will give the plaster just enough time to harden, so the bucket stays in place,even when we let go.Alright, time for a little cleanup.Everything will still need about an hour to really harden up, but the plaster’s still soft enough that we can clean and shape it to look really good.And while we’re here we may as well wipe the bucket down as well.Now i’ve found that if we dampen a rag and.

Gently drag it around the top, the surface cleans up really nicely, and gets a cool texture in the process.When it looks the way you want it too, simply leave it for about an hour.Now while we’re waiting, why don’t we turn this old steel fire extinguisher, into a custom crucible.You can tell it’s made from steel because when we hold a magnet to it, it sticks.And magnets won’t do that to aluminum.I depressurized the tank and unscrewed the valve from the top, to make it safe and easy to cut in half with a hacksaw.

Which you can see just happened in less than a minute.Now the bottom part of the extinguisher is what we want for the crucible, because it’s basically a steel cup 3 in diameter, and 5 tall.That’s going to be perfect for our custom backyard foundry.At this point, the plaster should be pretty well set, so let’s dump the water from the bucket, then use something like a pair of channel locks, to grip one edge of the pail, and pull gently toward the center.Now if we grip it with both hands and give it a bit of a twist, you.

Can see the whole bucket pops loose, and pulls right out.This just created an amazingly smooth surface, which gives this makeshift foundry, a surprisingly professional look.The only features we’re missing now, are an air supply port, and a lid, so let’s make those next.Now i found a 138 35mm hole saw was the perfect size for accomodating this 1 steel tubing, and if we center the metal cutting blade with the top line on the bucket, we can carefully begin cutting through the metal wall.Once we’re through the metal,.

It’s easy to burrow down at about a 30 angle because the plaster hasn’t fully cured yet, and cuts away like butter.Now we have a tight, downward sloping hole, that the blower tube fits perfectly into, and it’s strategically placed, a few inches up from the bottom.This way, if a crucible fails, and dumps molten metal into the foundry, it will stay in the foundry, instead of dangerously flowing out of the pipe.Now the blower tube is really easy to make, and starts with a 1 steel pipe like this.This is the business end.

That’ll sit next to the hot coals in the foundry.We’re also going to need a 1 pvc coupling slip x fipt, as well as some 1 pvc pipe.You can see the threads on one half of the coupling screw onto the steel pipe, and the slip adaptor on the other end, simply pushes onto the pvc tube.It’s that easy.Now let’s go one step further and make a lid to help retain the heat.I got a couple of 4 ubolts from the hardware store and stood them upright in a 5 quart, bigmouth bucket, filled with a halfmeasure of our.

Insulating mix.10 cups plaster, 10 cups sand ,7 cups water.After an hour, you can see the plaster has set, and the whole thing pops free from the bucket, giving us a nice little custom lid for the foundry.It still needs a vent hole for relieving pressure buildup, and you could just form one when you’re casting it, or you could try drilling one with a 3 hole cutting saw like this.With the hole in the center, you can see we end up with a nice thick lid, that kind of looks like a giant white donut.This design works.

Great for venting pressure, and gives us the option to melt metal as well, without even having to take the lid off the furnace.Just for fun, i picked up a can of burnished amber spray paint, and gave the foundry a couple of coatings to make it look a little more attractive.If we get it fired up, you can see the mini foundry gets so hot on the inside, that it will melt soda cans within seconds and fill a crucible with liquid aluminum.Look for how to do that, in another project tutorial.With this homemade furnace, we have.

The power to liquify aluminum in the backyard, and cast just about any object we can think of.The best part is, when you’re not melting scrap metals, rather than taking up space and looking terrible, you can drop in a plant, and instantly transform it, into fashionable home decor.With this transforming flowerpot foundry, there’s certainly more than meets the eye.And by the way, if you run out of soda cans to melt, you could try using it as a blacksmithing forge, or even a bbq, for summertime grilling.After all, it is.

Texas Flip and Move Converted Container Homes

Music playing narrator up for auction today, something real unusual, four 20 foot shipping containers.But there’s some small print that says whoever buys them has to take all four.People are loving taking a shipping container, turn it into a house, turn it into a weekend place, turn it into a hunting lodge.Limitless.It is.It is so limitless what you can do.Limitless.Narrator converting four containers into two houses in just two weeks, it’s a big call, but at least the move is easy.Normally it’s the snow sisters’ brother gary who’d do the move.

But because the cost of the move was included in the purchase price, it’s the container company that’s brought the containers to the lot.The ground level of the container house will have a sliding door at one end, an open plan living and kitchen area, and a small bathroom.A spiral staircase next to the front door goes up to the top level.Up here there’ll be a deck at one end, a bedroom, and at the other end, a sitting area with a large picture window.Music playing bell.

Bell bell bell bell bell bell the other two, we have to get something done in two weeks for that buyer.Dad ain’t gonna like me out here doing building.He’s gonna want me doing the moving.Just two weeks.I tell you, i’ve got to the next best thing.We’ll bring in my girls.Hey.We’ll bring in melinda, page, brooke, and kendall, and let them design, and renovate, and flip it.Narrator so here’s their plan.Offsetting the two containers creates space for a front door.Taking out most of the dividing wall.

Trends Talkers Container Homes

Container could happen and it’s what has you talking tonight.Kitv4 got a peek inside what could be the future of micro housing in hawaii.The demonstration project on the grounds of honolulu hale by the nonprofit group face is showing off a 20′ by 8′ shipping container, transformed into a dwelling unit for five people.There’s room for bunkbeds and a desk inside, but no bathrooms or kitchen facilities.It cost about $11,000 to to make it livable.Could this be the answer to the our housing crunch solomon dupont says,.

amazing idea! create more of these and then just make a public restroom area for all to share.This is a great start.Michael guerrero writes, nice.Better then sleeping on the streets.But denise crosby counters, i don’t get the great appeal.It has no bathroom or kitchen.I can’t imagine living without runny water, if only to wash my hands.No facilities means they would need to be erected like a wagon train at night, with porta toilets barbecue grills or cooking implements, of course trash disposal.I.

Shipping Container Home Build A Shipping Container Home

Shipping container home build a shipping container home thespottydoggreviewshippingcontainerhome this must be the coolest thing i’ve see green as well! i’ve seen some truly cool ideas throughout the years, however this must be one of the best thoughts out there.What’s more, greenest as well! the thought is to fabricate a home from an old shipping container.We discovered a fella that passes by the name of warren thatcher.He’s an expert developer by profession.In any case, not your normal developer.He utilizes old shipping container compartments to assemble energizing and innovative homes.

For a part of the cost of building a home utilizing ordinary techniques.Look at some of his imaginative plans here thespottydoggreviewshippingcontainerhome warren’s been building compartment homes for the recent years and over that time he’s made a difference several others assemble their own special compartment home.No he’s truly putting his insight under a magnifying glass since he’s by and by welcomed you to experiment with his diy compartment home arrangements.See the compartment homes thespottydoggreviewshippingcontainerhome proceed, investigate at warren’s arrangements and plans.Some of them are truly cool and.

Container Gardening Tips Plans Shade Conditions Container Gardening Tips Ideas Advice

Hi! my name is scott reil and on behalf of expert village, i would like to talk to you about container gardening.When planting containers for shade, there are some things to keep in mind specifically with shaded plants.I like to try and do this with all my containers and all my gardens really but when i come in shaded areas, flowers become harder to come by.If you look at the plants in the woods, you don’t see as many flowers as you do on the plants that are out in the sun.Because of that i try to look from foliage.

Colors that are going to be there and really stand out.Things like colias which you can see a variety of different colors and shades that we can work with are great.Here’s a begonia that won’t flower but who needs flowers.Look at the marvelous variegation on there.There are 4 or 5 different shades of reds, greens and silvers in there.That would contrast really well with this new guinea impatiens again, this isn’t for full full shade like some other impatiens that we know of.This one wants partial shade but that.

Reddish coloration is just really going to stand out famously.Here’s another begonia and you can see a little bit of a flower power to him but this begonia again with that shiny dark green foliage, that’s going to be a great contrast than ours.Another thing to think about when you are in the shade is ferns.Ferns are a natural shade lover.They look great, they offer a wonderful foliage contrast and it is a plant that is usually taken care of in the shade.It’s not to say that there are no flowers in there.We already talked.

A little bit about impatiens.Everybody does those but this is torenia.This is a shade plant not a lot of people do know about and it’s a great one.It’s a little taller than the impatiens and roughly at 10 inches, where a lot of the impatiens is sort of in an 8 inch range.It’s got a pretty little flower on it.Again the flower power is not huge on any shade plant but in the torenia’s there’s a lovely range of pinks into blues.Now mom wanted pink this year, so that is what we are doing but next year who knows.

Maybe some of the blue ones.But in choosing plants for your shady container, remember don’t think so much about what you can do with just the flower power, think about the different foliage contrasts and colors you can work in to make that container look pretty special with just a few plants.There’s not a flower around there but i guarantee you this will be a container that gets oohs and ahs from everybody that come into my yard.Look around, check out the plants that work for you and you like together, put them in.

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