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A Snowboarders Unbelievable Tiny House

Mike basich was a snowboarding pioneer.But after hundreds of competitions that brought money and fame, he went in search of something different.Rock music playing welcome.Thank you.It’s such a rush just to get up here.Music playing when did you first get into snowboarding my mom was always looking for something different and fun for us to try out, so that’s how we discovered it.And the sport had no rules.And that’s where that kept us in it, because no one was telling us what to do.

Oh! ouch! from 7 to about 14 years old, i had epilepsy.And so being different than everyone else, you felt at home.That’s something my parents drove into me every day, saying it’s ok to be different.I just tackle things that way.Music playing well, welcome.Wow.This is the inside.It’s beautiful.How long did it take for you to build this place it took me five years two and a half years to do all the rock work.I think i moved about 175 ton of rock.Every piece of cement was hand mixed, and gathered the water for it.

By hand, as well.God, it’s such a labor of love.You get to do fun things.This is actually a shower here.And it’s a seat in the daytime.But you get to use it’s a bit camping style.No shower curtain, just out in the open.Pouring water, sitting down.Music playing i’ve got a little oven, which the door’s from the junkyard.And bought a nice little fireplace, which is my cooking, heating water, warming the place.So that’s the central attention for the utilities.Yeah.This is it.

Where are you getting your water yeah, this is creek water, which i have two creeks on the property.Mike, where do you sleep i’ve got the loft as my bedroom very different than anywhere else i’ve lived.I go to bed with the sun, and i wake up with it.I don’t feel like i’m trying to race time.In a city, you always feel like you’re on a rat race.And here, it feels like you’re in sync with what’s actually happening.So this was your dream.Since you were a little boy, you’ve been wanting to do this.

This is my dream and reality, 40 acres to do whatever i want with.It’s really fun.Music playing tell me when you first started getting into that competitive circuit.Competitive circuit was right off the start.The world cup, traveled the world a bunch i’d be in a different country almost every weekend.Worked my body hard.I was making about $170,000 a year.Played it pretty smart.I bought my first house, 4,000 squarefoot house huge because i went for the american dream.I bought the big house and had a fancy car.It didn’t do anything different for me.It just took up.

Time.We started getting sponsors that didn’t have anything to do with snowboarding.You started dealing with people that didn’t really care about your imagination.I let go of the competition 15 years ago, at least.I do a lot through photography through snowboarding, so that’s been my outlet versus the competition.And that’s how i end up in the back country.Music playing where did the decision come from to build this place off the grid nature inspires me, and that’s why i choose this kind of environment.I want to learn.

How to live off the grid, have appreciation for nature, and how to keep the rain off my head, stay warm.Wow.This is breathtaking.This glass is definitely a heating tool for me.It faces south, so it’s a great space to have that much glass.Not a bad view.Laughter not a bad way to wake up.This is the great outdoors.Laughter i got a chairlift over here that’s super fun to ride.You built that yeah, it took me about eight months with some friends.You get to ride all this terrain.

Here, which is super fun.This is your giant playground right here.Yeah, this is my own private resort.There’s a water source on this pillar, water falls into the hot tub.So you don’t have a toilet in your house, but you have a hot tub.Yep.Laughter music playing how did you come up with the design for the home the design’s built on the golden ratio.Building under that law of nature is supposed to make the space feel more fit to the body.This one is a pentagon, which if you connect all.

Those dots, you get a star.And that’s what the star you saw on the window represents.It casts a shadow on the floor, which is another smaller pentagon.And they all meet at 302 on my birthday.That was how it all came down to a personal building for me.I’ve ended up here off the road, off the beaten trail, and loving it.I like to think of it as getting back to the basics of humanity.I like feeling connected to the earth more than i could with a 4,000 squarefoot house.So it gave me the strength of doing everything.

Myself, and the lessons, and a childhood dream that i wanted to fulfill.And that’s what this project of this house was about, was to fulfill a childhood dream.In the next episode of going off grid, we meet a family that left everything behind.We carry water for the shower, just like we carry everything, in a basin.And we heat up water on the propane torch, mix that together with cold water until we have the temperature right.And then that mix , we’ll run through a hose downhill to the shower.

SOLD Hunting Cabin 4 Sale Shipping Container Living RV Tiny House Hunter Camp

Sold hunting cabin 4 sale shipping container living rv tiny house hunter camp,This unit is now sold please check my other 20 container shelter still available on my channel standby for a new fully emp shelter to be released soon. California diy shipping container tiny home and a cargo trailer bedroom,Lulu is a single mom whod gone back to school and didnt have the time or interest in working fulltime to pay for rent so when she had to move out of her more. Spectacular 20ft offthegrid tiny shipping container house,This offthegrid shipping container house is one that you have to see to believe converted from a 20ft 6 meter shipping container this tiny house has.

A seattle shipping container tiny househome thx 1138 george lucas inspired,Derek deek diedricksen of relaxshacks gives us a tour of a shipping container surf shack built and designed by hartman kable located south of. A seattle shipping container tiny househome,A seattle shipping container tiny househome tiny house shipping container home container architecture small homes tiny yellow house derek deek. Tumbleweeds shippingcontainerlike modern mica tiny house,Derek deek diedricksen hgtv relaxshacks author of microshelters tours the mica 20 a 20 long tiny home on wheels built and designed by the.

Adam jason and pete build a home for less than 50000,Dreaming of owning your own home but convinced you cant afford it this week adam jason and pete team up for one of our biggest makes ever literally.

Man converts shipping container into tiny home on wheels,Man converts shipping container into tiny home on wheels ive recently completed and sold a 20 shipping container conversion i did it all almost on my. Shipping container home for sale,59000 dallas tx must be moved to your location 2bd2bath all appliances included.

Two Container Homes On An Island

Two container homes on an island,Jennifer was nice enough to let me have a look and share with you these two container homes in carolina beach north carolina carolina beach is a neat. 8×40 shipping container tiny home built by students,8×40 shipping container tiny home built by students going up for auctionnisdccaleed our original post. Shipping containers recycled into affordable accessible utah home,Real estate broker jeff white dreamed of transforming used shipping containers into affordable housing laughed at by the first architects he approached.

Tiny house container home edition,Project tiny house an andrea j burns project ultimate goal live in a tiny house while building shelters for others and operating a mobile food kitchen. 160 sq ft shipping container house for sale,160 sq ft shipping container house for sale this 20 x 8 newly built tiny home is an ecofriendly reuse of a shipping container so you can feel good about. 8×40 shipping container home design,320 square foot tiny home design from smallscalehomesblogspot suitable for one person or a couple could be a backyard cottage vacation home.

Amazing 20 off grid shipping container tiny house,Brenda kellys off grid shipping container tiny house is truly a dream come true for her since she has been dreaming of a home like this since she was a 13 year. Shipping container family home building blocks in redwoods,Kam kasravi and connie dewitt wanted a modern cabin that wouldnt disrupt the redwoods on their property first they considered prefabs but quickly realized. Containertopia cargo container tiny home town on oakland lot,Luke iseman and heather stewart were tired of paying san francisco rents and had always dreaming of living in a shipping container so for less than one.

Vipp Shelter Tiny Prefab As Precise Industrialera Appliance

Vipp shelter tiny prefab as precise industrialera appliance,The danish company vipp famous for its iconic 19 wastebasket now in the moma has created a prefab tiny home designed down to the last detail. Shipping container house uk part 1choosing a container for my off grid tiny house,The first part of my shiny new tutorial series following my adventure building my shipping container home. Beautiful container home in the qubec wilderness by loki homes,Jeff lee and the crew of loki homes recently completed this beautifullybuilt and decorated container home way out in the wilderness in qubec id like to thank.

Shipping containers shipping container homes storage container tiny house 18449jaguar,Jaguarcontainers need a shipping container. Simple life tiny house shipping container conversion,For sale contact me at cesartaborda1gmail. The ultimate secret of shipping container homes,Shipping container home maison shipping containershipping container buildshipping container housebuilding shipping container houseshipping container.

Tiny house shipping containers storage containers for sale 1844gopitbull,Pitbullcontainer need a shipping container in atlanta miami jacksonville baltimore houston dallas charlotte los angeles chicago new york. Prefab shipping container homes for sale tx,Who else wants simple stepbystep prefab shipping container homes for sale tx to learn more containerhomeoffgridessentials when it. Casa cubica shipping container tiny house,More detail adfly1zafa1 skip ad casa cubica shipping container tiny house.

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