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Welcome to the Teenny Greeny My name is Rob Greenfield And this is my off the grid in the city, tiny house adventure After years of simplifying I have gotten down to a debtfree and bill free lifestyle I moved here 4 months ago With only the possessions that fit on my bike and my trailer And I bought this house for 950 bucks And I’ve been living wonderfully simply and healthfully the last 4 months And today, I’m going to give you a tour And show you what’s going on here.

In my offthegrid San Diego tiny house life So first of all, let me show you the house Alright, so come on inside I was planning on buying something bigger But I went on Craigslist and found this badboy listed for 950 bucks I was going to build my own but I couldn’t resist It’s not quite tall enough to stand in But by not being able to stand I don’t spend most my time in here but This is all 50 square feet of it I am pretty simple living in here.

All of the woodwork is just refurbished wood The shelf I built myself and these as well This is a simple mattress for 75 bucks on Craigslist that pulls out Yeah, pretty simple on the inside this light is powered by the solar panels which i’ll show you It’s a 3 watt lightbulb And my clothes, my books and some of my basic necessities are here Hardwood floors, repurposed materials That’s the inside but what’s more important is the outside A lot in my life revolves around food I’m going to take you to the kitchen next.

Off the Grid in a Tiny House with Rob Greenfield

This is really simple, this is just a little camp kitchen That I got online used The sinks are right here and the water Just drains out Into this 5gallon bucket Here’s the refrigerators slash cabinet It’s pretty simple, all food is in jars I buy all food in bulk at the local coop So that there’s no packaging I brew my own Kombucha Sprout a lot on my own things And then I do lentils things like that Got my fresh vegetables The amazing thing is this stays cool Even the coconut oil doesn’t melt.

On a warm day So this thing is natural refrigeration with the air that’s in the doors A kitchen wouldn’t be complete without a stove This isn’t your typical American stove This is a rocket stove built out of a couple dozen bricks That I found in an alley And I just use wood That’s fallen from local trees And use it to cook up Whatever I want my simple pot and pan I pretty have oatmeal for breakfast almost every day. And then lots of things like veggies fruits and grains.

One of my favorite parts about living off the grid is drinking rainwater This is pure water straight from the sky No chemicals like chlorine or chloride This simple Berky filter that uses A very natural filtration system You simply fill this with a 5gallon jug you don’t have to worry about chemicals Bacteria protozoa viruses anything like that but you’re probably wondering well how do I get the rain from out of the sky into my Berky I’ll show you the rainwater harvesting system So rainwater harvesting is very simple.

Those are some old 55gallon drums That used to have applesauce in them Those are some simple gutters that I built it’s as simple as channeling the rainwater from the roof into the gutters and into the barrels there was a huge storm about 2 weeks ago I managed to collect 200 gallons of water Which for me using only 2 gallons of water per day Will last me about 100 days This is my only source of water The average American uses a mindboggling 80 to 100 gallons of water each day.

For me that’s up 1 to 2 months supply of water for everything I need 200 gallons is what I have now in May And that’s going to last me probably till the next time it rains towards the end of the summer So it’s important to use water wisely That 200 gallons is used like more than 200 gallons of water though because I use every bit 2 to 3 times For example 1st I wash my hands with it Then wash dishes with it and then it goes down into this 5gallon bucket.

Which I will then use To the water the plants or put in the compost Behind me you’ll see my bathroom which cost me about 5060 dollars to put together Again very simple So this is a simple compost toilet When you have to go, you just sit down, you go. It goes into a 5 gallon bucket Which then after you go you just cover it with leaves amazingly it takes care of the smell And then once this bucket is full You take it and you put it in the compost.

In the bathroom we have the sink area Which is just simply a pitcher with water You can use here to freshen up, wash your hands And here are my simple bathroom items Which isn’t much a mirror, toilet paper from a dumpster Because they throw away all sorts of stuff And that’s the simple bathroom So let’s head to the compost So this is the compost Which is fundamental part of living an earth friendly lifestyle Rather than sending stuff to the landfill Or to the treatment facilities Taking care of it right here on the spot.

And turning things back into soil the black tarp is to keep the moisture in Since this is a dry area But what you see here was originally food waste and human waste and yard waste The amazing thing, there’s no foul smell And if you are doing compost right Even with humanure, there won’t be a smell This is new to me but I’m amazed at Just how fine it is Smell’s like earth For the last four months living here I’ve been buying food at the farmers market The coop and doing dumpster diving.

Especially for my fruits and veggies But soon i’ll be growing my own food So here, these are the wicking bed gardens And great for drought tolerant gardening I live here in San Diego where we don’t have a ton of water So basically how this works Is you water through this little pipe here on top And that fills a reservoir below And that’s basically rocks like this And burlap over that And the water wicks up through the burlap Into the soil and then waters the plants I have a couple a basil growing right now.

But I’ll be are starting to grow food probably this weekend And soon this will be covered in highquality organic greens mostly You’ll notice that there’s not much around the yard I need electricity for I’ve got my computer bike lights headlamp And the light inside the house and maybe a few other small things but I just don’t use much electricity I just use good old fashioned manpower and nature to a large extent But I do a couple a solar panels to charge The things that I am using.

These are two solar panels And they charge simple batteries That I then use to charge what I need My computer, my bike lights my headlamp and my light inside And one of my favorite parts the day is sitting in my birds nest I just sit up here and read my book or Eat my oatmeal, do some writing And just sit and take in the beautiful ocean view Life is pretty simple, life is pretty good I don’t have a cell phone I got rid of that 45 months ago.

And I don’t have internet here by choice The reason being is that when I’m right here I’m extremely connected to my surroundings And disconnected from the computer And the phone and all the stresses of life So when I do need to use the Internet or get in touch with people I hop on my bike, open my gate And I head out to a cafe or to the library And I can choose when to be connected And when not to For Inspiration to live Happy, healthy and free.

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