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Comparequotes is an independent company that hand selects the most reliable, professional and affordable businesses in the trade and service industries. the following business has consistently met our standards and they are a supplier we can highly recommend. Carlos Lauthier Owner, Local Removals At Local Removals, we specialize in home relocations. Family moving interstate or locally, as well as we cater for cars, commercial and industrial machinery moving. We do restaurants, heavy equipment for the industry at large. We are based in South Australia four kilometers from the Adelaide CBD.

Prahsant rathod administration manager, local removals Welcome to the brain center of Local Removals. Here we have two people working full time who is taking care of the customers need. Whenever the customer comes in if they come in, in person or they send an email or they call us. There are two people who take care of the customer straight away. We can organize the payment with the bank transfer or the customer can do a cash deposit here or they can also pay via post. So, here at Local Removals we just make sure that the customer is satisfied and the best service is being provided to the customer.

Oriana lauthier, owner, local removals My name is Oriana Lautheir and Im part owner of this company. We are enjoying what we do here. We are happy to help you for removals local or interstate. We have fun with what we are doing here and also we resolve the need of the customers. We like to service you and provide you with a good security, therefore we use modern equipment and all our storage facilities are well protected. Our fleet of vehicle varies from small vans to large interstate truck. This way we can accommodate for your need at the right budget. We do a doortodoor service. The same team that will load you will deliver the goods at the other end. We offer full packing service as well as storage facility, whether it is one week or a full year of your storage need.

How to pack wine glasses for moving house a Packing to Move House tutorial guide

In this short tutorial we are going to show you the safest way to pack long stemmed glasses to protect them from damage during your move. Before you start you’re going to need some packing materials Most kitchen items will be loaded in a medium carton, a pack 2, you’ll also need some packing paper, tape and a marker pen Start by taking a couple of sheets of packing paper and rolling them into a tube. Don’t roll too tightly or fold flat as the idea is to form an air cushion within the paper.

Wrap the tube around the stem and base of the glass to bring the width of the stem area to the same width of the bowl of the glass to form a cylinder. Lay the glass down flat in the corner of your packing paper, gather a couple of pieces and roll it across, wrapping and tucking as you go. Remember not to push any paper inside the glass as this can actually cause damage the vacuum created between the glass and the paper will cushion the glass far more adequately.

Repeat this process once more to ensure the glass is fully covered and well cushioned. Stem glasses are much safer on the top of a box than on the bottom, remember, load your heavy items in the bottom and lighter ones on top. Start your top layer by creating a layer of padding above the bottom layer, use scrunched up rough paper covered with a flat layer of packing paper to create a cushion from any movement. Stand your glasses upright on top of this.

Cushion glasses are much stronger in an upright position rather than lying down and can withhold more pressure if it occurs. Once you’ve filled your layer make sure to fill in any gaps with more scrunched up paper to stop movement technically you should be able to shake the box with no rattling around. Before sealing your box create a final layer of cushioning on top with scrunched up rough paper and then close the top flaps of the box and seal with tape.

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