Shipping Container House Regulations

In this clip we’re going to look at whether you need Building Regulations approval for extensions these are not the same as conservatories and conservatories are covered in a different clip we’ve all watched programs about extension horror stories and the one thing that invariably have in common is that the owner of the building chose not to work with building control in fact you don’t have a choice about this it’s a statutory requirement and you’re obliged to this is to protect you your family and anyone who might be affected by your extension and it can also protect your.

Wallet there’s no such thing as permitted development for building control there are some exemptions for porches and conservatories under 30 square meters but there are lots of caveats which our other films covers almost all extensions no matter how small need building control approval if you have a solid roof or your conservatory is open to the rest of the house it’s actually an extension there are also controls on the heating Electrics so basically you can’t have fixed heating in a conservatory or porch as it isn’t supposed to be habitable all yearround you need to look at our clip.

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