Shipping Container House Plans Grand Designs

Kevin inherited this turn of the millennium detention centre from the previous owner. It holds 1000 guests at a squeeze. But Kevin wants to expand it to hold 10 000. With no need for underfloor heating the dongas, or shipping containers, are incredible energy efficient. As temperatures reach up 50 degrees Celsius, the accommodation doubles as sauna. Adjacent to the accommodation is the Coup de grce, a series of rooms with thick insulated walls to buffer the sound of self harm and abuse. On the other side is a living area where guest can dream of being somewhere else,.

As they are bathed in natural light and rain from the idiosyncratic holes in the ceiling. For the cholera lover, the structure gives way to an exercise area peppered with excrement filled puddles that also happen to be the perfect breeding ground for malaria infused mosquitos. But not to worry, when it comes to medical services, Kevin plans to install a world class first aid kit. In the cupboard above the only working toilet on the island. Which will never have to be used if guest remain healthy, older then five and not pregnant.

And no detention centre would be complete without a state of the art razor wire fence, to form a clear, visual separation, with chain links large enough to flood the entire courtyard with hope. It’s little wonder that guest will feel conflicted as to stay in this comparative safe haven with it’s thuggish local police, or venture out into a country that has one the largest rates of machete based murder in the world. Next week, Tony plans to take this open field in a tropical paradise and fill it with tents,.

Grand Designs Manus Island

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