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The Union Building in South Africa was built in the capital city of Pretoria. It was based on the same principal as the Acropolis in Greece. It is in the highest area in Pretoria and Is visible from most of the city. It was designed by British architect Sir Herbert Baker in 1908 and was finished in 1913. The European influence is extremely apparent on the grounds and in the architecture. In the beginning it housed the Public Service for the Union of South Africa, but now is the seat of the Executive branch of South Africa’s.

Government and the Department of Foreign Affairs. All countries use their centers of government to say something. The architecture, the expense, the intricacy, and the artistry all say something about what the government values and what their resources are. The Erasmus Bridge or in dutch, Erasmusbrug is the symbol of Western European shipping particularly transcontinental shipping. It is on one of the distributaries of the Rhine and connects North and South Rotterdam together. The Port of Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world behind Shanghai. Most of Europe’s goods go through here on route to.

Other countries. The bridge was officially opened by Queen Beatrix in 1996 and was on the opening leg of the Tour de France in 2010. Architecturally ornate bridges are a country’s way of show casing their strength, wealth, and intelligence. A basic bridge would be enough to serve the purpose, but an ornate bridge tells other countries that Holland has the enough extra wealth, man power, and mental acuity to spend it on something frivolous. The Erasmus Bridge says the same thing as the Millennium Bridge in London, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and the Helix Bridge in Marina Bay, Singapore. The Erasmus.

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Bridge is Holland’s announcement to the world that they have a part on the global stage. For this google to we will be focusing in on Sydney Australia. With the population of 4.6 million people, Sydney is the oldest European settlement in Australia. Having been founded as a British penal colony on the 26 of January 1788. The Australians speak English but a huge variety of other languages are spoken there. The most followed religion here is Roman Catholic. Sydney is the most popular city and the hottest tourist spot in Australia.

It is on the Southeast coast of Australia and located on the Tasman Sea. We’ll be focussing In on the Sydney Opera House. More then 7 million people visit the site each year. The architect is Jorn Utzon. The opera house features a modern expressionist design. The shells on the building is what makes it very unique. The opera house open on October 20th 1973. It has hosted over 1,500 performances each year and the cost of the building was over $102,000,000. Today we will be making our way through Le champs elisee a well know street in pairs.

Western of our destination, Here you can dine and shop, and now onto our destination which is Le arc de triomphe. It is 164 feet tall and 148 feet wide it is one of the most famous and second largest monuments standing today. It was ordered to be built by napoleon sadly it wasn’t finished until 15 years after Napoleons death. This arc honors those soldiers who fought in the revolutionary war and Napoleons dream of a world conquest. Napoleon told the soldiers they will return home through the arcs of triumph which is why he ordered this.

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