Shipping Container House End Walls

COMM A US Navy tugboat has been transformed, into a luxurious home. COMM Londoner Phil Wallis spent two years converting the vessel. PHIL The cost to restore the boat was, lets say including labour, probably over forty thousand pounds. COMM He says his family couldn’t quite believe him when they found out his new home floated. PHIL When I told my family and friends that I was gonna live on a boat, they naturally thought it was gonna be a narrow boat or something like that, but when they actually saw that it was a tugboat, they were pretty impressed.

PHIL This is my kitchen, as you can see it’s got the six Range burner, a dishwasher, washing machine, all the mod cons of what you would find in a house. PHIL This is my music room and large screen TV for watching football and that, and we’ve had many a good party down here. COMM He know pays just four hundred pound a month for the mooring, including electricity. PHIL The value for money you can get down here, and the river life is really, really nice. PHIL So that’s been my boat, see you later.

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