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My name is Lakiya Culley. I have three sons. Carl is 7, Christopher is 6, and Camari is 2. We were living in a two bedroom apartment. They didn’t have a lot of space to play in. they couldn’t just go outside and play in the back yard or play in the front yard. We couldn’t control our heat. In the winter time in our apartment building, we had to open the windows just to keep cool. It affected my family in a bad way. Like we would get colds and it would mess up with our allergies and sinuses.

I wanted to be a homeowner but I didn’t know how soon it would happen because of the cost of living in Washington, DC. I went through Habitat for Humanity. I had to put in sweat equity hours which means helping to build my house and other Habitat Houses. It was a long process but it was worth it in the end. My family has a bright future in this house because it’s not just a regular house, it’s a passive solar house. Here comes the airplane, choo choo. Some of my home’s energy efficient features are the super insulation in the walls and.

Also the windows that are triple pane glass. From our dishwasher and our stove and our washer and dryer, they’re all energy efficient. It’s helping me save money. Now we can go to the beach more. And with the extra money I’ll be able to send my kids to college. Other people can save on energy even if they don’t live in a passive house. Just having better habits will help them to save on their energy bills. We all turn off the lights when we leave the room. My children will be able to say that their mom actually helped to build this house. They.

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