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Adventurous Couple Build Brilliant Tiny House On Wheels

Bryce: For some, Tiny Homes are a longterm solution. B: For others, they’re just a stepping stone. B: We’re about to meet a young couple who’ve built their very own Tiny House on wheels. B:.which has now become a kind of quot;enablerquot; for them to now look . purchasing a larger house, where they can start thinking about. B:.adding a few more members to the family. B: Hey, how’s it going? Holly: Hi there! H: Good, how are you? B: Nice to meet you, Holly! H: Nice to meet you!.

B: G’day Oli, how you doin’, mate? B: This, here, is a VERY impressive looking Tiny House! HO: Thanks! B: She is a big one, as well, so . B: . how big is this one, actually? H: Ah, 7 metres by 3 metres (23 feet by 10 feet) B: 7 by 3? H: Yeah. so we went wider. B: Definitely.

B: Not one that you’ll want to be transporting on the road very often? H: No, for us it was always. the point was to move it just once or twice, and then just leave it. H: .onsite, and, yeah, we thought it was worth some extra stress transporting it for the extra space living in it. O: So, I’ve always been obsessed with Tiny Apartments and things like that . O: . and, um, I was actually just watching one of YOUR tutorials O: . the one on Brett*, and Holly saw it. (*Amazing DIY OffGrid Modern Tiny House) O: .and was like quot;man, what’s this, this is pretty interestingquot;. O: And so we watched it together, ay, and. H: And I said we should do it!.

O: We should do it! O: So, yeah, we started, like, taking things out on the floor and. H: Yeah. O: Every time we were at the beach, drawing things in the sand and. H: Yeah, we had, like, fullon tape measures and stuff H: .and we’d draw up floor plans, and we went through heaps of different designs. lots and lots of different plans. H: All sorts of stuff . H: But basically the main thing that made us do it was just that we wanted the adventure. O: Yeah, the adventure.

B: Well, the place looks REALLY nice from the outside. B: Let’s have a look on inside, see what you’ve done. H: Awesome, come on in. B: What a lovely home! H: Yeah, she’s cool, hey? Thank you! B: It’s all so open and light, isn’t it? H: Yeah, that was a big part for us. H: We have 9 windows and this tiny little space and it was always about making it light and airy. H: . and getting the sunshine in, all the time. O: Yeah.

O: So we’d seen, like, a lot of those Americanstyle Tiny Houses. O: And they didn’t really work for how we like to live and, um, you know, they’re pretty amazing but. O: . we tried to take the quot;Kiwi approachquot; to it, you know open plan. O: . big doors looking out onto the view and the deck. H: Yeah O: It was the main thing we had in mind when we built it actually, was the light, bright open feel. B: I really love what you’ve done here with this climbing wall. B: This is such a clever way of getting into the loft. H: Yeah, it’s cool, ay?.

H: So, it was just that we didn’t really.we didn’t really know where a ladder could go . H: . and we didn’t really want to cut off any of that opening. H: So, instead Oli, yeah, Oli decided on a climbing wall. I was pretty against it at the start. H: But now, I really like it. H: I think it’s cool to have the quot;popsquot; of green and everything as well. H: Lots of people were, um, a little bit quot;antiquot; having a climbing wall as the ONLY way to get up there! H: But, you know, the whole thing about a Tiny House is, you built it for YOU, right . H: . you don’t build it for resale value or, for you know, anyone else, you build it for the people who are gonna live in it.

Revolving Storage Bins for Your Craft Studio

Hi Guys! It’s Cindy Lietz, your Polymer Clay Tutor, and in today’s studio tip, I’m going to show you how I use revolving bins for craft storage Now I’ve been getting some questions about this storage unit that I have back here and so I thought I would show it to you today. And this style of bin has been around for a really long time. I remember when I was a little girl, my grandparents lived in a really tiny little town in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, which is quite a ways from here, and kind of an isolated little town. And my grandparents had, or my grandpa, had a garage, or a like a gas station with automotive service thing.

And in the corner, he had a great big one of these units. It was really huge, it was probably two feet round, maybe galvanized steel and out There were several layers of them. You could rotate the bins and they had spark plugs and nuts and bolts and air filters and stuff you need for a gas station or garage. So I’ve been familiar with this style of thing having it in a garage or whatever, and then a little while ago Tim Holtz came out with a new unit, I’ll show you a picture of it here. It’s called a supply spinner and he put his alcohol inks and different things in it. And I fell in love with it It just brought back all those memories of being a kid at grandpa’s garage. But it has one unit.

One layer and it is about 14 inches wide so it is a little bigger than this other unit but for me it’s kind of expensive. It’s $49 and then there was an extra $25 shipping if you shipping to Canada. So I kinda just set it on the back burner as something that I would like. And then. then this Christmas time, I started shopping around. I was at Harbor Freight Tools and I was looking for some other tools and I came across this unit here. And in fact, right now, it’s on sale for under $20 and when I saw that, I thought OK I have to have that so I ordered it and it came in a box that was about the size of this and a little bit thicker.

But you had to put the whole thing together and here’s the instructions here. It was quite neat it’s not super hard to put together or anything but it came with a gazillion bolts 72 bolts and washers and 72 nuts so there’s a fair amount of bolting it all together, but it’s quite simply designed. Now, it is about a foot across, 12 inches across and there’s 4 layers. It’s got ball bearings and things in the layers and you can get tons of stuff in it. Now I kind of have it overloaded, so it seems a little wobbly though it feels very strong. It seems like the wobble’s just coming from the bottom because it’s kind of a domed bottom here. So overall, it seems like you could wiggle a lot.

But when you’re turning the layers down low. it seems to be strong, by the way. That’s what I’m trying to get at. I’ve got absolutely tons of stuff in here and it’s easy to get at. I’ve got mostly just my paints and glues and inks. So in the top part here, I have all my paints and glues, liquid polymer clays and different things like that in here and then in this layer here, I’ve got alcohol inks, I’ve got all my pinata inks. I’ve got a bunch of those I’ve got to show you yet. I got a bunch of new colors and stuff, some different inks and distress stains and stuff. Here, this is the only kind of departure from the rest of the stuff. I’ve got some planner stamps here because I use them everyday and I want it somewhere close by that I could put them.

And use them easily. So I’ve got all my planner stamps here and some ink pads. And then some jewelry glazes different things like Guilder’s paste. And then here I’ve got my block printing inks, my Lumiere Paints. There’s a lot in here. These things come in different sections. You can put them in whatever order you want, but there’s two racks that have four sections and two racks have six sections. So this one here is the four section one, and then this one here is the six sections. And I’ll just pop these out of here so you can see. These are the heavy jars of screen printing ink I’ve got in here. I got quite a few. I’ve got about five of them in there. I’ll probably could fit one more. But the way it’s structured is it comes with.

All these different pieces, you bolt them together and I don’t know if Doug will be able to see in here that well but in the back there you can see where the bolts are and you just have to kind of use a screw driver to put the bolt, the washer, and the nut underneath. Then the whole thing is stacked on a pole that has these little ball bearings and things. It works beautifully So I really like this kind of industrial look. It brings back a lot of memories. Also, my kind of style is a little bit of masculine, industrial kind of thing with a little feminine added on top. So I quite like it in this black version, but I’ve seen on YouTube and stuff, where people have painted them out, and they’ve painted them white or whatever they wanted to.

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