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Hey everyone! It’s Danielle from Exploring Alternatives. In this tutorial, we’re checking out a tiny earthship at the Terra Perma ecoresort in Harrington, Quebec, Canada. Music Playing So it’s basically a form of passive solar home.

That allows you to heat your home and keep it cool just by controlling the energy from the sun. There’s one main wall in this earthship and it’s built in a Ushape using recycled tires that are filled with earth and then they piled on a bunch of earth on top of that wall at the back so that the wall and that huge mound that they created.

Form a thermal mass that can absorb energy from the sun and what that’s meant to do is create an indoor temperature that’s stable all year round. So they’ve got these huge south facing windows that let the sun in during the winter and then an overhanging roof to block the sun during the summer. This tiny earth ship has a lot of really interesting sustainable features and it’s a beautiful structure.

So let’s go take a look inside. Music Playing When you first come into the earthship, there’s a really generous sized entryway with a huge storage closet and a beautiful recycled bottle wall that must have taken hundreds of hours to create. Then you can come into the main room of the earthship.

And it’s absolutely stunning in here. You’ve got the back side of the bottle wall here, they did some beautiful sculptures using cob on all of the walls, and then they painted it with a natural lime paint. You’ve got a nice big log bed frame here.

Right in the center of the house. A cozy sitting area with a futon that stretches out so you can actually sleep 4 in here. Huge windows inside give you a really amazing view so you really feel like you’re part of nature. There’s a wood stove for supplemental heat in the winter.

And there’s a small kitchen over here with a sink that’s not plumbed so you have this water jug. There’s a small propane cook top here that’s hooked up to a small propane tank outside. A little bit of space for storage and then they’ve got compost, garbage and recycling which I always like to see. A small kind of working and/or dining room area.

And they’ve got a couple of plugs here that are attached to their solar system outside so that you can plug in a fan or a computer or whatever you want. And then just a small book shelf. So overall it’s a really beautiful space and you really do have everything you need in here except a shower and a toilet.

Carnival Sunshine Captains Suite 9115 Tour

This is the cabin tour of the captain’s suite: cabin 9115 We’re here at the very front of the ship, right above the bridge. You are going to love this suite! And here’s the big entrance into the living room. The main thing about this suite is you have a fantastic view. Not only just out these gigantic picture windows in the front.

But also, out on the balcony. Out to the side, and to the back of the ship. Here’s the balcony. You have a fantastic view all the way to the back of the ship. and all the way around to the front of the ship. And there’s lots of room on the balcony.

With some really comfortable chairs, just like up on the serenity deck. And also a table. And of course, you are free to configure this any way you want. move things around to make it work for you. It is really nice out here because it’s wind protected. because it’s all glassed in on the front.

So, you tend to have some very nice days out here. In the living room you’ve got this big couch. So, it’s a great spot for entertaining. If you’re here on the ship with other people. Invite ’em over. This is Party Central. I think this is probably a sleeper sofa.

I don’t know, there’s just my wife and i here this week, but. my guess is that that’s a sleeper sofa so you can have your kids here. And there is also a pullout bunk there in the wall. But let me show you the coolest thing in this whole room! See these buttons over here? Watch what happens when you push these buttons!.

(a faint sound of motors lowering the shades) Is that cool, or what?!?! Another great feature of this cabin is the fact that it actually has TWO bathrooms. So, you can have a his or her bathroom or you can have a guest bathroom or whatever you however you want to do it. This bathroom is the one by the front door.

And it’s just got a shower in it. and a little clothes line there so you can hang your wet swimsuits and things like that. And then there is another bathroom that’s larger and has a jacuzzi tub. Off of the living room is the second bathroom. And this is the one with the big jacuzzi tub. So, you have a jacuzzi bathtub as well as a shower head.

And also one thing to point out about the bathrooms. is that there is an electric power plug in there for. electric toothbrush or electric razor or whatever you might have. And there’s lots of little places to store things. Also, off of the living room. here is a wardrobe area with his and her closets.

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