Shipping Container Homes For Third World Countries

Many people ask, Is Costa Rica going to become Carbon Neutral by 2021 and I think that’s not the best question. For us, it’s not just to reduce our emissions, but to internalize that climate change is already happening, and we have to deal with it, and try to improve the way that we’re doing things. I think it’s very healthy, for a country to have a conversation about energy sources, so that is where we are right now. You have these very positive stories for example, in the coffee sector,.

This kind of enthusiasm about being different. With Coppedota, they are a rural coffee coop. They have been improving their whole value chain to reduce their environmental impact. We just did it. We were the first carbon neutral coffee in the world. That was three years ago. We have been using more coffee byproducts as biomass to process the coffee, composting the pulp to use as organic fertilizer, and also we are recycling the water, that way we can save water, and that is helping us to cut down cost of producing and processing.

Everything we have done, to be sustainable and to be carbon neutral, can be done by anyone else in the world. What we’re seeing is this kind of innovation that is driven by very enthusiastic people about new sources of energy, and I think it’s very natural. The paradox of this economy is that it is relatively clean, but we are still increasing our emissions because of the way we use our cars. We wanted to promote biking in the city, why Because Costa Rica decided to be carbon neutral by 2021, and then we started thinking,.

The First Carbon Neutral Country in the World

What can we do as citizens to try and help this goal The ways we move can really change the world, not only in terms of pollution but in terms of humanity. We need to start using more bicycles, and not only that, we need to walk the cities, to enjoy the cities, to experience the cities, and to try and reduce our carbon footprint. We in the developing world, have to really convince ourselves that it is possible to develop while not destroying our natural capital because perhaps in the past there was this very flawed notion that there was a trade off.

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