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Vancouver receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

Atira Women’s resource society has been providing housing to women fleeing violence for almost 30 years. There’s actually 2 components to this project. One is the original building, which has been here since 1912. In that building we’re housing young women who have been homeless, there are 18 rooms and it’s communal living. The second part of the project is the recycled shipping container component.

There are 12 selfcontained studio units here. The units are affordable, the rent is affordable, it’s safe. Women are not only being able to interact with each other and look after each other but there’s also gates at the front and back and the units are self contained. It’s huge that Atira has offered me this very safe place to come and live. Now I get to be somewhere that’s safe and get to make different.

Choices and to see that somebody had faith in me. The recycled shipping containers are readily available, they hasten the building of the project,.

Container Storage Unit

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