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I feel more graceful in a small space. I have to be more aware and more conscientious. And then you make decisions, you’re sort of forced to make decisions that calm your daily life. Like, I have to have to keep this tidy because there’s no room for mess, right? The trailer is.

Eight feet three inches wide by sixteen feet, but i think the interior is about seven feet nine inches, and about 15andahalf feet long. Interviewer: And do you know the square footage? I figured it at about 114, roughly. Everything besides the studs, the shingles and the roof are reused. The interior wall is.

Not reused but it’s sustainably harvested. This particular wood would have been essentially composted or burned. But they turned it into a I think it’s a travesty because it’s so gorgeous. It’s tar beetle pinewood.

From Montana. So the beetles invade the wood and the wood actually emits this toxin to rid the beetles, which changes the color of the wood. So it’s not particularly attractive because it’s irregular.

But that’s why i think it’s so beautiful you have these streaks of maroon through there and blues and purples and you don’t even need artwork because the walls do it for you. The large halfmoon window, I had found one on Craigslist,.

Come home with it and there was some moisture locked into it, which is really a pretty hard thing to fix. And so I went to the rebuilding center later that day and literally walked through the door and that window was sitting right in front of me for thirty dollars. And it was the correct dimensions and everything. And in.

Perfect shape. As far as what I think I’m most proud of is the floor. The floor is made out of old bleachers from this gym in Wyoming and they’re sold by this really beautiful reuse.

Place in saint john’s portland that takes old shipping containers and makes wood floors out of them and they had somehow come across a stack of these bleachers and they were really expensive, but there were eight broken ones that they sold for about an eighth of the cost and it was about four square feet more than we needed. The person I couldn’t have done it without is a guy named Jason Reitz,.

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