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Where come to haze building solutions in the short presentation we would like to take you they quick to a about his spirit solutions our products key features let of outrageous an app interest to you this terribly for a brief introduction about house we are a whole certain on the business we’re probably u revolutionary and innovative transportable building solutions to all straight among the members you know a team are experienced registered do those resolve or twenty years of expereince all supplier has more than ten years being transportable research and.

Development and tractor it is a qualified supply up to the united nations our products uh. on obtained by patient technology in australia pop art up spousal certain standards and hey spurious have been rigorously inspected by both australian and new zealand building for authorities compliance has been to shave we’ve been dating koto for stranded relevent allston electrical and upon the acts codes and standards life spans oval fifty years all products are designed to sustained severe conditions can resist of creates up to seven point six elected to lead.

Cycles rated up to the kind of reform two hundred fifty k input on house and has returned five point four pt excellent performance in the sounds insulation thermal insulation waterproofing and five portion aplus com replay sevenyear structure and twelvemile possible aren t pace buildings are more than any contender yesterday reliable quality momentous easy in a fast installation of photo design for calls assembly all sides won’t lifestyles oval fifty years and pete say comfortable accommodations just like a home products how far superior than our competition internal structure.

HAYZ transportable home presentation

Facility insulation and space the key features all products includes easy transportation hastie williams utilize standard content dimensions and comply with csc regulations went respond on land it’s very efficient no police fiscal is required for all the sizing can be a home lotus by forklift selfdestructing truck hawk ramp to appoint a silent cricket cancellation mains full scale of the workers can assemble hostesses at disassemble in just falls were extended to us on the right conditions the haze houses are designed in such a way that we can the photo way.

Transport it uh. reopened biology train assembly teams forced many moves supplies that unique resolve this products pays myspace expression of opt to three times age forty i’ll follow stuart eightytwo screaming solve and poor living space almost three times the size of a cargo containers west twenty foot unit fortytwo screening of living space apart of commerce fully furnished standard features including interior lighting nominate bamboo flooring taxes sinks smoke detector toilet prefabricated mall and brussels and kitchen and also it conditioning window brian six intro all personal for purchase.

Products are filled with higher quality electrical and plumbing fittings fully prompt for water supply hot water system and waste removal cable blog for television computer telephone they are also airconditioned outlets exxon switching off cd safety switches out bartok spa four u luxury living establish fixtures fittings calming lighting doesn’t wiring uh. common control have all being considered with all the things you need to be concerned we’ve before movin underfoot misha and taking the selections worker series many for mining tents and money raised an issue accommodations choppers serious.

Or face air is for business education of series for schooling maybe groceries for emergencies all latest addition drop or dot serious of a delay before sliding design this products are amazing the candy assemble kingdom adult thirty seconds that’s right thirty seconds label for installation thirtyseconds assembly quality interiors sql and conflict this new sliding designed including also mining serious for money childless is foot traveling officers for business outpour tossup can be customized for example units can be linked to to meet individual requirements to be them lots of space.

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