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I think you’re taught at architecture school is that the way you experience a building is by actually moving through it and spending time in it. So it’s a sequence of spaces. So Warmen Yard is a development that I’ve been doing for a terribly long time. Each house has a cast concrete core and it will have a steel staircase in each of those. And then inside this yurt is the dining room. I think traditionally, people think that the more light the better. This scheme is different. It’s a Japanese tradition which I think is.

More about experiencing small spaces in an intense way and as you go around the house you get these different sensations of light and enclosure. It’s quite robust but I think very, very beautiful. Something that I feel is true about architecture in the city is that it’s there. I think that’s the fantastic thing about architecture. If we’re looking out of the window, there’s something interesting to see and if you’re travelling through different spaces there’s often things to experience and pleasure to be had out of it. This house is the home of my father’s brother.

And his wife who I love deeply. It’s on a street which, at the back they all share a garden. I think it’s a great recipe for how to build a community and so it’s of particular interest to me in thinking about better suburbs and how we can make better suburbs. All the children grew up together and after the age of about five, you didn’t have to supervise them because there were gates at either end so nothing would ever happen to them. And the idea was that the gardens of these.

Crispin Kelly, who is rebuilding Londons housing, one building at a time Londoner 50

Houses were what Alison described as paddocks. And this would give new owners of these houses the idea that still in their country estate and that it would be an acceptable, social way of living in a smaller house then they would have liked to live in, in the country. My recipe in the suburbs is to build a small increase everywhere so that every village would have another five houses which would make a huge difference. But in London you don’t really have that as an option and you have to make the most of all the sites that become available.

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