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Hi, my name is darryl chafe from ocean trailer I like to introduce you to our new Container Storage Divsion Containers available for 10, 20, 40 53 feet All these units are available to rent, buy and lease Container is great for storing materials excess inventory. For your household goods.

For your home renovations. they are secured. as we can see we have a lock box unit They are very clean As you can see, it is a very nice and clean container unit The container is vented. We have circulation here. You can see a strong durable floor.

You can drive forklift in good for your business and warehouse Container is . way to store your business belongings, personal belongings, job site We have branches in Delta Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg.Please visit us at oceantrailer .

Calgary receives help for affordable housing from CMHC

We’re at mcpherson place, a 160unit affordable housing development in Bridgeland, a masterplanned community in the City of Calgary. Over the past 10 years the City of Calgary has increased its economic production. Incomes have not risen as fast as the cost of living.

The city of calgary had a need to provide ownership opportunities for people. I never thought that I’d be able to own my own home. I’d been renting for the last nine years of my life. We wanted to provide opportunities for people who are working in Calgary who have low to moderate incomes.

And want to buy a home. And in Calgary, that’s very difficult unless you can save a large down payment. Our company bid on the site and proposed an entire project based on the shared equity model that would provide ownership for people at an affordable price.

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