Shipping Container Home Thailand

Music gtgt Announcer Welcome to Thailand. Home to breathtaking beauty, rugged landscapesand the nineteenth most densely populated country on earth with critical energy demands and one incredible assignment for Black Veatch from the Marubeni Corporation. The Black Veatch assignment Provide engineering services for two new power plants located 800 kilometres apart in Chana and Wang Noi. The goal Build these two power plants in two different regions of Thailand simultaneously, on identical schedules, using many of the same resources. The challenge The two power plants have different configurations, different site conditions,.

And different project teams from the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand. The solution Black and Veatch brought together one management team for the two plants to provide greater efficiencies by utilizing common design resources. gtgt JASON SCHOTTLER By having a combined project execution team, we were really able to leverage our engineering and procurement resources and activities to deliver both projects to Marubeni on a fairly aggressive schedule. gtgt Announcer Once completed, the Chana and Wang Noi Combined Cycle Power Plants will jointly provide Thailand 1,530 megawatts of reliable electricity enough to power 1.5.

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