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Western Container is a fullservice offset lithographic folding carton company. Western’s been in the packaging industry since 1960 and we specialize in the privatelabel packaging side of the industry. Richard Horton was the founder of Western Container. Richard had the vision This is what we’re going to build our company around and the core values that this company is making sure we understand what our customers’ names are. That is continued on with three generations of the Horton family still working at Western Container. One of the things that we take great pride in is our quality and service.

Because Western Container is ISO certified, we follow strict rules and procedures to make sure every job is done the same way every time. Having an inhouse engineering and design RD development group has allowed us to go to our customers and say, Wait a minute. Let us help you bring products to market. Our operating platform allows our customers to get on their computer, look into the plant, and find out where their order is at, when the order is going to be ready, the invoicing of the order and it will allow you to track it.

On every twohour basis. We’ve been a part of working with the Walmart team down in Bentonville, which we have a sales office down there. We have to show the initiative to be a part of what Walmart feels is important for their customers. We do not want to harm the environment and we feel that if we can be a part of doing things more sustainable, then that’s going to allow us to offer more services to our customers and that also makes our customers look good in Walmart’s eyes and other vendors’ eyes that they may be going to.

Western Containers Folding Carton Story

We’re very fortunate that we are partnered as a strategic partner with EIP Logistics because EIP has helped Western not just be a great folding carton company but an allaround great packaging company and that allows our customers to do a onestop shop to where you can make one phone call, get your folding cartons done, allow us to pack out your packaging, bill the pallet program distribute it and then also make sure we can track it. And because quality and service has always been the foundation of Western Container, that is what we’re going to continue.

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