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Welcome to mountain view television, mvtv. The leaders of educating for the construction industry. Today we are featuring residential new construction projects. Although I’m standing in the middle of the house, it feels like I’m outside. I think part of that has to go to Mountain View Window Door where the windows and doors for this house came from.

Tell us the story about working with Mountain View Window Door, and I promise there is no acting about this. I’m just asking the questions, so give us your testimonial and the story, and why we have the camera here is this glass wall.

Behind us. a lot of conversation and inspiration that came from all the glass behind us. Yeah, I feel like our biggest thing that we wanted with the glass, the windows, was our whole house is facing south, so we wanted this great room to have a lot of.

Light. a lot of sun coming in. we have windows going 360 degrees with a big sliding glass wall on the north side and then this huge wall here that’s all glass. Another part is the southern exposure heating our house in the winter time so.

We get a lot of heat, so we took that in mind. When we went to Mountain View and talked to them about what we wanted and they explained what type of window would be best and how big, sizing, all of that and they were great! We were able to order what we wanted and they’ve accommodated us very well. So from the contractors.

Side and then from the homeowners side, next to the entry door there was a lot of talk as far as three vertical, four horizontal, how many different ways. Was it helpful to be able to go into the showroom and kind of peel back and see.

Overlays? tell us the story about working and deciding on the windows and doors Libby. Yeah, so it was super helpful to be able to go into the showroom, talk to a person, look through designs, look through ideas, because we knew basically have many windows we wanted but we didn’t.

Know size and we didn’t know what we should get. that’s just not our expertise. So I think we really used the expertise of Mountain View to make this wall happen, really make all the windows happen. We talked a lot about those two windows on the east side and how that should look. There was a lot of back and forth and I couldn’t be happier. I think going with two windows.

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