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Previously on American Pickers.Mike dragged us all the way to Italy to buy a car for a high end client of his back in the States. Woo. Wow. So amazing. This car is not for sale. Well that deal fell through. So we had to make the best of a bad situation. And do what we do best start picking. Flavio was a guy I met over here, he’s a picker exactly like us. My name’s Flavio. Nice to meet you. We met some interesting characters. Hi guys, how are you.

All right, you’re our interpreter Are you Fred Yes. And we were able to buy some cool stuff. That’s cool. That is cool. Sold Sold! Now we’re talking. KS750. We even made a big sale from all the way over here. I’ll go to 18K. Yes! Okay. Excellent, dude. Yes! Yes. Italy is pretty awesome. Before we came over here, I bought this little English to Italian dictionary. ltItaliangt Where are you from I am American. So now whenever I take a break, you know, we got to stop and get some gas, I got to go to the bathroom.

LtItaliangt My name is Frank Fritz. I just pull it out, I try to learn a new word every day. You know, I’m never going to learn Italian. ltItaliangt What is your But you know what But if I can learn just a couple words. ltItaliangt It can’t hurt. I’m seriously thinking that Flavio is really brilliant. This isn’t the trip to Italy I signed up for, but so far, it’s been crazy cool. We’re 20 minutes north of Bologna, and my buddy Flavio hooked us up with this guy named Amerigo.

The Italian Job Part 2

And Amerigo hooked us up with this guy named Steno. And now we’re going over to Steno’s to meet up with our translator Fred. And Fred, he’s a trip. There’s Fred. Fred’s already here Hey men, what are you doing this morning Come on. Whoa! What, we’re on time What he say You’re mean. He’s like saying we’re late. Are you serious Money never sleeps my friends. First thing is he’s busting our chops. He’s actually here, he’s on time. I don’t think he understands that it’s like he’s not paying.

Us, we’re paying him. Did you just get out of a range rover Yeah, oh, with your 20 bucks per hours men, of course. You make too much money. With yours money. So this is the place This, this place, Amerigo, uh, tells me about this place and I remember that I know already them. You know this guy Yes. You’ve been here before Yeah, he is very cool. Hey, my advice to you, he’s quite expensive. Then he tells us the way is really high priced. I’m like, oh, okay, that sounds perfect for us.

Ciao Steno, ciao. Ciao. Hey guys, look at these guys. Hi, hi. Hello. Mike, nice to meet you. ltItaliangt. This guy’s got class. Very tailored coat, designer sunglasses. He looks like the most interesting man in antiques. Is this a big part of his business here ltItaliangt Is this a part of your job Restoration ltItaliangt I mean, restoring Ci. So this guy isn’t just a huge collector, he’s into restoration. Having a restoration shop is a great in, because a lot of times you can buy stuff relatively cheap, because they need repair.

Wow, this is awesome. ltItaliangt Do you want to take a look around Mike, do you want to see something See something Oh my gosh, yes. So please go inside. Good job. ltItaliangt I collect pieces that I like and then I rent them or use them for some furnishings. Oh, oh, oh. Frank. God. Oh wow. Man. You got some stuff here, look at that. Frank. This is amazing. I know. It’s cool. Tell him that we don’t see things displayed like this in America. People have large collections, but they’re all in boxes and.

They’re piled up. Steno created his own world with his collection. And it is a full on mind blower. Oh. Oh. I see this old oil painting of a large ship. It’s in an antique wooden frame. Kind of looks like Titanic. I’m starting to get into nautical artwork lately. And this thing is absolutely beautiful. How much on something like that That is very expensive. Ayyiyi. Just entertain me. ltItaliangt Those pieces are from the 1800s. It’s coming from 19th century. Okay. ltItaliangt How much do you want to charge them.

LtItaliangt That’s the actual price I paid! No, no, no! Tell me, I want to hear. 3,500. That is stupid price. Ah, ah, ah.pass. Molto costoso. How about this Oh! Expensive. Expensive. Frank is into ice cream signs, dairy product signs and now it’s ocean liner signs, which I can really respect. This is, uh, for, uh.ltItaliangt. Yes, agency for tourism. Tourism. Right. So this sign would have been where you would have bought the tickets to get on this boat here This thing is in mint condition, I love it.

It’s got great graphics. It used to hang in travel agencies and it represented the ship that Italian immigrants took to America. It was the symbol of hope. ltItaliangt What was the price ltItaliangt. 1,000. 500. Eh 550. Steno’s not going to like this for sure. ltItaliangt. No! No! I don’t think so. ltItaliangt. Last price. 850. The last, last, last, last price. I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, I’m thinking. Very original. This is very original. Very rare. It’s yours. 800. 800 800 ltItaliangt. Done. You got it.

This Titanic doesn’t have to worry about ice, because I just broke it. ltItaliangt Here I have my toys. Robots. Oh my god. He’s got every one. I’ve never even seen that one, look at that one, Franky. I got a few of these, I got that guy, I got this guy. ltItaliangt But they didn’t reproduce all of them. These toys are originals. These are the real deal. These are all original. ltItaliangt I collect toys because when I was little, I couldn’t have them. And when I started working and made money, I bought toys.

LtItaliangt I think that all collectors are individuals who actually have to fill up some aspect that is missing in their lives. I’m the type of person that always lived alone throughout my life, and I always needed these pieces. Look at all the trophies. ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt Are these motorcycle or bicycle ltItaliangt They’re a mix of motorcycles, bicycles, cars. Both. Both. Cars, moto bike. Think about the story a trophy will tell. You’ve got the time period, you got the person’s name, you’ve got the place. And you’ve got the event.

A lot of people collect trophies just for statement pieces. Look at that one there with the wings. Steno lt gt. Come, on, that is the piece. ltItaliangt, Steno Yeah.bicycle. Bicycle. Bicycle. One has a medallion in the center that’s got a bicyclist on it. Very cool wings and a cup. Can I see the one with the woman and the wings ltItaliangt He likes the other one, Steno. The one with the wings. And the other one is a beautiful woman kind of art deco with her wings. They’re 1950s, they’re really cool.

What does that say ltItaliangt. Bicycle. That’s bicycle Bicycle, yeah. ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt 200. It needs to be cleaned, it’s very dirty. Yeah, you have to clean it. It’s very. Oh that’s okay. Tell him, tell him I tell him I like the dust. Ah, yes.Come one. Esthetically they’re beautiful. That’s why people collect trophies. Tell him I’m interested, these two. ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt You can see when a person understands a piece, gets excited in front of a piece. Ah. ltItaliangt I’ve seen many people who are indifferent in front of things that excite me.

I saw Mike get very, very excited. Very, very, very good price. 300. 300 So he’s got 150 on each. Very good. 300 man. Ah. I’ll take it. He hits me with a really good number, so right out of the gate, boom! Brilliant trophies. Ask him how much something like this is ltItaliangt. This is an Italian made motorcycle tin toy, from probably the 1930s. I’ve never quite seen one like this before. The condition’s pretty solid, the paint’s really bright, and there’s not many visible flaws. ltItaliangt. What’s that.

150, this, for you. And how much on tat one I see this really can it says, Royal Motor Oil on it. You know, it’s got a great graphics on it. Radial engine. It’s got a radial engine on it. ltItaliangt. lt gt. That’s pretty cool. 250. 150. 400. ltItaliangt 400 for everything. You got it, baby. I bought my first bundle! Bundle! It’s Bundlemania. It’s Bundlemania. ltsinginggt Now I’m an international bundler. Ask him if these are old or reproductions. ltItaliangt. Original, original. I cast my eyes on the leather club chairs.

I mean, these things are insane. You never find leather club chairs in America. And a lot of times if you do find them here in Europe, they’re roached out. You can’t sit in them. Because the leather will split. Frank what time period 1930’s. Sit down, see how comfortable. French. French. French And as soon as I sit in them, and they’re comfortable, I’m thinking, I’ve got all these clients back in the States that are looking for chairs of this quality, this caliber. Sit in that, cause you’re never going to sit in anything.

Like that again. Is that nice or what Yeah. It’s like you’re sitting in a piece of filet mignon. Yeah, ooh, sitting in a filet mignon, yeah, and the arms are like the bacon. Oh. Man. That’s a medium rare, it’s just like. Ask him how much these are. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt These. ltItaliangt Come on, Steno. Give me the last price. Last, last, last price. ltItaliangt. Usually he ask much more, but for, because it’s you 3,000. The leather is supple, there’s no cracks, there’s no rips. I know what I can get for these things in the states.

Game on here. So tell him that, uh, to respect each other, we have to do the dance. ltItaliangt. We must dance. How do you negotiate with the most interesting man in antiques This guy is cool as a zucchini. Take a riddle, throw it in a pot, some enigma, a little bit of mystery, that is Steno. ltItaliangt. 2,800. 2,800 2,800. Very good price. Very good price, it’s true, it’s true, it’s true. It’s true. 2,800. Yeah. Thank you. Graci, graci. All around the world, they’re reproducing furniture like this.

These chairs are the real deal. And they’re coming across the pond. What’s going on, lady It’s awesome they’re getting all this stuff in Italy. But the hardest part is what I’m looking at right now, the Zundapp. Mike already sold this bike to someone in the States for 18 grand, puts more stress on me to make sure that we get this bike through customs with no problems. Failure is not an option. It is stacks and stacks of paperwork. I’m really glad I’m not doing that. I always have their backs, so I’m gonna get this done.

Customs ain’t got nothing on me. We’re here at Steno’s place near Bologna, Italy. And we’ve stumbled onto an Italian mega pick. Look at that. Seems like everywhere I’m walking around here is a different scenario, you know. It’s like when you go to a department store, each little area is set up. He’s got it beautifully decorated. This is a whole bar, look. Yeah. Look at all these candy containers. Oh yeah, look at the one with the woman’s face there. Uh huh. Oh, look at this guy in the corner here, Mike.

I can see this devil. I’m like, it just doesn’t really fit in here, you know. Everything else is like ice cream and soda. And now I got a a devil here For mosquitoes, for mosquitoes. Oh it’s for mosquitoes, Frank. Mosquitoes. Mosquito spray. Yeah. He does have a sprayer, and then it’s got all these bugs that are like going to the ground. The graphics is unbelievable on it. It’s in pretty decent condition. Ask him how much on the fox ltItaliangt ltItaliangt 200. That is expensive. 200. 200 That’s 260 in my book.

Can I get 3 or 400 out of this I’m not sure about that. So he says, let me pull it down. Let me see the other side. ltItaliangt Be careful Steno because if you fall down, they won’t pay me! It’s rough, rust. ltItaliangt Do you see this Let’s see.Oh. ltItaliangt You need to clean this on here. Let’s see the other side though. I’m hoping it’s double sided. Oh no. Uh uh. One sided. The sides are the best. Look like they got some goop on it. I like it.

I like the front. The sides, back, not so good condition. 150 ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt Okay, deal. Yes. Done. Sale. All right. Franky, woo! 150. This is a great can, I mean, find me another devil can where the little bugs are coming down. Steno. I’m a bicycle guy right here. And then I see it, Pirelli Moto Velo. Moto Velo, to me, means motor pace for cycling. You can see the leader is a motorcycle. You know, that was the pace bike. And behind it was all of the bicycles. ltItaliangt.

LtItaliangt ltItaliangt. That sounded big. What I cannot, no, Steno.ltItaliangt. What is this What Tell me. 1,500. 1,500 Euro If it was just motorcycle, 1,500 no problem. But it’s also bicycle, actually it’s more bicycle than it is motorcycle. You have the most expensive taste of the world. There’s only two of this sign in Italy. And, and. It’s very, very, very, uh. It’s very rare. Ask him if there’s been any restoration done to it. Paint. ltItaliangt Any restoration done to it ltItaliangt Yeah, a little bit. Even though it’s hanging high up in the air,.

I can see the sign has been touched. There’s some restoration that’s been done to this sign. Tell him I’m going to come at him John Wayne style. John Wayne, the Duke. 700 Euro. ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt Nooo. Oh, I knew that. I knew it. I came in John Wayne style, but I forgot where I was. John Wayne, sorry, but. I should have came on straight Clint Eastwood. Ooh. Slow it down. 750. ltItaliangt No. He’s walking away. No. He’s walking away. 800 Euro. 800. ltItaliangt I’m particularly fond of that sign because I know that.

If I sell it, I won’t find another one. 800 no No. Oh. For 20 Euro an hour, you can’t close this deal Come on, I do my best, my friend. Steno is very tough, you know. And it’s difficult to rise a deal with him, because his expensive, it doesn’t want to do any discount. Neither to me, neither to them. What I can’t, I can kill him if you want. Come on. I got, I got to walk away. He’s tapped out. I’m tapped out. I tried the Duke, then I start hitting him with the.

Clint Eastwood style, instead of the man with no name, now I’m the guy with no sign. You know, I’m looking around, I’m looking through some drawers. He’s got some little car parts, and he’s got some toy parts. Oh wow. But then I open up this one drawer and he’s got these posters. Oh cool. Steno! Yes Frank, what have you found Movie posters. A lot of them are in plastic, you know, and then some of them are from the States. I mean, he’s got James Dean. That’s killer.

Very.I love this. Yes. Easy Riders. 1969. Ask him how much these are ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt 300. 300 Euro I’m like, uh oh, I was thinking maybe 50, 75. How about the James. James Dean. James Dean. 200. 200 Original. How about this one This one And James Dean Bundle. 500. ltItaliangt 6 ltItaliangt 600. It’s a good price. Half. Split. Meet in the middle. I got to try to get a deal. I said, you know, cut it in half, 550. 550. Meet in the middle. ltItaliangt He says 550. You got doubles.

LtItaliangt Come on, you have more of them Steno. Okay. Okay All right. Thank you. ltItaliangt Finally I decided to sell because I understood that they really appreciated these pieces. We like those. James Dean, from America. Right then I find a Laurel and Hardy. Some people in America think these two people look like me and Mike. do you see yourself two yearse from now here at Antique Archeology I legitimately hate you. Check that Mike. All right, I’ll check that off. Oh my god. Mike and Frank. And he looks at it and he goes, ha, ha, ha, ha.

LtItaliangt I give you this poster as a gift. This is a present. Present This is a present. Oh. Amo Roba Gratis. Tell him I saw an old, uh, Banelli moped up here, Banelli. Mopeds are really hot right now. A lot of young guys are buying them, hipsters, I mean, they want the pedal starts stuff, the 70s Italian, you know, the lt gt, the Banelli. The father used this only to go to job and to come back. And it’s very brand new. ltItaliangt Just 758 km! Coming from a father of a lady, friends of him.

LtItaliangt I bought it only because she needed the money. I paid 250. I’m happy to sell it for what I paid. He bought this because Steno wanted to do a pleasure to this girl, because probably he’s in love with her, I don’t know. So he was doing her a favor buying this Yeah. If we can get this thing cheap, it’s like mint condition. Why not buy it 250. 250 Euros. Yes. Running, running. Okay, I’ll take it. This one. Yes. This one. This one. 250. I’ll take this one.

100. 100 100. 100 on that All of a sudden he goes, you know what You can have this one for 100. 100 on that one ltItaliangt So 250 for this one, but only 100 for that one 100! 100, man. I’ll take that for 100. I paid 100. 100 I’ll take it! Thank you. Graci, Steno. ltItaliangt Che affare. This is your war room ltItaliangt. The armed rooms. ltItaliangt You see this is American, Second World War. Yeah, Marines. Last, last World War. ltItaliangt Italian Colonel and SS. That lamp was a sign of the cinema Roma,.

He has the shape of the symbol of Fascism. Wow. This place is incredible. He’s got a lot of militaria, a lot of weapons, he’s got American stuff, he’s got Italian stuff, he’s got German stuff, a lot of stuff was from World War II. Oh, look at that. That’s cool. I see something in here that is not military related. ltItaliangt No, that one is an English welder mask. I’ve seen one of these leather masks one time in my life. A dealer years ago had one. And he told me if you ever see these things, buy them.

Because they’re extremely rare. I must ask. ltItaliangt. ltItaliangt I feel bad to sell it. ltItaliangt No, you don’t have to feel bad. He, he suffering, he’s suffering to sell it to. My heart. Tell him the money might make, might, will stop the hemorrhaging. The money will stop the hemorrhaging. ltItaliangt Hold some dollars over here. It will make your heart feel better. Fred is blowing it up today. He was really working for the 20 Euro. And I can appreciate that. I would like more money. Tell him to give me the, the crazy number price that you.

Don’t want, you know, what’s the crazy. How do you say ltItaliangt ltItaliangt number ltItaliangt Tell him an amount that you want. Go for it! Crazy price. ltItaliangt Shoot a price! Shoot a price! ltItaliangt The mask comes from England from the ’20s or ’30s. It’s a very interesting mask. I have never seen another one. ltItaliangt Oh. 500. 500 Euro 500 Euros is absolutely cool. Good price. Can I look Ready. Look, look, look. You want things that spark emotion and trigger your imagination. And this piece embodies all of that.

LtItaliangt Amazing. It looks like a mask from Star Trek. Stick it on your head. Yeah, put it on. You look really good right now, Mike. Good, Mike, good. Finally you shut up. I’m just trying to play with Steno a little bit. Show him that I’m really interested in it. Show him that I want to have fun with it. Look, the face of Mike. Completely black! Tell him now that I have a black face, I sacrifice my face.for 400 Euro. ltItaliangt He sacrificed his face that is also important.

For 400 Euro. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt 400 euro. Okay! 400! For 400 Euro, I got the mask, it’s only the second one I’ve ever seen. This is the kind of thing when you see it, it keeps you up at night. Really awesome item. We’re still paying him for his mouth, not his hands. lt gt, not for my hand is the money. Please. Load the van. Do your job. I am lt gt really that, I, I miss a little bit lt gt of them, because after two days with them beside, okay,.

I think that I have really rise a good friendship with them. Here, I’ll stick them up front. Yeah. I paid 400 Euro for the Medieval looking leather mask. I’m going to ask $1,500 US. This ship’s sign costs me a whopping 800 Euros, I’m looking to sell it for at least $1,500 US. No, Steno, no Steno. Steno, I got it, I got it, I got it. Ready Got it. I paid 2,800 Euro for these clover back leather club chairs. After shipping and taxes, I’m going to ask $6,000 US.

Steno. Ciao. Thank you so much. Thank you, buddy. Steno looked at things differently than a lot of collectors in America did, you know, and the things that he had really, um, captured your imagination. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. Thank you very much. And Fred was on his toes today. He was on his mark. It stinks that he can’t come out with us on some more picks. But he’s got a regular job. I won’t miss the 20 Euro an hour. But I’ll definitely miss him. You got to come to Nashville.

See you later. See you later. Thank you. Bye guys. Bye. ltItaliangt For me, life is a game. I look at other people and I always find them older than me even if they are younger. I basically still feel like a child. This way. Yeah. ltItaliangt Mike and Frank a bit similar. Sensed love and warmth when they were holding a piece and looking at it. Bye! Bye! ltItaliangt I found them exceptional people. The guys are on a shopping spree in Italy. And the more they buy, the more customs forms I have.

To fill out. I feel like my brains are going to leak out my eyeballs. I am totally under the gun right now, I am feeling so much pressure because I have to double and triple check everything on this paperwork, cause if it’s not perfect, everything can get held up at customers. My buddy, Flavio, found us another lead back in Rome. So we’re cruising over there. And on the way there, I’m blending in. Woo! Dude, how many cappuccinos is that for you today This Yeah, that’s like 5 or so.

It’s like 5 or 6. Those are like.Listen! Those, those are like 5 Euros apiece, that’s like 8 bucks a shot. We’re supposed to be cutting back. How much is that That’s 40 bucks worth of coffee you’ve had already. Woo! Cut back. Woo! We’ve got to do some scoring before can do some pouring. ltItaliangt Troppo cappuccino. ltlaughinggt You know what I’m saying That’s good. Did I come through on the Flavio lead You came through. Did I save the day or what You saved the day. Flavio is basically served as our Danielle over here in Rome.

The guy’s been chucking us leads left and right. All right, here’s the deal with this guy. All right. He’s been collecting for 60 years, Flavio said. Got that. That’s older than me. Okay He’s got like building after building full of stuff. He’s got excess stuff, but he said that he’s kind of trying to thin some of the stuff out, cause he’s getting older. He said this guy Dominico has worked with a lot of really famous Italian film directors. And he’s been doing art direction, prop rental. I’m really excited to go over to this place.

There it is. Oh yeah, this is it. Let me see if I can park right here. This looks good. All right, I got the flier. Don’t forget his daughter’s going to meet us here. Gotcha. This is perfect for us because Flavio’s daughter lives in Rome. And she is going to be the translator for us. Sorry I’m a bit late. Hi. Hey, are you Greta Yeah. Nice to meet you. Hey, good to see you. This is Frank. Nice to meet you. lt gt. Frank, the last time I saw her, she was 8 years old.

I’ve known Flavio for 13 years. And the last time I saw Greta, she was a little girl. I’m feeling a little bit old, but I’m glad she’s here to translate. Hello Wow, there’s all kinds of stuff in here. Look at him, Frank. The monkey Wow. When we walk into this place, it’s bizarro. It’s like the room of death. Check that out. Ooh boy. There’s a lot of antlers, taxidermy, dead stuff. It’s like walking into an Alfred Hitchcock movie. There’s somebody right there, Mike. Where Hey. ltItaliangt Hello.

Hello. We’re friends of Flavio. This is Flavio’s daughter. ltItaliangt Greta. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. I’m Mike. Frank. Frank. Nice to meet you. Right away I know we’re going to get along. He’s shorter than me. Finally I’m looking down at somebody. This is going to be a great pick. Bella. ltItaliangt They are very happy to be here and they would like to see your collection. ltItaliangt That’s good, that’s good. ltItaliangt I started collecting in 1954. We were the poorest family in town. Look at all the traps.

Early rat traps. ltItaliangt I was fond of any objects. Now if I had a rat that big in my house, I’m in trouble. ltItaliangt Then it became like a mission. I mean, I wanted to move stuff like Noah did saving as many items as possible from destruction. Ask him if it would be okay if he would have time to show us around ltItaliangt Si, si. Yes Can we go this way Okay. So Dominico tells us that the first stop is going to be the catacombs underneath the building.

Flavio hooked us up. Hooked us up. I’ve never been in Roman catacombs before. These things were built in the first century. And there’s miles of them that still exist underneath this city. This in here ltItaliangt Okay. Man. Frank. This is mole man. I’m having flashbacks from when we picked Mole Man in Pennsylvania. Oh my god. Where’d he go Where did he go Shouldn’t have had that extra bagel this morning. ltItaliangt Whoa! Uh oh. This is all underground I’m telling you. All of a sudden we’re staring to the tunnel to the left of us.

Wow. Tunnels to the right of us. And the best thing about them all, they’re all packed to the ceiling. Man, you got some stuff here, look at that. ltItaliangt Since 1954 I collect everything. This is overwhelming here. Si. Oh. Whoa. I see this really cool cast iron statue. It’s a harpy. It’s got the woman’s head, and the body of a bird. Dominico! ltItaliangt Do you need me Hey. Here I am, yes. Ah ha. Bella. ltItaliangt What did he say You have a great eye. You could see her pigtails, her wings, her claw feet,.

You never ever see anything like this for sale in America. ltItaliangt I got this statue in France, in Paris. It was above a palace from the 1800’s. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt It’s, uh, 1,500 Euros. 1,500 Euro Well it probably weighs 300 pounds. For me to pay that much, with shipping and the exchange on the dollar, it’s just too much. It’s difficult over here to figure things out in regards to what you can pay, because 1,500 dollars in Euro doesn’t sound like too much money. But you’re adding it all up, it’s like all of a sudden I’ve.

Got 3K in this thing, can I get 4 or 5K Heck no. You can’t do it. Tell him that I love it. ltItaliangt It used to be guilded in gold, but then it faded away. Tell him let’s get ltItaliangt, let’s get crazy. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt Two crazy guys, that’s right. 1,000 Euro. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt I’m suffering, but I’ll give it away. OK. It’s okay. Graci, graci, graci. I love this, I absolutely love this. I love this. That looks heavy. This thing is insane. This is incredible. This is a piece of art.

Man, this place just keeps on going. It does keep on going. We have got a long way to go to fill up this container, but Dominico’s seems like the kind of place we can do some damage. You’ve got all kinds of stuff. So Flavio told me that you used to be in the movies Si. Art direction Prop rental, prop master ltItaliangt They would tell me the period the film was set in and I gave the right props for that period. ltItaliangt Sometimes I was also an extra but I provided props.

To many of the best movies. From Fellini to Zefferelli, Tornatore. Really Fellini is bad to the bone. This is the guy that made La Dolce Vita. He is an international film legend. Oh my god. Frank look at this place. Look at all the frames and stuff. Wow. Wow. The place is laid out like a prop house. Everything is organized. You know, there’s pots. Different sections..and pans, picture frames, lighting, a lot of art, a lot of prints, a lot of paintings. Man, your dad was right. He’s got everything.

This guy is a serious hardcore collector. Oh look at the car, he’s got a car. Oh, look at all the umbrellas. Look at all the umbrellas. Wow. How many umbrellas does he have ltItaliangt ltItaliangt 3,200. Oh. Collectors all love to share their collections, because a lot of people don’t get it. They look at all this stuff and they’re like, you got 3, 000 umbrellas You know, cuckoo, you know, but I mean, we appreciate that stuff. ltItaliangt, what, what is this ltItaliangt This was for the driving school.

Here Frank, it’s like a cutout. ltItaliangt It’s the famous Fiat 500. It’s for the driving school. In order to get driving license. So you have to understand the mechanics of it before you get your license Not now, but in the past, yeah. Really In Italy, you actually had to learn how an internal combustion engine worked to get a license. Most Americans probably can’t even drive a stick. How old is this ltItaliangt ltItaliangt. 1955. ’55 Very cool. This is literally the anatomy of a classic. For somebody who likes cool cars,.

This could be their prized possession. I came here 13 years ago to buy Vespas and Fiats and I bought some killer stuff. But I’ve never seen anything like this. I mean, it’s really a piece of art. It’s incredible. We love anything transportation related. ltItaliangt. Yes, yes. Oh he likes it too. Yeah, I know, I bet, I know. ltItaliangt You understand me. Ask him, uh, what he values something like this. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt. Uh, about, uh, 3,000 Euros. 3,000 Euros Okay. I think we should let this one simmer.

Yeah, it’s an incredible piece. And if everything goes right today, we can come back to it. Plus, I want to see what else this guy has. All right, I’m going in. So we’re looking around and he has all these religious artifacts and a lot of macabre stuff, a lot of morbid stuff. And I’m telling him that I love this kind of stuff. Oh. What’s that Oh. Uh oh. Ah. Oh. The first thing I saw in there was the cast iron skull with the crossbones. Marble eyes. This thing’s incredible.

He doesn’t like it. Barely likes it. Nah, just. ltItaliangt. He saying you’re a lt gt lover. There’s an American fraternal organization called the Odd Fellows. And they have a ritual where they put a skeleton in front of you. And they say, this is what you will become the day you check out. This is why you have to make a difference now while you’re on earth. This is given me the same vibe as an Odd Fellows piece, but it’s not. But I don’t care. It’s cool. How much is that.

LtItaliangt ltItaliangt 250 Euros. This thing is old, you can see the aging process of the iron. I mean, this is awesome. Tell him I’m going to go crazy here. 200 Euro. Okay. Okay. Woo! All right. Very good. Woo! ltItaliangt They are too emotional. They make it too obvious that they love the objects. I’m too honest and I gave them a good deal. Hm. This is the music room. Wow. This is amazing. Every room has a theme, it’s like fantasy land. Oh my god, look at all these puppets.

This guy’s got like 60,000 items. Frank, what are you looking at What is this ltItaliangt My personal casket. It’s his coffin. This is your casket This is his Yeah. ltItaliangt since I love buttons. He loves buttons. So. ltItaliangt Casket decoration. decoration. Decorations. Okay. His decorations he’s got. Frank. Whoa. Wow. All right, he’s taking a cane, he’s taking a woodworker. He’s taking a drill and a chisel so he could get out afterwards. Get out, yeah. He’s like King Tut, he’s got everything in his coffin that he’s going to need.

Check it out, how much time you got left He had a picture of his mother, he had a picture of his father. ltItaliangt Instead of my wife. Who’s that ltItaliangt I put my ideal woman in there. ltItaliangt Imponente Tell him he has very good taste. ltItaliangt I do it to downplay death. Exorcising death by laughing at it. Death doesn’t bother me anymore. So why not live with it We’ve pretty much spent all day at Dominico’s prop house in Rome. And there’s still more to see. Ooh. Look at that.

How about this painting there, with the gentleman on the motorcycle This piece is incredible. It’s a guy on a motorcycle, single cylinder, this is such a high quality detailed painting that looks like a photograph. ltItaliangt ltItaliangt 300 Euros. 300 Euros Yeah. It’s cracked. It’s got a crack down the center, there’s some damage to it. But subject matter incredible. Tell him I’ll do 250 Euro for that taillight and, uh, license plate as well. I see the whole taillight assembly with the license plate. It says Roma. Early. 250 for this and that.

Imagine going back in time 60 years ago in Italy. When you could buy stuff. Wow. When you could buy stuff. Exactly. When there was so much of it. Yeah, the stuff that you could find back then, we’re seeing stuff that you can’t find anymore. ltItaliangt E250 for this one and the license plate. Okay. Bella. Bella! Bella! Woo! Frank, check this hat out. What you got Excelsior. I pull out the Excelsior hat. You know, it’s a little cap, it says Excelsior. I collect Excelsior motorcycles, I know this isn’t.

Connected to motorcycles. But it still has Excelsior on it. I tell you what’s up. I’ve been thinking about that Fiat Cutaway. Yeah, for three grand. I don’t know, I mean, what do you think Well, 3 grand, what’s that 4,000 bucks If we can get it for a less price. So you’re going to kick in the Barbarossa gigolo Roughly translated, the Barbarossa gigolo is the bearded charmer. If we can get this Fiat cutaway, we’re going to be living La Dolce Vita. Or La Vida Loca. That’s, that’s Spanish.

Try it again, throw that in too, here, take it. What, you want me to do a nibble So we go back to the cutaway car, I’m really interested in this. I’ve been thinking about this, what’s his bottom price ltItaliangt ltItaliangt It would be like giving away a piece of my heart. Even though we couldn’t speak the language, you could understand he was very passionate about the cutaway. You can tell it through his expressions of his face, you can almost figure out what he’s saying. ltItaliangt This one is beautiful.

I’ll tell you what I was thinking 1, 500 and throw in the hat. He likes the hat. ltItaliangt I love lt gt, I love the hat. ltItaliangt The hat is a present, but this is 2,000 Euros. Yeah. Ah, thank you. Graci, graci. I’m stuck at 1,500 Euro. You know, I explained to him we have the shipping and the tax and this is kind of a big item to get back to America. I got to be able to make some money and you know, I’m just so far away.

LtItaliangt This is like a son for me and I’m giving it to them for adoption. There’s a big pause here. I’m like, what’s happening ltItaliangt What did he say He said okay. He’ll take it Ah! All right. Thank you. Ah. Graci. So we got a car in Italy after all. You know what I feel so great, I don’t mind giving Dominico a kiss. You’ve been, you’ve been in Italy too long. Could be. And I love this. I love this. And you’re not actually supposed to kiss them,.

You’re supposed to go.ltkissinggt Oh really Yeah, you’re like this. Oh you just make the sound effect You just, yeah, you just, you touch cheek, you’re like ltkissinggt. Oh, the whole time I’ve been going like this. ltkissing handgt I know. That’s what I’m saying. Wow. Maybe that’s why you’re getting all the good deals. I paid 1,500 Euros for the cutaway car, I think I can get 4,000 bucks for it back in the states. Always kiss it. Say goodbye. I paid 1,000 Euro for the Harpy statue. That’s about $1,300 US.

I’m going to ask 3,200. All right. I paid 200 Euro for the cast iron skull and crossbones, that’s like 260 American. I’m going to ask 525. Graci. Thank you so much. Graci. Ciao. Thank you so much for letting. It was so cool to listen to Dominico talk about all of these things that he’s surrounded himself with his whole life. Even buttons, or umbrellas. You know, if you take the time and you see things through his eyes, everything is beautiful. Tell your dad I’ll call him about the shipping.

Okay. And tell, tell him, can you tell it was an honor ltItaliangt The day was beautiful, because I shared the joy of owning these pieces with other people who have the same sensitivity that I do. It’s like eating with friends, eating all together. Dominico! Ciao! Bye! Bye! I’ve been filling out an ocean full of U.S., customs sheets for two days. All right. You did it Emily, I thought I wouldn’t finish this until tomorrow. That’s awesome. I am finally finished with this paperwork and I know the guys.

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