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Best Seed Catalogs of 2013 for Home Gardeners

This is john kohler with growing your greens dot com, today we have another exciting episode for you and this is one i know many of you guys have been waiting for.This is the two thousand and thirteen seed catalog throw down! so what i’m going to do is actually share all the seed catalogs i got sent to me this year and note there’s most of the good ones i got and yeah there’s a few companies that probably didn’t get there seed catalogs so you guys need to put me on the mail list and send them to me next year so it’ll be.

There.Next years seed catalog roundup.In any case i didn’t do a seed catalog round up last year because i was actually too busy growing food and then making a tutorial for you guys plus i don’t think i got a lot of the catalogs.But this time were back in full force.So the first thing i want to say is i personally believe it’s always best and least expensive to start your plants from seeds instead of buying the little transplants or the stars at a local nursery or big box store.That.

Being said if you are a new gardener, right, if you’re a newb and i know you guys are out there, if you’re a newb i highly encourage you guys to buy a lot of your own plant starts because this will ensure your greater success in the long run, and i want you guys to build on your successes.You know if you’re a newb and you want to save some money i encourage you maybe to at least buy half your plant starts that are healthy.You know, from a local nursery or big box store, plant those out because now you’ll.

Know you can at least have half your stuff have a fairly good chance of surviving and then the other half, buy some seeds and start them yourself.Because they are a lot more inexpensive to do this way, plus when you grow your own and buy some of these seeds from a seed catalogs that i’m going to share with you guys.You have a lot more options, because you know if you go to a standard big box store they might have five or ten varieties of tomatoes to buy.But any of these catalogs there are literally hundred of these varieties.

Of tomatoes to choose from and that’s the same with something more exotic and different type crops that i talk about in my show.You can’t literally find them anywhere to buy the plant starts, so you got to start the seeds yourself.So that’s number one.Number two i want to talk about the method the seeds are grown and this can kind of get really lengthy here but i’m going to try and keep this short for you guys.So i know many of you guys might organic food, you know that you buy at your local health food store.

Or what not because you know you don’t want to purchase foods that are prayed with pesticides, and fungicides and herbicides, which may lead to suicide.And further more a lot of conventional agriculture doesn’t have the highest and isn’t grown the highest quality foods.Now unfortunately not all seeds are available organically.So if you want purple atomic carrots, you may not be able to find them organic.So does that mean, oh if i can’t find the organic seed for purple carrots then i’m not going to grow them at all.

Well i don’t want you to throw the baby out with the bath water i always encourage you guys to do the best that you can, and find the most unique and rare varieties.Right, and even if you have to buy them and there not certified organic, they may or they may not be, but if there not certified take them, grow them out and save your own seeds.So now you’ll have a good organic stock to grow from and use your seed over and over again.So many of these seeds you can grow once and then save them the following year.

And keep growing them.Now that being said this opens a whole new can of worms to talk about next which is open pollinated verse hybridized verses gmo.Do i dare say gmo on my show well number one we’re not going to talk about gmo, i do not recommend in any way, shape or form you actually grow gmo crops or even eat them.Unfortunately is you guys are eating a lot of packaged processed food with a lot of different ingredients like corn syrup, and high fructose corn syrup and corn.

Meal that’s not organic, you know you guys are consuming foods that are gmo crops.I don’t recommend you guys do that.So ditch the gmo, i will not be talking about the gmo crops in any of these seed catalogs today so that leaves us with open pollinated and hybrid.So what’s the difference between open pollinated and hybrid, because you’ll see that in these seed catalogs.Sometimes it will say hybrid and sometimes it will say f1 after the name, what that means is it’s a hybrid.So that.

Means if you grow that plant and you buy the seeds for cherry tomatoes that are hybrid f1 you grow that cherry tomato and then the next year you save the cherry tomato seeds and you plant them again your not going to get the same exact variety of cherry tomato.You might, but chances are your going to get a little bit different because the hybrid seeds don’t breed true.Now that’s the hybrid.Now does john say, don’t grow hybrids, man, there genetically modified! no hybrids are not genetically modified they just wont.

Breed true.Nothing really wrong with them there bred with certain characteristics and you could breed those characteristics out of the hybrid seeds back into the normal seed if you grow those seeds out for like six or seven generations.You’ll have a stable nonhybridized version of that hybrid.I encourage everybody to do that so we can grow non hybrid versions of the hybrids and they’ll be able to pollinate by that point.So that’s the hybrids.The next thing were going to talk about is open pollinated.What does open pollinated means it means if you grow dinosaur kale.

And its open pollinated seed then you save your seeds and grow it again provided it’s not cross pollinated with some other plants in your garden and then you save the seed.Then you will have the exact same plant year after year after year this way you’ll be able to save your seeds and be sure that you’re going to get what you grew the year before.I personally like the genetic roulette of growing hybrids of letting seeds drop and seeing what happens because that’s how new varieties are invented and your new variety.

May be better or unfortunately worse then the variety you originally started with.So i approve of all open pollinated and hybrid seeds, i don’t approve of gmo seeds.I know there are things that you may here about are the air loom seeds.Air loom seeds are open pollinated seed that have been passed down from generation to generation to generation.You know are basically from older times and not from modern breeding programs.Not to say modern breeding programs aren’t good seed but the air loom seeds have more of a.

History and people have developed these seeds over time to have certain characteristics in them.For example some of these characteristics could be growing certain crops to over winter in upstate new york.Which actually we will talk about in a little bit.So you live in new york you will want to buy air loom open pollinated seeds from your specific area or your climate zone because those are the seeds more accumulated to your climate.So that enough about my spiel about some of the terms because there are a lot more but.

Were not going to go over them, those are the main ones you need to know.Whether there conventional or organic i always encourage you guys to buy organic if available if not that’s alright get the conventional, but oh i did mention this.But in all cases you want to get untreated seeds.Some seeds you may buy may look like there fluorescent colors and different colors like that and that’s basically some treated seeds that have chemicals on them.I don’t encourage you guys to growing treated seeds unless you can’t find the.

Seed any other way but then i encourage you to search harder for the varieties you want to grow.Then to sum it up i think that open pollinated or hybrid f1, are ok to grow, but i personally prefer open pollinated, but i’m not going to say oh! it’s a hybrid i’m not growing it! because hybrids have been you know bred to have certain characteristics in them, nothing wrong with them just because they won’t breed true.You’ll still get some amazing fruits or vegetables out of them.Ok so on.

With the catalog seed throw down! stage number one of this seed catalog throw down is we’re going to go over each of the seed catalogs i’m going to give you kind of my take on it plus a thumb up or down on it in general.At the end after we go through all the seed catalogs then i will share with you my top favorite six seed catalogs of 2013.First we got the gurney seed catalog, now gurney is a big seed and nursery company they have a couple websites they always have a promotion like fifty percent off one item.

Or twenty five dollars off your fifty dollar purchase which is fifty percent off.Which sounds enticing like i’m going to save a lot of money but the problem is basically in my opinion is gurneys prices are over inflated by fifty percent.So when you get the fifty percent off coupon you’re getting the things at regular prices.Now yeah occasionally you’ll find a pretty good deal using the fifty percent off or coupon deal i have but in most cases there prices are over inflated so i’m going to go ahead and give it a thumbs down.

Next we have the pine trees garden seeds, this is at super seeds dot com, is the website, now i’d like the pine tree from the first time i ordered from this year for some seeds i couldn’t find anywhere else.Or i could find them but they had the better pricing, so i ordered them from them, now lets see if i could find those in here.They were actually were called, right here, there called typhoon holland green forty two days.This is a leafy green that grows relatively quickly and you could be eating out of your garden instead.

Of the grocery store that much sooner.So here’s the little blurb on it.If you would like to feed an army from the area and size of a coffee table this may be the vegetable for you.This is a cross between chinese cabbage and turnips the greens mature very rapidly to a couple of feet and can be cut early and often during the growing season unlike other greens typhoon holland green contains no mustard oil so the flavor is very mild.So that’s two hundred seeds for a dollar thirty five.That’s what i like about this catalog, you.

Know it tells you how many seeds for the price and in most cases the seeds are under a penny each and sometimes even less than that.Here’s one, arugala five hundred seeds for a dollar thirty five.This is definitely really good you don’t get a lot of seeds but for the home garden this is really nice.The other thing was they shipped things to me really fast and they have a few uncommon things, but they have a lot of common things to.Heres one right here, malo kia, malo hikia, and that’s what i call egyptian spinach.So.

This is a very nutritious, probably the most nutritious green to grow, even over above kale, which we all know is one of the most nutritious greens or people think that.Egyptian spinach blows that stuff away.So on the pine tree garden seed catalog i definitely have to give it a thumbs up.Next this is called the turtle tree seeds.So this is turtle tree bio initiative there at turtle tree dot org.Now lets see, the turtle tree seed, don’t let this, it’s a half catalog size fool you there’s basically.

Only a few pictures and they’ve got basic subscriptions but what’s really cool is they sell organic and biodynamic seeds.And that really impressive i don’t think any other catalog grows biodynamic seeds.So what does this mean biodynamic seeds basically means you should be getting a higher quality seed then other seeds when there grown without chemicals and all this other stuff.The other thing that’s really cool about the turtle tree seed is that literally in the front of this they have a little system where they give two letters to each farm that grew seeds.You could look up sf means summer field farm.

Perry heart california began biodynamic practices in 1997 and it tells what they grow, where there located, there season dates, there elevation and latitude and what kind of soil they have.If you live in perry heart california or somewhere in that area or even the geographic region, right, you’re probably going to want to buy those seeds from that farm, because there going to do really good for you.Here’s one in philadelphia community farm, in verna cregs wisconsin.They have farms from all over the country in this little seed catalog.

So i really like this about this seed catalog.In addition they have some rare varieties that you know do well for you because they’ve been naturalized in your specific climate.So here’s one that’s really cool corn salad new york hardy, it says fifty days, also known as lambs letters or mosh, and i love the corn salad.It’s the most delicious winter green salad there is, mild and nutty with an aromatic finish, this wintergreen has long been treasured in europe and is now finding a falling in the us.This green was.

Given to us by henryg holdergev of the nature institute new york.Hardy is the hardiest variety we’ve come across it has over winter, uncovered outdoors here in upstate new york for the last sixteen years, planting greenhouses in outdoors spring to mid fall.So if you live in upstate new york or that geographic region you can grow some corn salad that will over winter in your garden without protection.So that’s amazing.That is the power of this little seed company right here and another really cool specialty green that i know you guys may have been trying to find, the miners lettuce.So i like growing.

The miner’s lettuce and its native to the american northwest, and anywhere in the northwest, even california, where i grow it.It grows really well it’s an excellent, tasty green, edible, leafy green to be growing.It’s what the miners who came to california to strike gold that’s what they were eating, because there wasn’t any farming when they got to california.So yes, turtle tree seeds, definitely have to give them a thumb up.Next we got this one right here, nec.Nec dot com, i like this catalog it’s a nice.

Full color catalog laid out fairly well.One of the things i like every different catalog has pros and cons.Some of the things about this catalog i don’t know depending on the seed the prices tend to be a little higher than others, but one of the things i like about this, is it has some rare varieties from italy.So they have a lot of italian seeds, if you have an italian heritage and you want to grow some real italian vegetables that come in italian seed packets well you better be able to read italian, well they.

Have english translations.But you want to get this catalog.So i like that, you can’t say oh you just got to order the seeds from one catalog because you know they have everything.Unfortunately there is no one seed catalog that has every seed in the world, you to kind of pick and choose.One seed catalog might have this one and might have that one you want.So you know i like this seed catalog for that reason.Plus it has really nice pictures and it’s laid out really nicely.So yes, have to give.

The nec a good ole thumb up.Next! osborne seed company llc.So the osborne seed company is a new company that i actually ordered from this year and what they do is they mainly sell to farmers.The people who are going to grow the crops to resale and they will also sell to home gardeners but the thing with them is that they sell in larger seed quantities.So if you have like a small garden you’re maybe going to want to go with pine tree because they sell small packets.This you have to buy an ounce of seed at a.

Time or even larger.For me in some instances if i’m going to seed a whole bed, direct seed like mosh or some other kinds of greens where i don’t care.I’m just going to dump seeds out this is an inexpensive way to buy seeds in bulk.Actually i think i bought some mosh seeds from them in bulk so i could just sprinkle them all out and just let the rains rain on the seeds and see what happens.So its kind of fun to experiment with, so lets see i guess they do have a lot of hybrid seeds, some organic.

Seeds, and most of the seeds i believe are untreated and yeah they have a pretty good layout in there catalog as well.So osborne seeds i’m going to have to give a thumbs up as well.Next over to stoke seeds.Stoke seeds is stoke seeds dot com, is there website and this is a gmo free catalog so i like that a lot and it’s been quality seeds since 1881.This stoke seed catalog to me is just really nothing super spectacular.I mean its pretty cool, it’s got nice colored pictures and what.

Not.You know they sell things by the packet by the ounce, by the quarter pound by the pound by the five pound.So that’s pretty cool, i mean i can’t say anything super bad about stokes.I really particularly like it, i guess i’ll be nice and give it a thumbs up.Next, let’s get to johnny’s.Johnny’s is one of my favorite seed catalogs because it definitely one of the best for the pictures.They have really nice pictures in there now johnny’s basically focuses on selling to farmers but they will also sell to the home growers they sell seed by the packet also.

In bulk and if you get them in bulk you get better pricing.Actually split them up if you have a whole bunch of friends and neighbors buy the seeds in a larger packet divided you’ll get a better deal then if you buy a few smaller packs.The reason i like johnny’s is besides the nice pictures here, they have a section of seeds for sale which is really cool they also have a section for growing micro greens which is really cool.Here is actually the micro greens pages right here, this is really cool.They also have organic and non organic.

Versions, and hybrid and open pollination varieties.Pretty much to sum it up i pretty much like the johnnys seed catalog i’d give it a thumbs up.Alright next we’re down to jungs seeds and plants.So in jungs seed and plants catalog this is a company i guess that been around for a long time this kind of reminds you of gurneys catalog without the special deals with a little bit lower pricing.Without all the scammy raise the price fifty percent to get a coupon to get fifty percent.That being.

Said some of the reviews online for the jungs seed catalog besides seeds they sell the plants, they sell more plants then the seeds alone.They do carry a few of the harder to find varieties, i’m not super impressed there prices aren’t the best either, i’m going to have to give it a thumbs down.Next oh that’s cool, let’s go to fed co.So fed co seeds, if you like johnny’s seed catalog and kind of what they have then you’re going to like fed co even more.While i don’t practically care for the catalog it’s printed.

On news print and its black and white, it’s not super shiny or super special or nothing but they have some cool illustrations and what not.Kind of like old timey ish.But what i like about fed co is that they sell to the farmers and they’ll sale to you guys at home and probably the one thing i like about fed co over johnny’s is that in general they have lower prices.Plus it really irks me that all of these seed companies charge shipping and it can be pretty expensive on a seed order because seeds they don’t weigh.

Much.One of the things i like about fed co is that if you do order seeds alone on your order and you order over fifty dollars, let me tell you it isn’t hard to do, then you get free shipping.So i like that a lot.In general they have a pretty good selection like johnnies but lower prices as well, although the catalog isn’t as fancy.So what you might want to do is get the johnny’s and the fed co and look at the nice pictures of johnny’s see the greens what they look like, see the plants.

And then go to fed co and order them.But don’t tell johnny’s i told you that.So yeah, fed co definitely good company as well, going to go ahead and give them the big thumbs up.Next southern exposure seed exchange.Now i’ve seen the southern exposure people at different events i attend when they have there seed racks and everything and they are really nice people.I like there catalog to they have unique varieties you can’t find and they got nice newsprint catalog with colored pictures.Wow this looks cool.Damons morgan’s kentucky butchered corn, and wow all different.

Kinds of colors.So they have some pretty rare varieties, i don’t know i think it’s a pretty cool catalog.They have new zealand spinach which a good summer spinach which is high in acidic which i don’t care for too much.They have red malabar spanish which actually i like much more than new zealand.Overall i’d give the southern seed exchange a thumbs up and its southern seed exchange dot com is there website.Next lets get down to the grand daddy of seed catalogs.This over all the other seed catalogs.

That i’ve talked about so far is the prettiest seed catalog, and any body would love to see this on the coffee table.This is the kind of book where you could open up to any page and they have excellent colored pictures and colored pictures of the actual crop your going to be able to grow and besides that they have it chalk full of information.They’ll have a recipe scattered here once in a while, they’ll also have a big section in the front what is a gmo.If you don’t know what a gmo is you definitely just want to get this catalog.

To be fully informed.The baker creek seed company has a seed pledge and actually i’ve purchased from them many times in the past, there website is very simple its rare seeds dot com.So the baker’s creek seed company, oh here’s even an article on five steps to save your tomato seed.So not only are they selling you seeds, they are teaching you how to save them so you don’t have to buy them again next year.They have all different kinds of varieties like over eleven hundred easily maybe twelve hundred.

Varieties.They have a cool one actually that’s december green called strawberry spinach.So this is related to the lamb’s quarters it’s the leaves you can’t eat but makes spinach berries.Now there not like strawberries, there like seed pods that are red and they don’t have too much of a flavor but there unique and interesting curiosity.I grew them once and they didn’t come back again, maybe i’ll grow them again this year.But they have a lot of cool seeds in here that you got to check out, plus the pictures in here.

Kick some royal butt.So yes, rare seeds dot com, bakers creek thumbs up.Alright onto the next one! the next one is natural gardening company, one of the things on the tagline is says oldest certified organic nursery in the us.That’s impressive, what’s not impressive is there catalog, there catalog is while it’s cool and laid out well there prices aren’t the best, the selection isn’t too good.They do have mostly organic seeds in here.One of the nicest things is that this company will also sell you the plants.

Directly, so if you don’t want to germinate the seeds yourself they will sell you healthy plant starts by the dozen and ship them to you.That’s cool, watermelon radish.They have a lot of pictures in there.Overall i have to give the natural gardening company a thumbs down just kind of over priced, not a wide selection, nothing unique, new or different.Alright next catalog, right here, this is the bountiful gardens catalog its bountiful gardens dot org.While it’s a non profit organization not only do i like organizations.

I like how they sell seeds to keep there organization funded.They continue the good work there going to do.So the bountiful gardens catalog is actually from john jevins and his organization to teach biointensive farming.Which is very similar and has a lot of cross over with the sort of gardening that i do.One of the nice things in this catalog is that they share the biointensive farming plant spacing because if you pick up any back of the pack there not talking about the spacing for your home garden, there talking about spacing for the.

Field.People growing it in the field to be in a farming.When your growing it in your back yard whether its in a container like i am here, or raised beds in the back there, you can plant things in a lot tighter density.Especially if you have the good soil in there.So the bountiful garden, the reason why i like them besides being a non profit, there catalogs pretty basic its just basically on a news print but it has good color photos and they have a lot of exotic and unique varieties you can’t.

Find anywhere else.Heres one right here, it’s called low acid spinach, monopa fifty days, for years this was one of most popular vegetables and we imported the seed from england.When the seed became unavailable and we have been working with small growers ever since to grow this in the us.We are now happy to say we have a good supply, certified organic, wonderful mild flavor, sweet and tender spinach lowest auxaic acid content of any variety.Which means not only great flavor but the iron and calcium in the leaves is more available.

So yeah that’s definitely one of the seeds i want to get this year so if you have any, hey send me a couple of seeds.But yeah they have all kinds of cool stuff, the egyptian spinach and a lot of other cool varieties.In addition to those you guys are looking to grow oil seeds or compost crops they have sections of those, they have oil seeds, compost crops as well.Grains and fiber crops, and they sell a hand frank oil press imported form europe.That’s definitely a cool device to press your own seed oils out of it.Also.

They have a whole lot of different herb and what not and organic growing paraphernalia in here.So yes definitely have to give bountiful gardens a thumbs up.Next up, were getting down to the end here, kitizaowa seed company is next here that is kitazawa seed dot com.This is a standard catalog it has two colors green and black and they have a few pictures, now the reason why i like the kitizawa seed catalogs number one there from the bay area which is really cool, it’s a family owned business.Number.

Two they offer you asian vegetable seeds.So some of these seeds are not your stand american you’re probably never going to see these unless you have gone into an asian market to buy your greens and vegetables in there.I like the ethnic vegetables wherever they come from, we want to create genetic diversity in our garden and grow some things that are from asia or italy and see what’s going to do best in your neck of the woods.I like this a lot.So one of the coolest things is in this catalog besides all the different.

Varieties is they have an edible flower mixture.So all the seeds in this packet are edible, so throw them out it will grow a bunch of flowers and yes you can eat them all.So yes thumbs up for kitazawa seeds.I think this is our last official seed savers catalog, seed savers 2013 catalog of open pollinated and air loom seeds, books and gifts.I definitely like the seed saves catalog, once again while they do have a lot of more common varieties they have some really unique varieties that you’re probably not going.

To find anywhere else.Heres a little section in the middle here that we could open up and heres one old timey blue color, donated to seed savers exchange in 1989 by ralph black well of alabama in his donation letter.Ralph describes how this variety has been growing in his family for over a hundred years.Ralph has since passed away but this variety is still being grown by his brother barry, who says the family preferred this color over other varieties and always planted it in the fall after the flavor sweetened after the.

Frost.Ralph and barrys mother ira would use the leaves to make dish soap similar to sour kraut.The plants to grow two feet tall, broad blue green leaves, with ungluing margins and purple stems, aims at very good eating qualities.So i mean i’ve never heard of that variety of collards before and i think i even want to grow that one, purple collards.But yeah there are all different kinds of airloom varieties, some of them even have like little write ups.Heres one called the collier cucumber.Hey.

Maybe i need to grow that.That’s a nice little white cucumber there, but yes i definitely have to give the big thumbs up to seed savers exchange.Two more catalogs to go over.Number one, one green world and this is one green world dot com.Now this is not necessarily a seed catalog this is a plant and tree and fruit tree catalog and this gets special mention.I have ordered from them before, i have visited there facilities to see it, and you know this is the fruit tree catalog you want over all.

Others.Why because your not just going to find regular apricots your going to find cool unique fruit trees that are like from siberia, and all over the world.That are going to do well in your climate, especially if you live not in california.When you get cold over there in the winter and stuff.They have a hardier fruit trees that are going to produce for you delicious fruits while some of these fruits are not as sweet as there modern counter parts there rich in nutrition.There more resistant then standard fruit trees of there.

Kind.So for that reason i really encourage you guys to check this catalog out you can visit there website, youll learn just reading this catalog and get an education on some of the cool fruit varieties.So yes thumbs up on the one green world.Last catalog we got here is not a plant or a seed catalog, this is the gardeners supply catalog.So its gardeners dot com.So while they don’t sell seeds or plants they sell, its cool unique and any kinds of products that will let you grow more food at home.

They have all different kinds of raised bed kits and lighting kits.And while some of the prices are really expensive, this may give you ideas on how you can create your own or do something very similar to what there doing for less money.So you have to give the gardeners supply catalogs a thumbs up.Next were going to share with you my six favorite catlogs of 2013.So if you don’t get any of the others you have to get these.Number 6 johnnys select seeds.I really love there catalog its beautiful, nice pictures, they.

Have a wide selection, maybe they cost a bit more than some other ones, but its also packed with information.Just getting this seed catalog and reading through each and every page you’ll learn about the wide varieties of plants, plus learn about micro greens the seeds and all kinds of different things.So yeah, number six, there at johnnys seeds dot com.Next five seed savers exchange.We just talked about this, i like the catalog the full color pictures.The thing i want to buy in here is the caterpillar plant, it makes these fruit.

Things that look like caterpillars and you can put them in a salad and really freak some people out when there going to do salad.So yes.Number five seed savers exchange, there website is seed savers dot org.Alright number four is turtle tree seeds.We talked about this earlier, there website is turtle tree seed dot org.I like them because biodynamic but more importantly they specific the farm your seeds came from, so now you can know the farmer, the elevation, where specifically there growing and if your growing.

In that area to those seeds are the ones your going to want to buy for the highest level of success.So yes, number four turtle tree seeds.Down to number three, number three is fed co.I like fed co more than johnny’s, i don’t particularly care for the black and white catalog that’s pretty much non descriptive, but i do like there prices and that they offer free shipping over fifty dollars of seeds a load.So the website for fed co is fed co seeds dot com.Alright down to number two, number two favorite seed catalog is bakers creek air loom seeds.

I love bakers creek a lot, this catalog is the most beautiful catalog.Plus they have a wide variety of things to grow, actually here’s one the jelly melon, your going to need a nice long season to be successful with the jelly melons.They have a wide variety of plants and the catalog is just beautiful, you can order the catalog at rare seeds dot com.The top catalog of the year, for me anyway is the 2013 bountiful gardens catalog.Now once again i like bountiful gardens because they have rare varieties in seeds that you literally can’t find anywhere else plus.

You’re supporting a nonprofit organization to help people grow more food all over the world, literally.So that’s why i like them not only there philanthropic aspects but they also have a lot of different seeds.You want to check out there website and there seed catalog at bountiful gardens dot org.It’s getting dark, i have to get going, i got dinner waiting inside and i got to get going other things to do in the garden.In any case i hope you guys enjoy this episode, 2013 seed catalog throw down, sharing with.

You, my thumbs up or thumbs down on the seed catalogs plus, my top favorite six catalogs.That you got to get to grow wide variety in your garden.So overall else i want to encourage you guys to grow diversity, diversity is the key to success to the key to beauty in life.You’ll find out which ones you like to grow better and which ones you like to eat better.So once you find that out you’ll want to grow the ones that do the best and taste the.

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Shipping container divider wall,This insta shipping container divider wall was a huge hit when it was introduced at the npsa show in las vegas and won the best product in show award. Shipping container house ceiling construction,Shipping container house ceiling construction ebook buildshippingcontainerhouse blog containerhousewordpress.

Habitat For Humanity Builds Shipping Container House

Habitat for humanity builds shipping container house,Cincinnati sydney benter the tiny house movement has some new competition and it looks like it fell right off the back of a train habitat for humanity has. Amazing shipping container homes old lady house by adam kalkin,Amazing shipping container homes old lady house by adam kalkindigitaltrendshomefifteenamazingshippingcontainerhomes5 location. Shipping container house installing a large window,Shipping container house installing a large window ebook buildshippingcontainerhouse blog containerhousewordpress.

Exterior in the containerbuilt home stormready house in st petersburg fl bob vila eps3004,Related home renovation the exteriorbobvilaarticles2074homerenovationtheexteriorpages1 home sweet container. Costa mesa waldorf school is made from 32 recycled shipping containers,Costa mesa waldorf school is made from 32 recycled shipping containers waldorf schools and shipping container buildings are two of our favorite things. Design options for containerbuilt homes,Bob talks with david cross from tampa armature works cross reviews the versatility of designing houses with shipping containers both traditional and.

Installing ceiling part b,Continuing installing fiber cement sheeting for the shipping container ceiling. S1e46 shipping container arrival the notsotiny tiny house on wheels,Current build cost 2069470 building the hermstead my gridoffgrid writers retreat and permaculture farm i hope to help evolve the perceptions of tiny living. Framing out a shipping container0mov,Containerhomesnet has a new tutorial about framing out a shipping container home. Shipping container tour ii walls insulation,Container progress as of april 28th 2013 walls are near complete as well as insulation next up will be the front window as well as paintingtrimming the walls.

Cutting the door rough opening in the shipping container house,Used a miller spectrum 625 plasma cutter to cut the first opening in the shipping container for the patio door. How to install drywall modular home bob vila eps2703,For more bob vila howtos visitbobvila for quick tips and project related modular homes a rising industry. Installation view for container house china lida,Steven chen ksa manager china 008613869829462 ksa 00966548943324 email stevenlidajituan this is steven from lida steel structure china.

Its conex box day steel storage shipping container delivery,My brother paul and i got a deal on 4 shipping containers we each got 2 these units are all brand new and were loaded up for 1 trip from china to newark nj. The future of building with steel shipping containers,Bob talks with david cross formerly of tampa armature works about the future of home construction with steel shipping containers.

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