Shipping Container Home Builders Ontario

MUSIC Housing is a critical component of a U.S. economic recovery. We know housing provides jobs and it provides additional tax revenues. MUSIC The National Association of Home Builders is a trade association. It represents the home builders across the entire United States. Our customers at NAHB run the gamut of virtual every component of the U.S. economy. Certainly we serve our members, the members that belong to our organization, the homebuilders and remodelers of the U.S. MUSIC We also serve the public. We want to be able to provide them the best information we can.

In terms of what’s going on in housing, what’s going to happen in housing and what’s happening in their particular community. MUSIC The most important ingredient in any data is its accuracy. So we judge the use of our data on the basis of how accurate and how credible it is. We use data from the U.S. Census Bureau because it is accurate, it is collected in a scientific matter, we know we can trust it and it’s done the same way everywhere. One small community’s housing market is completely different.

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