Shipping Container Home Atlanta

Let me show you around the ship Compass Deck radar scanners, and the funnel back there. antennas everywhere. antennas. antennas. Heading down into the bridge The ship has a computer system which connects all the essential machinery and equipment together.

Most important equipment of course is the coffee machine We also coordinate all the ship activities from here, so literally we are in the command center of the ship. Aye aye Captain! The accomodation has many floors All of them have some cabins and facilities. To get around we can use the elevator or we use the.

Stairs. our ship has nine floors which we call decks. the higher ranking officer lives in the upper decks, the crew lives in the lower decks. Follow me and I’ll show you around each deck. This is a standard size cabin, we have our own fridge, a queen size bed, a couch, a coffee table our own bathroom, a desk, computer is not included. Some facilities we have our Karaoke Room.

Library Recreation Room Ping pong room A Basketball court Mini Gym Two laundry rooms and two drying rooms.

Bonded store Why is the rum always gone? Vegetable room Meat room Fish room Cook: My goodness.

Galley This is our duty messroom Here we have the officer’s messroom The officer’s pantry Into the galley again, this is our chief cook His cooking oil / sauces, and on the left side here we have his cooking equipment.

This is the crew’s pantry And lastly, the crew’s messroom And outside here is the lifeboat Conference room Ship’s Office Emergency Headquarters.

Changing locker And now i’ll bring you guys out to the main deck Moving towards the aft we have the aft station The big drums are hydraulic mooring winches And the small round blocks are bollards and bits Here you can see the wash from our propellers.

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