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I’m at Faith’s home with Andrew and Faith. Andrew is here for 3 months, and is living in this little paradise that Faith is sharing with him. They found each other on Sabbatical Homes and I am just delighted to know that they’re very happy, both of them are very happy, they are actually behind the camera right now, and looking at me with big smiles. Sabbatical Homes brought me a tenant in whom I have complete confidence. He told me everything I needed to know before he arrived. He paid up very promptly, which is greatly to everyone’s.

Advantage, and I feel totally confident. And I think I couldn’t have done it through any other medium than your website. First of all, it brought me a wonderful range of possibilities, most of all, it brought me this place, which is so beautiful and so perfect for my purposes, which is writing. Because it’s peaceful and quiet and beautiful and it brought me the security of knowing that the person from whom I’m renting is dependable, and legitimate, and nice to be with! Not that we spend much time together, I don’t.

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