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Hello tiny house fans! this year has been absolutely amazing and I have really enjoyed seeking out so many unique spaces to show you. With the year now coming to a close I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity to share with.

You my five favorite living big tiny houses of 2016. First up at number five we have Oli and Holly’s incredible tiny house on wheels. This is a home filled with quirky, unique features and clever spatial design.

The home is light, open and tasteful plus who can forget that epic climbing wall to access the lounge loft? Not a bad place to call home. The number4 spot goes to the magical gypsy vardo wagon of performing artist Frency.

This stunning caravan is filled with character as well as art and cherished contributions from her many creative friends. This ultra tiny and super portable home is perfect for this fiery and nomadic spirit. If you’re searching.

For the ultimate futuristic retreat look no further than The Skysphere. Coming in at number three this spaceage looking man cave was created by Jono Williams who actually took night classes and welding to be able to put this.

Masterpiece together. The home is almost completely controlled by a smartphone app which controls aspects such as lighting, entertainment and can even keep tabs on the home solar system. (Skysphere): Power level at 87 percent, at your.

Current power consumption you have approximately 132 hours. Those fearing the walking dead need not worry. When in need, the home even has a zombie mode to keep you safe! (Skysphere) Doors are closing, good luck.

We all love shipping container homes but a twentyfoot container is no easy space to transform into a comfortable home. That’s why our number2 spot goes to the incredible container home of Evans, a retired boat builder who’s put his years.

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