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gt;gt; all right, everyone. Welcome to the New York City accessibility Meetup. Thank you all for coming tonight. I wanted to start by saying thank you also to Thoughtbot for generously hosting us in this beautiful space. Thank you, Thoughtbot.

We are live streaming the event. So hello to the internet. And also I wanted to do a couple of practical notes. The bathrooms are right behind the kitchen here. They are gender neutral bathrooms. So feel welcome to use either bathroom.

If you’re more comfortable locking the door, there are locks on the door. And also thank you to SSB Bart for their ongoing sponsorship of the event. Oh, yes, and our two friends on either end of the room here, Mirabai. Who works with White Coat Captioning, is behind these awesome captions here. Thank you, Mirabai. And Joly is our amazing partner in crime, doing the tutorial streaming on behalf of the.

Internet society of new york. So with that, I’d like to introduce Damian Sian. He’s gonna talk about building an accessible document workflow. Thank you. (applause) gt;gt; As Cameron mentioned, we’re gonna be talking about building accessible document workflows.

Specifically pdf document workflow. I’ll give you a quick introduction for myself. I am currently serving as the senior web accessibility advisor at Princeton University. Newly minted, as of October 17th. Thank you. I do have my certification from IAAP, the International Association of Accessibility.

Professionals. And that would be the CPACC, the certified practitioner accessibility core concepts. Got that one right, right? Excellent. I think that’s it. I do have a lot of experience in leading graphic teams, teams of graphic professionals.

So within creative agencies. Particularly with a production studio. So I’ll go over what that means. I’m gonna break this presentation into two sections. The front part will be process and workflow. So we’ll deal with the mapping PDF accessibility to the process of the the creative process.

And specifically with the creative roles and the team members within that process. We’ll talk about how do we map WCAG standards to PDF. There is no PCAG. I don’t have a PDF content accessibility guideline, unfortunately. So I’ll give you a tool today that you’ll be able to download after the presentation that does that mapping.

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