How To Build A House With Boxes

How to build a breeding box for a parakeet. Well most people don’t build their breeding boxes, as they are very readily commercially available. Any pet store is going to have them, they’re going to come in various different types of styles, anything from like a wicker nest like this guy, which is simply a little wicker wood shavings braided into a nest, it’s got a little hook on the back, you just hook it on the side of the cage. That’s for like really small birds like parakeets potentially and love birds, finches. There’s the covered.

Nests, they guys are a little bit more rustic looking. They tend to be, they come in, this is a covered form, there’s a top to it, provides a little bit more security, little bit harder to get in and out of, but the birds tend to like those a little bit better. And of course top of the line would be just a wooden nest box, basically it’s essentially a wooden box with a hole cut in it. The lids tend to be jointed in someway or another so you can get.

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