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Subtitles by gianccm Edited by 4 Milk I’m on a boat, motherfckers, take a look at me! I got fried tofu and I got steamed egg and I got some mini eggs and I got black coffee and I brought my apple And SooZee and Leigh barely survived from us all getting up at crazy hours. Is this called the poop deck It’s hurting ’cause I have to poop I just had a coffee and I felt mumbles away Okay, T TMI We’re currently on Jeju Island in South Korea. It is the southernmost point of Korea.

And we’re here with the crew for the annual Eat Your Kimchi road trip. We did a road trip last year but we realized that the places we booked might be little bit inaccessible unless you speak fluent Korean so this year we’re using Airbnb. We wanted a place not in the heart of the city we wanted something a little bit more remote and coastal and relaxed so we’re here at Hyeopjae beach which is the cooler, artsyer, hipsterish part of Jeju. So you mean it’s like the Hongdae of Jeju.

Martina laughs Of course, we’ll come here. S Look, we inaudible shipping container! M We inaudible We saw other people with beards! Beardos are here! I’ve never seen them in M He’s so excited, inaudible We just started rubbing beardsthere’s a secret code So this place literally has no signs here at all. All you see is a whole bunch of cars here and you don’t even know why. There’s no name to this place either. I have no idea what to expect in here. Something awesome! Maybe murder! Okay, this is the most gorgeous coffee shop I have ever seen in Korea.

What to do in Jeju

This is my dream home. I want to live here. I don’t even want to do anything hereI just want to roll around. Just give me a sleeping bag and I’ll just like earthworm the whole perimeter. Alright, we’re heading into Jeju City. We’re going for some really unique food, it’s called bingduk And it’s so special that you have to like call the ajumma in advance and be like Hey, we’re coming in this time, is that okay and she’ll like go there and make it for you. Now, while in Seoul you can pretty much get around easy there’s walking and public transportations ’cause everything is so condensed.

In Jeju, everything is really spread out so you have to have a scooter or a car. We brought the Eat Your Kimchi mobile with us because it’s covered in sexy stickers so S why not M It’s a sexy car, c’mon. S This is a badass car. Hey. M We’ve been turning heads, let’s be honest. Okay, I’m gonna try to eat the outside first. I’ve never even seen anything like this in Korea before. Mmm, this tastes like the crepes my mom used to makepolish crepes. Really Let’s see what’s on the inside.

That’s onions and sesame seeds. No, no. Is it radish This is like the Korean version of a Chinese spring roll. This has like a subtle radish, green onion flavor. This is part of a set we ordered Can we get more 600. Oh man. Oh, that’s great. The broth is good the noodles are likebecause it’s like m noodles, it’s not really floury. It’s almost like. it’s bouncy SZ The texture is very good so it’s like M Yeah. SZ It has that kind of fluff and. S Gummier like a buckwheat noodle, almost.

You could come to Jeju for the food, but you can also come because it’s freaking beautiful. Like, really, really gorgeous. and like volcanic, unpleasantly beautiful. Like this! And this! This is pretty crazy beautiful. S This is insane. M Yeah. And even though the beaches here are really really gorgeous, you don’t really swim in them often because most often they are cold. If you’re not into the ocean, there’s always a pirate ship. SooZee, why is there a pirate ship For funsies! That’s it No, it’s actually the place Jejudo has like the pirate culture.

Really Yup. Is this where they landed I’m assuming like people landed on the There are Jeju pirates Yeah. Pirates. And it’s totally not true, but. What Bullsht, you’re just likeyou just believe what I said. I fell for her! I fell for her! According to. Never trusting you again, SooZee! I feel like this is gonna be one of them like Oh, it’s just a small hill. and then we’re fcking climbing for an hour. Let’s just get to that little archway. Let’s just get to the archway. SooSooZee! Been hiking for hours.

Secret hiking, surprise, secret hiking, Martina didn’t know we were gonna hike and that she’s gonna be so far. We should turn back, we still have time. Does anybody know what’s at the top of that mountain Still hiking. Base camp barely visible now. Pirate ship only form of communication from where I was. Civilization nowhere to beoh. Apparently, there’s a..sticker photo booth on the way up the mountain. I’m getting dizzy. grunts vomit. Make this not a beautiful tutorial anymore. M Did you see that Did you even see that S I’m just trying to snuggle ’cause I love my Ducky.

S I love my Ducky. M I love you. Hey, stop looking! These are totally fake, aren’t they They are not fake. No. Really Okay, we just pulled like a violent Uturn because you can pick your own oranges here or like the special like Jeju brand, you can’t get oranges growing in the rest of Korea because it’s not warm enough. But I’ve never seen oranges on a tree before and I’m from Canada! Holy sht, I haven’t heard sounds like this in a long time. Do you hear that.

That’s an actual bird. This is. this is the kind of shit you buy CDs of The Jeju thing, it’s like a Jeju way of saying Oh, you can come in. now we’re like one mean something, two mean something SZ three mean something S Was that right You just made that up right now. No! It’s a real thing. It’s a real thing! It’s not bullsht, it’s a real fact. L It’s totally a real fact. SZ It’s a real fact, I learned it when I was 13 years old.

It means enter, so I’m gonna enter. Ah, yes! Welcome to Also got stuff in my face. nature. Welcome to nature. Surprise, motherfcker! laughs Mmm. M This is better than grapefruit. S The grapefruits are the gods’ fruit. S But this is really good. M These are really amazing. No, it’s like uh M sweeter than a grapefruit! S This is definitely No, this is a blend between a grapefruit and an orange. Oh my gosh. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. So that’s it for this week’s Wonderful Adventure in Jeju this place is just like totally awesome and special and really different from the rest of Korea.

So make sure you subscribe, because we have some amazing tutorials that we filmed as well, including some of the most delicious barbecue in all of Korea. I don’t even wanna relive it. You’re talking about it and I’m like uhghhhhh. S And there’s also another tutorial about something really. special. M Oh yeah. Don’t know how to describe it. How can we put it to words In other words, it’s gonna be a great tutorial. I don’t really know how to Just make sure you subscribe. We’re also hopping into the Eat Your Kimchi mobile and heading off to Busan next so we’re going to film a load of great tutorials there, so make sure you stay tuned for those.

Let’s hop in the car! Get to the beach! Get to theget to the beach! Get to the chopper! Get to the beach! Get to the beach chopper. Hi, everyone! We are currently back in Seoul and we realized we forgot to tell you some important details such as How to get to these locations in Jeju We have a massive blog post with lots of details including addresses and loads of pictures of our adventures in Jeju So make sure you click on the link here to go to read about all that.

Also we realized we kinda talked about Airbnb as if everybody knows how to use it, so we wanted to put together a very short tutorial on what I look forward on booking places so that you guys can stay in some of the places that we’ve stayed in because. I’m just saying we’re really good at picking places. Oh, look at Seoul! Okay, so first off, obviously, look for the city that you wanna be in. And now this part sounds really simple. We screwed this up before in a different Airbnb when we were traveling with SooZee and Leigh.

We only put down two people when we arrived, it actually only had a bed that was big enough for Simon and I So SooZee and Leigh ended up sleeping on this like dinky little pullout couch. Make sure you pick the right amount of people. Sorry, SooZee and Leigh. My bad. Okay, so we’ve been already to Jeju but I’m going to give in an imaginary check in time. This is just so that you don’t pick some gorgeous place that you love and you’re like I love it! And you try to book it and it’s already booked and you cry your eyes out because that’s happened to me before as well.

Now, depending on what kind of a traveler you are, you can either pick an entire place, a private room, or a shared room Now since there’s four of us and we’re kind of filming and we’re gonna take up all the sockets with all of our gear, We’re gonna go for the entire place. Okay, so from the get go we don’t actually want to have something that’s middle, We’re looking something that’s on the edges because we want to be closer to the beach. But see like right away I can see that this one here looks like it’s within the city area, so I don’t wanna go for something like that.

So for example, this one looked absolutely gorgeous to me, so the first thing I look at is basically the pictures of the place. Not every place will provide towels, so like that’s good, I don’t have to pack shampoo. Okay, so we’ve got floor mats which would not be okay for me and Simon. And then I always just jump straight down to the comments section because Even though the host will actually explain about their listing, I’m gonna trust with reviews actually have to say about it. People will actually tell you exactly how they feel about it.

The house is in a clean state, short traveling time to get to Jeju’s inaudible like these are the kind of details that I look for. So this place has really good reviews but it seems like it might be a little bit small for SooZee, Leigh and Simon and I. So in the end, we actually ended up going for a container home because it’s was just really funky looking. In the words of T.O.P, I really like furniture. And gelato. So you can request to book it right away, but one of the things that I’m gonna do first is contact the host.

This part’s really important. See how the host is like Tell me about yourself. This isn’t just like I enjoy long walks on the beach. This part is legitimately important because this is somebody’s home you’re staying in So if you act like a total weirdo, like you’re like I like to shoot the pornos They will literally just reject you. So if you’re cool with your host, your host will be cool with you and they’ll be able to help you out and give you lots of useful advice. The last time we’re in California, Simon and I were walking on the California beach and my feet got covered in all this gunk.

And I messaged my host and I was like Omg, what is all this weird stuff And she’s like Oh my God, that’s tar from the beach. And I was like It can’t come off. And she’s like Don’t worry, I’ll come to rescue you. And she came over and she brought me essential oils and a toothbrush and she helped me scrub the tar off my feet. Friendship! So that’s it for my little, tiny, mini tutorial I hope it can help you out and make you feel more comfortable when it comes to booking in Airbnb.

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