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Narratorgt;gt; this is a demonstration of influenza vaccine being administered intramuscularly. It is important to note that technique and policy may differ in your setting. Injection site and needle length will change based on age and size. Check with your policy or prescribing authority to ensure you are administering the vaccination correctly. All vaccination s should have a stocked emergency kit and a trained ian in case of rare allergic reactions to components of the vaccine. Become familiar with the drug you’re going to administer.

Each brand of vaccine comes in a different package and in a different presentation including singledose vials, multidose vials and prefilled syringes. Make sure that you understand the manufacturer instructions for each presentation of syringe and needle. There are two main presentations of injectable influenza vaccine. This one is called a prefilled syringe and requires a separate needle to be attached to the syringe itself. Be sure the needle is firmly attached to prevent leakage during use. A twiston needle will turn smoothly.

On the threads but needs additional force to lock it into the hub. set up your workstation with all necessary items in a systematic order. In larger s, be sure to account for leftrighthandedness when setting up workstations. Shared supplies should not be between a sharps container and a vaccinator causing someone to reach into the path of a used needle or syringe. Give yourself room to sit, stand or kneel as necessary to protect your back. Make sure that you understand that manufacturer instructions for using the needle and syringe.

Before seeing clients and that you have your bandaids and alcohol prep pads readily available. Before administering the vaccine it is important to: 1 Introduce yourself and provide your qualifications; 2 Verify patient name; 3 Review for contraindications; 4 Review documentation; 5 Provide a vaccine information sheet; 6 Answer client questions; 7 Wash your hands; 8 Sit the patient down.

If using vaccine in vials, drop serum into the syringe with the vial on the table. introduce a small amount of syringe air into the vial and draw up slightly more than the correct dose of vaccine, which is either .5 or .25 ccs depending on age. Without removing the needle, turn the vial and syringe over to inject solution back into the vial to remove bubbles and measure out an exact dose. Be careful not to put unnecessary pressure on the needle as it will bend easily. Position the patient so that the injection site is.

Accessible and the patient is able to relax their arm. ask them to remove any obstructive clothing. Do not vaccinate across the patient’s body. It’s preferable to vaccinate the closest side to you. Identify injection site using appropriate landmarks. For people over 3 years old, the injection site is in the deltoid, approximately two to three finger breadths below the acromium process which is the notch where your shoulder meets your arm. Cleanse the injection site with an alcohol prep pad by circling from the center of the injection.

Site outward. allow the site to dry before administering the injection to reduce the stinging sensation. Inform the client about the upcoming steps and console as necessary. It is more comfortable if they keep their arm relaxed during the injection. Remove the needle cap. With the nondominant hand hold the patient’s skin taught by spreading or bunching the skin between thumb and index finger. Hold the syringe between thumb and index finger of the dominant hand. Using a quick motion fully insert the needle at a.

90degree angle to the arm. stabilize the syringe with the nondominant hand while using thumb or index finger of your dominant hand to depress the plunger slowly to inject the drug. It is not necessary to aspirate in the deltoid but some ians prefer it. Remove the needle smoothly along the line of insertion. If using an internal safety needle, the needle should retract from the arm once the plunger is fully depressed into the syringe. Internal safety needles will require additional stabilization with your nondominant hand to activate the.

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