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This week I’ll show you how to take a Rubbermaid container and turn it into a composter. This is great for people who don’t have a lot of space Maybe they live in an apartment or for people who are just new to composting and want to experiment a little bit before investing a lot of money in a large composting system. Composting is a great way to add extra nutrients to your soil Not to mention, putting those food scraps to good use and keeping them out of the landfills. To make the composter,.

All you need is a rubbermaid storage container like this one here. Drill holes on all sides of the container this is very important for airflow as well as letting water in and out. And that is all you do for your composter it’s really pretty simple. To start your compost, you first need a layer of dry or brown material This can be twigs, leaves, dry grass clippings shredded paper or even dirt. The brown material is what creates the heat. Next add a layer of fresh or green material, usually kitchen compost like coffee grounds,.

Egg shells, banana peels or tea bags. You can also use fresh yard clippings or grass. Add another layer of brown on top to keep it from smelling. Each time you add fresh material, stir the compost. Then add about two cups of water. I use an old coffee container in my kitchen to add my food scraps and coffee grounds to. When it’s full, which equates to about 23 times a week, I empty it into the composter, give it a good stir, add a layer of brown material and then sprinkle my water over top.

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