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Will Hale Mauliola solve the homeless situation

Facility at Sand Island are moving into high gear tonight. Good evening, I’m Paula Akana. And I’m Yunji De Nies. Hale Mauli.

Ola will be the first project to use shipping containers to house the homeless. In tonight’s top story KITV’s Catherine Cruz shows us a.

New wrinkle in the plans. The city is calling Hale Mauliola quot;a new modelquot; to deal with our housing crisis. Today it awarded an.

$850,000 contract to Institute of Human Services and Helping Hands. It’s to operate the facility made up of some two dozen modified shipping.

Containers. The mayor says instead of a plan to focus on 100 chronic homeless individuals. It has scaled it back and changed the plan.

On who it will help first. mayor :6 32 6: 48 So we modified it .There are units for individuals and units for couples and if that works.

We will open it up to families with children too. Remember, this is a pilot for one year. We are going to tweak it, improve it,quot; The plan now is.

Trends Talkers Container Homes

Container? Could happen and it’s what has you talking tonight. KITV4 got a peek inside what could be the future of micro housing in Hawaii. The demonstration project on the grounds of.

Honolulu Hale by the nonprofit group FACE is showing off a 20′ by 8′ shipping container, transformed into a dwelling unit for five people. There’s room for bunkbeds and a desk.

Inside, but no bathrooms or kitchen facilities. It cost about $11,000 to to make it livable. Could this be the answer to the our housing crunch? Solomon DuPont says, quot;Amazing Idea! Create.

More of these and then just make a public restroom area for all to share. This is a great start.quot; Michael Guerrero writes, quot;Nice . better then sleeping on the streets.quot;.

But Denise Crosby counters, quot;I don’t get the great appeal. It has no bathroom or kitchen. I can’t imagine living without runny water, if only to wash my hands. No facilities means they.

Would need to be erected like a wagon train at night, with Porta Toilets barbecue grills or cooking implements, of course trash disposal. I can imagine them turning into.

Something like migrant worker camps from the mainland. I can’t picture how the residents would clean up their messes without running water.quot; We want to know what you think of the container.

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