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It costs less to keep my home warm by buying clothes for items, rather than warming them up with a heater Heating has always being regarded as a dumb utility Some people may have thermostat in their home, but, after programming it once, most forget about it and never touch it again This made us realize that thermostat is a widely unloved product. And we decided to change that So, we tried out different prototypes in order to come up with the best design The one that is simple, elegant and practical.

We presented our first prototypes to the people and asked for their feedback And the reaction was Wow! What is it People find it really fresh! Solution consists of a smartphone app, for iOS and Android devices Central unit, or a bridge and thermostats one per each room So, how it works The information about desired temperature goes from smartphone to the central unit That distributes the signal to every room, equipped with eCozy thermostat You can set the precise temperature for every room and eCozy will remember it With eCozy there’s no need to heat up an empty home.

Whenever you’re on the vacation or on the business trip So you greatly save on your energy bill eCozy heating solution installation is so easy that you can do it on your own The most responsible, but yet easy is eCozy thermostat installation Approach your water radiator, take off the old thermostat Possibly you would need some additional instruments to do this Take one eCozy thermostat out of your starterkit And tightly attach it to your water radiator Switch it on, it should find the eCozy Central Unit That should be previously connected to your WiFi.

Meet eCozy Smart Heating Solution for your home

Now, set the wished temperature, pressing on the left to set the temperature down, and on the right, to heat it up Once you’ve decided on the wished temperature, the thermostat will remember it You can change it any time, manually or remotely through the app Now, proceed to other rooms and follow the same easy steps The idea of intelligent thermostat is to help user save energy And thus the money through much smarter home heating system The coolest thing about eCozy is that it does exactly that Without compromising on functionality, design or comfort.

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