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Bryce: for some, tiny homes are a longterm solution. B: For others, they’re just a stepping stone. B: We’re about to meet a young couple who’ve built their very own Tiny House on wheels. B:.which has now become a kind of enabler for them to now look . purchasing a larger house, where they can start thinking about. B:.adding a few more members to the family.

B: hey, how’s it going? holly: hi there! H: Good, how are you? B: Nice to meet you, Holly! H: Nice to meet you! B: G’day Oli, how you doin’, mate? B: This, here, is a VERY impressive looking Tiny House! HO: Thanks! B: She is a big one, as well, so .

B: . how big is this one, actually? H: Ah, 7 metres by 3 metres (23 feet by 10 feet) B: 7 by 3? H: Yeah. so we went wider. B: Definitely. B: Not one that you’ll want to be transporting on the road very often? H: No, for us it was always. the point was to move it just once or twice, and then just leave it.

H: .onsite, and, yeah, we thought it was worth some extra stress transporting it for the extra space living in it. O: So, I’ve always been obsessed with Tiny Apartments and things like that . O: . and, um, I was actually just watching one of YOUR tutorials O: . the one on Brett*, and Holly saw it. (*Amazing DIY OffGrid Modern Tiny House) O: .and was like man, what’s this, this is pretty interesting. O: And so we watched it together, ay, and. H: And I said we should do it!.

O: we should do it! O: So, yeah, we started, like, taking things out on the floor and. H: Yeah. O: Every time we were at the beach, drawing things in the sand and. H: Yeah, we had, like, fullon tape measures and stuff H: .and we’d draw up floor plans, and we went through heaps of different designs. lots and lots of different plans. H: All sorts of stuff .

H: but basically the main thing that made us do it was just that we wanted the adventure. O: Yeah, the adventure. B: Well, the place looks REALLY nice from the outside. B: Let’s have a look on inside, see what you’ve done. H: Awesome, come on in. B: What a lovely home! H: Yeah, she’s cool, hey? Thank you!.

B: it’s all so open and light, isn’t it? H: Yeah, that was a big part for us. H: We have 9 windows and this tiny little space and it was always about making it light and airy. H: . and getting the sunshine in, all the time. O: Yeah O: So we’d seen, like, a lot of those Americanstyle Tiny Houses. O: And they didn’t really work for how we like to live and, um, you know, they’re pretty amazing but.

O: . we tried to take the kiwi approach to it, you know open plan. O: . big doors looking out onto the view and the deck. H: Yeah O: It was the main thing we had in mind when we built it actually, was the light, bright open feel. B: I really love what you’ve done here with this climbing wall. B: This is such a clever way of getting into the loft. H: Yeah, it’s cool, ay?.

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