Container Vacation House Competition

NARRATOR Down in Fort Worth, Texas, there’s a housing boom. Sold, sold, sold! Cheers and applause NARRATOR But it’s not what you think. Whole neighborhoods are being rebuilt, and wheelerdealers. Lock it in. NARRATOR.are scooping up the old houses before they’re torn down and moving them out to remodel and flip for profit. It’s a risky business. Damn..but here in longhorn country, there are three family companies competing for the cash. They’re flipping houses in record time. And the good folks of Texas come from all over.

Take a look around. See what you think of buy bargains. $25,000 now..and move them to their own land. Sold, sold, sold! Cheers and applause Chaching! Chaching! Laughs It’s flippin’ and movin’ Texasstyle. On the banks of Lake Worth, property is bein’ bought up, and old houses are makin’ way for new. Here’s a little place that’s in line for bulldozing, unless a Texas Flip N’ Mover buys it first and hauls it away. Some folks say this was once a school house. It’s not even 400 square feet.

It’s about 100 years old, and it’s probably just one open room. How much we gonna spend today Let’s go low. I was thinking more like about $400. You can go up to $400, and then I’ll go up to $500. Stone looks cool. It’s awful small. Okay. What do we got 23footlong. Real small. RANDY How come you beat me here first Sorry. Uhhuh. Too small. I’ll give you that. It’s small. Definitely small. But, you know what It’s got a place. SUZI Hopefully it’s a good one. Watch it, now.

The Bet Container vs. Loft

It’s not very wide. It’s 17foot. I mean that’s good for moving. Casey’ll like that. 608 square foot of rock. Okay. You know, there’s value in them rocks. But I got to find out if there’s a structure underneath there. These are solid stone walls. There’s no framework. I don’t think we want it. I don’t think we need to bid on it, then. I agree. I think that Toni and Donna are saying that this house doesn’t have any structure underneath the rock. I don’t know whether she’s telling the truth or not,.

But either way, I don’t want to chance it. Mnhmnh. Scoffs Let Randy have this. Yeah. Fool’s gold. Chuckles I’m gonna do a little prospecting. That’ll let me know what’s under them rocks. Then, I’ll know something they don’t. Hey. That ain’t solid stone. That’s wood structure behind that rocks. That’s movable. Hm. AUCTIONEER Thank y’all for coming out to the auction today, and we’re gonna get this bidding started here right quick. $25. Who will give me $25 $25. $25. And now $50. $50. Now $100.

$100! Auctioneer calling $150 Now at $125. Now $150. Now $150. Now $150. $175. Now $200. Now $200. Now $225 $225 We all done $225 Sold it, sold it. All right! Whoo! Y’all didn’t see buy that one, did you No, I didn’t. You were hiding. I’m right here. This is my hiding place. Laughter There’s a little secret there you didn’t know. I also brought my mining hammer, see Uhoh. And I find out it’s not a solid stone. There’s a structure behind it. What do you mean, it’s not solid stone.

It ain’t! I done a little digging on the other side. Guess what There’s a frame behind that. What in the cat hair Man, I think I bought me a real box. I was hoping there’d be a kitchen, a bath, a sink, a closet anything. There wasn’t nothing in that dadgum house. Nothing! Ringing TRAVIS Hello Hey, Travis. Yes, sir Hey, it’s Randy. I bought a little, old schoolhouse, you might say looked like a Little House on the Prairie. But, uh, need you to come take a look at it. All right.

Sure. I’ll be right there. Come on in. Want to take a look at this. Let’s check it out. When I bought this thing, I thought there’d be some amenities in here. At least some cabinets, some shelves, or, you know, a wall, or something. Commode, sinks. There ain’t nothing in here. I mean, there ain’t nothing. So I’m just thinking about demoing. Taking the rock and getting rid of the rest. Nah. Have some faith. I’m thinking about tearing that house down. Travis, he thinks we can do something with it.

Petrified wood, these fossils right in here. Let’s save as much as we possibly can. I’m gonna take all that rock off that house. I’m gonna sell it. And then it’ll be ready to move. Ho! Back up. Looks like we’re fixing to rock n’ roll. We’re driving down the road. Next thing you know, chain comes loose, runs underneath the tire, jerks the house around. I thought we was gonna lose it. That’d been a wreck. We’re coming to a stop. Whistles Let’s go! We don’t need tape now.

Good job. I like that. Horn honks All right. 20 inches. Well, hello! How y’all doing What brings y’all out here Well, curiosity, mainly. Just wanted to come to see what you was doing with this mess. Well, see, curiosity kills the cat. Laughing You really think you’re gonna do something with this Well, heck, yeah, we are! I guarantee, when I get through, you won’t even recognize this place. I bet you we can take something like that and flip it and make more money off of that.

Than you’re gonna make off this pile of junk. I bet you we can take something like that and flip it and make more money off of that than you’re gonna make off this pile of junk. And furthermore This is all legal talk. And furthermore. Laughing Legal talk..if we do make more money, bottom line, then you have to move it to the highest bidder for us for free. Take it or leave it. You’re on. Let’s see how big a boy you are now. Oh, you’re gonna take it.

You’re on. All right. You’re gonna do the moving, though. Yeah. Yeah. It’s a deal, right It’s a deal. It’s a deal. Sounds good. Let’s lock it in. s tongue You’re on, mister. See ya later. Okay. Donna thinks she can make money flipping a container. That’s some kind of joke. Laughs I’d like to see that. You know, we got this bet thing going on with Randy now. We’ve never done anything like a container house before. NARRATOR Homes made of old shipping containers are becoming quite a thing in Texas.

They’re cheap to build and quick to flip. We may start a new a whole new division. This is a new trend. We got a whole new division going on Snow House Moving. Look! Aw, man. There’s so many sizes. Oh, this is awesome. We’re not leaving without a containerltigt today.ltigt But we got to get one for a good price. We’re in the market for a small container. Okay, there’s several here on the yard. Y’all make yourself at home. If you see something you want, I’ll be right back over here.

Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Uhhuh. Wow. Wow. Wow. All right. Ooh. Sturdy steel. Yeah! Stomps foot Floor is real good. Good, solid floor. Good, solid flooring. The only thing we’re gonna need to do is put some windows and some doors in here. You got your walls. You don’t have to move no walls. Okay, the bad thing is, it’s not insulated. But on the flip side of that, it’s a doublewalled metal. That is strong. This will outstand a lot of things a little frame house wouldn’t do.

Okay, right there, we’re dealing with about 7’10. Yeah. But when you go up into the little rib.’re dealing with right at 8′. That’s a goodsize ceiling. That’ll work. Yeah. TONI I was concerned about you getting us into this deal with Randy, but I am pumped that we’re gonna beat him on this one. Well, you agreed to the wager when we was standing there. I know. I know. I shook his hand, too. I know. Y’all are back so soon Yeah. Well, we found one. It’s a used one.

And we was kind of wanting to know how much your price is. The used boxes are $1,800. Um, how do you feel about $1,500 For that particular box, I’ll go $1,600 on it. Deal. All right. Thank you very much. Thank you. NARRATOR So, the race is on. a 160squarefeet shipping container versus a 400squarefeet old schoolhouse. They’re both tiny, but can each one be turned into a home RANDY Well, I got it here. Now, prove to me why I shouldn’t’ve demo’d this thing. We may only have ‘0 square feet,.

But I’m gonna give you a full living experience. Let’s open this all up, blow the rafters out, fullon gable roof. Do a loft space up top. Let me show you. I’m sure glad Travis thinks this’ll work, ’cause I got a bet to win. I think we got lots of room up here in this ceiling. Got a decent pitch on it. So let’s take it up. Let’s take out the whole ceiling, go clear out to the rafters. Just blow it out to the rafters and put a sleeping loft.

Above the kitchen and above the bathroom in the back. So here’s the plan build a bathroom in one corner, and then a full kitchen, leaving space for a fairsized living room. Above, a loft bedroom, accessible by ladder. And Travis has one more design in mind. I can’t forget that you brought me an old schoolhouse. What I’d really like to do is find us a real, old bell. School bell Make a tower for the top on the outside. We’re gonna have a rope we can pull it.

And make it sound off Yes, sir. Now that’s a nifty selling point a bell tower up on top. The first time I ring that bell is when I win that bet with Donna. GARY Hello Hey, Gary. Yeah Donna and I bought a little container. We’re gonna flip it. Okay, look, it’s gonna work. Don’t rain on our parade. We need a rig. We need a truck and a trailer. Yes. We just need the truck and the trailer. We’ll move it ourselves. For how long Oh, man. TONI Donna and I bought a little container.

We’re gonna flip it. GARY Container Yes. We just need the truck and the trailer. We’ll move it ourselves. Oh, man. If our rig isn’t gonna be here for two more weeks, I’m gonna have to do some wheeling and dealing. Do you, by chance, deliver Yes, we do. All right. Well now, when could you deliver our little container It’s gonna be at least two weeks. We’re pretty backlogged. Two weeks We’re gonna take this container, Scott, turn it into a little house and flip it. We’ve been doing some research.

These little container houses, people are liking these. And if this goes the way we think it’s gonna go, we’re gonna be back wanting more containers. We’re gonna be repeat customers. Well, why don’t I try to work it in by the end of the week You can move that container in a couple of days by the end of this week for the $1,600 Yes, ma’am. Deal. This is gonna be great. Oh, my gosh. Wow. This looks nice. Man, we are way ahead of the game. What do they want.

NARRATOR The Young Guns have heard about some fandangled project on the Snow lot and they’re here to investigate. What up What are y’all doing Seeing what y’all are doing. This is gonna be your flipping container Put all your stuff in it No. No, no, no. This is a container we’re gonna flip. Yep. What do you think I didn’t even know what they were talking about. I’ve had it up to here with Randy. And it’s up to here, ’cause I’m a little shorter. We kind of got into a little bit of a wager with him.

And I said I could take something like that container out there and flip it and make more money on this than you can on that house, and he took it up. What! I’m all about getting back at Randy Martin, but I don’t know about flipping a container to do it. I like the idea. I don’t even see it. I don’t see no profit in it. It’s gonna be like flipping a tin can. I mean. No. No. No, no, no, no. No. You’re missing the whole vision. Obviously.

Number one, we get back at Randy. But number two, we turn this into a mighty fine container house. Differences aside, you want a form an alliance I really like the idea. What Absolutely not. I’m out on that. None of our money’s going towards that. Oh, good thing I’ve got my own. Laughs So be it. I’m out. My name’s Bennett, and I ain’t in it. Okay. I’ll call you when I’m done. We’ll just see who the best flipper is in this family. Three musketeers. Hey! Laughs.

NARRATOR At Randy’s schoolhouse, he’s finding problems. Well, we seem to have issue after issue on this dadgum building. Well, what’s up The more I take down, the more I find that needs to be taken down. I’ll give you an example. Take a look at that dadgum rafter deal up there. Look at all that stuff in there. I mean, it’s just rotted, termiteriddled. Well, what’s this mean to my budget, Randy I really don’t care. I’m not gonna go to sleep at night not knowing that this structure’s solid.

Tear the whole roof off or whatever, I don’t care what has to be done. Wow. If we’re gonna save it, let’s do it right. All right. I got to crunch some numbers, because we’re really getting tight. I don’t care. I mean, your budget, I’m not worried about right now. I got it. I got it. I’ll make it happen, Randy. NARRATOR The old shipping container is gonna be turned into a home. No, purple. I’m thinking a whole lot of purple. That’s if the Snow Sisters and Suzi can agree on anything.

All talking STEPHEN Ladies, if you’re gonna make it a house, I think we need to maybe start with some of the major aspects, and then get into some of these details later. Okay. I agree. Okay. First, we got to figure out where we’re gonna put a door, put a bathroom. And then, from there, we can work around what you want in it, and what you want in it. NARRATOR With Stephen on the job, it’s clearer what you can really do with a 160squarefeet container. It’s less a home, more a studio or guest house,.

Or a backyard hang out to put by the pool. And Stephen has ideas to make more living space. So I think, first off, creating maybe a sliding door, something that would transition the space into the outdoor space. And then we could increase your living area outside of the box. You mean like a deck or a patiotype area Yeah. I think we could come up with a really cool deck design out here. I like that. Oh, oh, my Oh, I see it. We need some gingerbread trim around the top.

What We need the little paper lanterns up here, with the little Christmas lights going around them. No way. Oh, my word. TONI No. I can just see a crocheted rug laying out here. Donna and Toni need to leave the decorating up to me. Maybe some tiki torches, little lounge chairs, some rope lights. Tiki torches Didn’t that go out of style with bell bottoms Okay, so you’re gonna work out a plan for us Y’all design it, I’ll build it. I think we can team up. I mean, how much sweeter can it get.

You make money and in Randy’s face. Both laugh Can life get any better We’ve got us some little furnitures. Cute!.and we need to figure out where they’re going to go. And we need to all come into agreement that this our design plan. I was thinking commode here, because you’re on the commode, and somebody opens the door right in your face. This way, it’s more private. Shower over there. Well, then the window’s there. Think it needs to go right underneath the window. Yeah. And then this is the sink.

Yeah. Foldout couch. There you go! And it’s a bed at night. Okay. I don’t I’m not crazy about the purple. Like that. That looks like a big pair of red lips. Okay. Hey! NARRATOR The ladies are putting the kitchen right next to the bathroom, so the plumbing can be localized to one side of the container. I like that. I think we nailed it. NARRATOR So, here’s the plan for the container to make it legal, it’s got to have two doors. One will be a slider.

Put in four windows, build a bathroom and kitchen, and expand the living area with an outdoor deck on two sides. At Randy’s schoolhouse, the old roof comes off, the new roof goes on, and construction costs are going up. Hey, Travis. What are you up to now Hey. School bell tower, my friend. Talking about keeping it original, keeping it real. Let’s give it the authentic touch of a beautiful school bell. I found an original bell, online auction. Two days to go. We’re the highest bidder. Where we at.

I’m at $1,200 right now. $1,200! We ain’t spending no $1,200. Sighs heavily It ain’t gonna happen. NARRATOR At the old schoolhouse, Randy is killing Travis’ plan to put a bell tower up top. I like the concept, but we can’t spend $1,200 just on the bell, besides all the construction there. Find something else. Imitating crying NARRATOR With costs on the old schoolhouse blown out, Randy is saving on labor by getting on the tools. Randy’s making progress. As for Travis. he’s not giving up on that bell.

You might be able to help us out. Okay. I just want you to look at the sketches for me. Okay. Well, I’ve got a few construction students that I think could probably handle this. I see you got a lot of metal fabrication equipment out there. Yes, sir. So I’d be completely open to having it done out of metal. I don’t see a problem with that. I think the students will be excited about doing this. Uh, I think we can knock that out for you. Very cool. Thank you, Mr. Cotton.

All right. Thank you. We really appreciate it. The container house is taking shape. Steel framing is installed inside. It’s solid reinforcement, and it’s making a cavity, ready for insulation. Stephen is framing up the bathroom. And the old doors are being recycled into awnings. A new door that slides does not eat into the floor space. That’s critical in a studio this size. Hello. Hey. How are you Hi. Come on in. Got some samples! Let’s see what you’ve picked out here. DONNA Okay. Kind of thinking about this as a possibility.

For the whole floor bathroom, living area. I don’t think so. Maybe we could do this in the bathroom. That looks like something you’d put on one of your shirts. Looks like connect the dots. This is a little dark, I think, for this small of a bathroom. It’s gonna make it even darker. And this, I don’t think it would be good for the whole house, but maybe we could do the bathroom in that. Let’s take a look at the other options for the floor you have. Right now, I’ve got some wood laminates we was looking at.

Well, what about, like, one of these Maybe this BOTH No. I don’t think we’re going for cabin look here. I think we need to switch it up. So, I’m gonna vote for the lighter one. I think we do need to keep it lighter, just to keep the space feeling as big as we can. Okay. I’ve got something wonderful for the kitchen. Backsplash! Ew, no. You like it I kind of do like it. It’s light. Stephen totally gets my design style. Well, I better get back to work,.

Or we won’t be ready for that. Oh, okay. Thank you. Good job. Thanks, Steve. See y’all. NARRATOR Travis might have pulled off a miracle. His school bell will give the house an authentic touch. But will the man with the money agree Randy sighs RANDY I’ll tell you what. Hey, Travis! What are you doing The Azel High School tech class, just down the street, decided to take it on as a project and charged us $100 in material. Well, that is awesome. Man, you had my ticker going.

My billfold felt like it was just water, running out the backside of it. Yep. You gonna have a rope on that TRAVIS There will be a rope on there, if you can afford $10 for rope. Oh, I can dig up $10 for something like that. Well, it’s looking a lot better, then. But there’s still some work on the inside. Remember we found that great map Yep. So I cut out a piece of this map, and I’ve kind of chosen all my colors to suggest to you out of the colors of the map.

So I picked a light blue, which you can see is the light blue of the ocean. It’s really gonna help make the space look open, like the blue sky. And then we’ll do all of our trim in a nice white. And then accents, we’ll use a green. Real nice backsplash with some red accents in it. Not a lot, just some bits here and there. It’ll bring some pop in. Flooring’s good. It’s whitewash pine. We need a lot of light in this space. It’s really tight, so we need to get.

As many light colors in here as we can. And I’ll use this same board on the loft space up top. That’ll work. That’ll work. I like everything you got so far. Well, you got painting to do, and I got some shopping to do, so I’ll catch ya later. All right. With only 160 feet of floor space, the container house needs more living area, so Suzi and the Snow Sisters are putting in a deck. With just 500 buck in timber, that’s an outside patio, which doubles the living space.

And Donna has chosen a color to complement it salmon pink. And would you believe At last. Ooh. Wow..all the ladies love it. It’s so fun! DONNA Look at that deck. Oh, wait a minute. Got to have a name. Donna and Toni always give their house a name. I think we should name it Suzi. No. No. Suzi’s like a blingbling name. Okay, you have a point. I got it. Rachel. You like it That’s a good name. I like that. Okay. Rachel it is. I mean, I like Suzi better, but Rachel is more fitting.

You need to build a bridge and get over yourself. Laughs NARRATOR The Lone Wolf schoolhouse is coming together. The loft bedroom is all done. The tiling for the new bathroom is on the walls, and in goes the floor. I’ve got some school lockers here. Very nice. See what you think. Closet solution was on my list, and I think you solved it. Yeah. That’ll go with that old schoolhouse theme that you got going in there. I figured these lockers would work great. You know Make a designer out of you yet.

With a new coat of paint, they’ll look good as new. Cool. I like that. Back at the container project, the whole thing has to be insulated. For this kind of job, spray insulation is better than batts. You can squeeze more material into the corrugations. When it dries, it’s neat and flat, ready for Sheetrock and paint. On the outside, the Snow Sisters have come up with an ingenious plan for an old box spring. Goes in here. It’s a planter wall. Wow. I love it. Isn’t that gonna be cute.

.while Suzi is recycling an outdoor fireplace. SUZI I’ll tell you what, honey. Those Snow Sisters better love my fireplace, because I almost messed my nails up painting it, and that took a lot of work. Babe, we’re Slays. We are professional winners here. Okay They need to realize that they are lucky. This is free help they’re getting. They should be paying you to even teach them to design. If they don’t like your ideas or your design taste, it’s ’cause they have no taste. That’s what it is. It’s not, y’all have different tastes.

You have great taste. They have no taste. I know. That’s the problem here. See the gray the gap here, that gray area That’s the problem. Honey, I didn’t even look at it that way. You are so right. Honey babe, I might not always be right, but I’m never wrong. Laughs What up! Hello. What up, right back at ‘cha. Got a little something. Got a touch of the Slays. I like surprises. You’ll love this one. What is that Alls I know is it’s big and it’s ugly.

Move over, ladies. Yeah. Boom! Big and beautiful. What is it It’s a fireplace, girl! Oh, wow. That is so not the decor we’re going with. What CODY Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Was it the, um, rusted mattress spring that, uh, made this thing DONNA Isn’t it cute Look at that. I don’t think so. Zip it. This is a vertical planter. It looks like an old mattress spring. This is the icing on the cake. Exactly. It’s the wrong color. Y’all are definitely on the wrong page. Oh, no. No.

This is what happens when you get women together to make decisions. I am out of here. Really He just did not go there, did he I’ll take care of that later. Thank you. Thank you. Just go sit in the car. Let me tell ya, ladies, this is going in this house. We have to, and we will, find somewhere for this. This is what I’m bringing to this house. Scoffs So find a place for it. We need to compromise. This has a big porch. We can have our side, and you can have your side.

And decorate it any way you’d like to. Okay. Yeah. Well, I’m gonna go find a place for this beauty. Okay. You go find a spot on your side. On your side of the deck. I am. I am. NARRATOR It’s been just three days, and Randy’s schoolhouse is transformed. He’s putting in custommade kitchen cabinets. And Travis’ color scheme calls for green with a multicolored backsplash. The tiles match what’s in the new bathroom. Randy is putting in overtime. He knows that design is critical to win the bet and make more money on the schoolhouse.

Than the ladies make on the container home. SUZI Well, well, well. Well, what brings y’all out today You’re gonna come out here and get some design ideas, I. No. Just checking on progress, or the lack thereof. What is she doing here That wasn’t part of our deal. Did you say Suzi couldn’t be Don’t get worried ’cause I’m on board now. Well, let me tell you something. Y’all ain’t got a chance. This is gonna be a nice cabin somewhere on the lake. I guarantee it. It’s gonna be sold so quick, you’ll say, What auction.

Let me show you my little surprise here. Ladies, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Oh, yeah Take a look at this. Tada! NARRATOR Now,ltigt that’sltigt a wakeup call. The ladies have to step it up. The container’s getting timber floors, custom cabinets, a bespoke backsplash, granite countertops and, for flourish, a chandelier. The bathroom is streamlined in a tight space. But up against his awesome bathroom, you’d have to say the Lone Wolf is winning this race. The girls need to come up with something to attract more people to the auction.

I just got a flipping brilliant idea. What if all the proceeds goes to a charity People will give more money for something. 100..when they know it’s going to a really good cause. Oh, I just got goose bumps. Oh. I love that. That’s a good idea. And that’ll make us feel better, because not only beating Randy. Yeah. But..we will be doing so much good. Let’s go, ladies. Charity Charity. Charity! Charity. Charity. Woo! NARRATOR Let the battle begin. It’s schoolhouse versus container home. Which will make the most money.

Marching band plays There’s like a bet you guys are gonna win or lose today. And who’s gonna win or lose it I’m gonna win. No, he’s losing, I’m winning. Get a picture of this face. I’m winning, he is losing. Frown for ’em. Show how it’s gonna look. No. Laughs How you doin’ there If you got any questions, holler back at me. I will. NARRATOR So let’s talk numbers. On the Lone Wolf’s schoolhouse, replacing the rotten wood and installing new siding cost Randy $3,500 in timber and labor.

I couldn’t believe what I saw when I opened the front door. First thing is a loft. That’s where I want to sleep at night. NARRATOR The loft bedroom turned out to be big enough for a queen bed, and it came in at only $1,200 to build. You walk in and you feel like it’s your own little hideaway, your own little cubbyhole. For the living room and fixtures, $1,800. MAN As far as being a bachelor, this would be a perfect place to live in. Oh, yeah. I’d love to live in it now.

Some bigger money went into the kitchen. Granite tops, fancy backsplash and custom cabinets, $2,500. WOMAN Wow! Look at the bath. Oh, wow. I can’t believe they got the bathroom this size in. And the big triumph The bathroom, tiled all the way to the ceiling, cost $2,450. Little space, but you have enough to just make you feel right at home. And the crowning glory, the bell tower a bargain at 100 bucks. The Lone Wolf bought the old schoolhouse for $200. The move owes him $2,000. The remodel came in at $11,550.

And the new roof was 3 grand. For a grand total, almost $17,000 to break even. MYERS All right, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Myers Jackson, and I am the auctioneer. We’re gonna be selling this fine home right behind me. Is everybody ready to have an auction Yeah! Let’s go! Auctioneer calling Keep going. Let’s go. Let’s go. Yeah, thank you, right there. $13,000. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s worth a whole lot more money than that. Just take a look at this little building right back here.

Give me about two minutes, ladies and gentlemen. Let me talk with the seller. I’ll be right back with ya. RANDY I don’t know what the deal is, but I got to get at least $20,000 just to make a little money. What the heck’s going on I don’t know. That building ought to sell for a heck of a lot more money than that. I mean, we’re about $6,000 off your mark. I mean, we pulling out all we can. That ain’t gonna pay for materials. NARRATOR Randy’s auction has stalled at $13,500.

That’s 6 grand short of his minimum price. At this number, Randy is not gonna sell. That ain’t gonna pay for materials. $15,000, cold cash. Nah, I’m not Can’t do it. Bottom dollar. Anything off of what we talked about earlier. Inhales deeply Hmm. That ain’t gonna cut it. MYERS Ladies and gentlemen, I’m tellin’ you. We’re just just a little bit. We’re we’re just a little bit of money off. I’m at $13,500, asking for $14,000. Somebody put their hand in the air. Hey, $14,000. Hey, $14,000.

Auctioneer calling We’re gonna sell it. We’re gonna sell it. Sold, sold, sold! $23,000. Sold. $23,000. Bell ringing There ain’t no way that container can top that. Woo! I’m gonna win this bet. I wasn’t expecting to buy anything today. But, man, I really got hooked on this one right here, and it’s coming home with me. The living room is perfect and, my goodness, it’s wide open. Beams with lamps on ’em. Perfect. I decided to buy this house because I’ve been wanting to do something for my daughter.

She’s been on hard times. I’m gonna take this home. I got the perfect place to put it. And the kitchen, I can’t believe how functional it is. It’s got a compact stove. This bathroom, it’s so cool. It’s really the kind of tile work you would expect in a mansion. And the loft, that’s my favorite. Lots of room. To tell you the truth, what brings out the little boy in me is the bell. Bell ringing Oh, man. This is awesome. Laughs It’s so unique.

It’s gonna be perfect. There’s nothing like it in our neighborhood. NARRATOR It’s a race against the clock for Donna, Toni, and Suzi. They’ve even got their contractor, Stephen, on home furnishings. That’s not purple. Stephen, that is not red. That’s right. It’s beige. If you want red or purple, you gonna have to go get some pillows or something for it. DONNA What Oh, he just did not. Did he really We didn’t agree on beige. No, we didn’t. Girls, that’s a pretty beige. DONNA Let’s go with it. Let’s finish putting this place together.

To get ready for our auction. Yes. Definitely. We got to, ladies. Hello, welcome. NARRATOR The container home is attracting a curious crowd. It’d be good for a playhouse, a pool house, lake house. Deer lease. Deer lease. Hey, and you won’t have visitors stay the night. You know Yeah. Guest house for Mom Yes! That would be perfect. That was an old mattress spring. That’s really neat. Well, if you want to look, there is a beautiful chimney over there, too. Fireplace. WOMAN Wow! DONNIE We were looking at different ideas to add to our house.

We’ve always got kids staying over. NARRATOR The ladies spent $500 on the deck. BRANDY The main area of the container is honestly a small space. But then when everything’s all in there, it makes it seem a whole lot bigger. Big enough for a turkey. Yeah, turkey. NARRATOR The main room, with a full, quality kitchen and a chair which turns into a single bed, cost $3,300. The bathroom was never going to be as big as Randy’s, but everything fits in the space Toilet, vanity, and shower. For a big guy in this in a smaller unit like this,.

This is great room. But it’s a large enough shower for people to get in and out. NARRATOR Total cost $2,100. I love the marriage between the rustic, the repurpose and also the newer, modern look. NARRATOR The raw shipping container cost $1,600, delivered. Remodeling cost 6,900 bucks. The container house owes the girls $8,500. All right, ladies and gentlemen. I want to make a big, big introduction right here today, Miss Brooke Hester. Cheers and applause Brooke is representing the medical center, and your dollars goes to help children just like this.

We are sending 100 of the proceeds to Cook Children’s Hospital Cancer Research Foundation. And it’s auction time. It’s auction time! NARRATOR Now, remember, Randy’s profit was over $6,000. The container home needs to hit almost $15,000, if the ladies are to win the bet. Auctioneer calling Calling continues $5,500. Just a little bit more, you’re gonna get in. $5,500. Now $6,000. Good poss. Auctioneer calling You don’t need permission for another $500. Now $7,000. Come on! Gasps Last chance. Hammer time! We’re gonna sell it. We’re gonna sell it.

Gasping Auctioneer calling $7,100. Last call! $7,100. Can I say, sold, sold, sold $7,000. Sold! $7,000 to bidder number 10. NARRATOR Well, it looks like the ladies are gonna lose the bet. Oh!.but they’re still winners. Their donation of their full sales price to the kids’ hospital is priceless. Thank you very much, everybody. Oh, thank y’all so much. Thank you. BRANDY What do y’all think YOUNG WOMAN I love the color. You like it Yeah. Yeah DONNIE Well, it’s ours now. I love it. I’m very proud of it.

I love the container. Love the container. To see a storage building turned into something like this is is beyond my wildest dreams. We’re gonna bring it out to the little ranch we have and set it outside where the pool’s gonna go and, uh, use it to make a nice little poolside attraction. Entertainment area. Absolutely. And there’s even room for, like, a cabinet. Could put towels if I want. BRANDY We weren’t looking for it when we came, but it was here, and it was exactly what we’ve been looking for.

And it was for altigt phenomenalltigt reason. It’s a good deal. You did good. NARRATOR So, with the final numbers in, Randy’s profit was more than 6 grand. The Snow Sisters finished in the red, but it was for a good cause. Even though Randy won the bet. All cheer .he’s getting into the spirit of things with an offer of his own. Tell you what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna move it for free anyway. Oh! I think on this, we all need to be on the same team.

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