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The revolutionary new pinnacle system is new technology must be based on something why not use the one thing that is undoubtedly the most superior design known to mankind the human body cynical light gauge steel equals human skeleton electrical articulation equals human nervous system water and sewerage articulation equals human brain and you’re in system and a cold concrete for entirely wills human muscles pinnacle cellular lightweight concrete Eagles.

Human intestines scheme protein final finish equals human skin advantages 300% faster 20% cheaper eighty percent smaller carbon footprint little to no ways to 1000% better thermal properties two hour fire rating that our acoustic properties wind and earthquake resistant low skill levels needed mobile factory Affordable low cost light steel frame construction costs the pinnacle foundation one place like gauge steel tube unwell compacted.

Undisturbed soil to scream concrete forms filed through pre punched holes under the vertical size of light gauge steel 3 drop rebar reinforcing into pre punched service holes at the outdoor light gauge steel profile or cast 25 mph concrete into cavity and by Brent the pinnacle wall one place like gauge steel wall frames over rebar reinforcing and screw together to school one row of concrete forms I’ll onto the vertical sides of the light gauge steel rain has.

25 mpa concrete into cavity and vibrate or screw the rest of the concrete form tiles in running bond onto like gauge steel and filled with cellular lightweight concrete and plaster both sides of the wall Anna Bligh final pain finished the pinnacle floor one screw the plate hanger in the place of inner concrete form tiles and screw joists in place to screw concrete form tiles upside down onto the Joyce three plays welded wire mesh on top with concrete.

Form tiles for past 25 mph concrete on top of concrete form tiles cover with floor finish of choice on top and conventional ceiling underneath enjoys the pinnacle roof won the same as with the pinnacle floor but with the concrete topping at an incline or the top profile of the joys of an inclined for rainwater and in both cases waterproof to trusses from light gauge steel with top hat hurling and roof covering of choice.


Workmen are taking the measurement before digging Workmen starts pegging to tie the lines Digging of Foundation commences Foundation digging across the site into rooms continues You can see the lines being followed to dig further Now 20 Tons Lorry comes to deliver sand and granite.

Workmen clears the site for the lorry to offload the sand Tipper offload’s its first delivery of Sand You can see that the sand and Granite has been delivered for the foundation bed to commence This is the 3/4 Granite size needed plus sharp sand for the foundation mixed with cement Workmen start the mix of Granite, sharp Sand and Cement at this stage workmen collect the mix to the foundation site.

Senior workmen takes the mix and pour it the the foundation bed mixed concrete now poured equally round the foundation Raft panel erected with iron rods in place setting of foundation blocs begins Blocks suppliers arrives with 9 inches blocks Here is the 16 MM Iron Rod to be used to the concrete reiforcement.

The 16 mm rod now cuts into pieces Here is the Iron ring to go with the 16 mm iron rod also for the reinforcement 12 MM for the external Raft wall construction 12 MM ring with binding wire for the external Raft wall construction workmen putting the reinforcement iron rod together setting of side wall blocks taking shape.

Setting of foundation blocks continues Still on the left external wall block setting as you can see 9 inches blocks used here the inner rooms block setting commenced the inner rooms block setting commenced The Architect with drawing making sure things are going according to plan.

The reinforcement rod are now in place the reinforcement rod are well arranged in place Mixed concrete being poured to make sure the foundation is well solid Final foundation level now reached You can see that the foundation is quite deep and needs huge laterite filling for building construction to start foundation now filled with laterite from bottom to the top.

Foundation now filled with laterite from bottom to the top 15 trip of 20 tons level was used to cover the foundation from bottom to the top you can see the laterite used to fill the foundation level main building now starts with setting of blocks after filling the setting of blocks continues if you want us to handle your project for you, contact us on +447825543535, damol11@yahoo damol11@me thanks.

9 inches blocks used through out Construction of the lintel commences with planks used to cap the external wall round Planks removed from lintel when dry Front building Hatch now being cast here is the top of the building after the two coaches of blocks done ready for the roofing Planting of flowers commence to beautify the surrounding.

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