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It’s time to start my growout tank project. The first step is picking a container. That’s coming up. Hey everyone, Steve Poland here, And in my last tutorial I introduced you to a new project, which is a growout system for african cichlids in my basement crawlspace. If you missed that tutorial, please go back and watch it before you watch this one so you’ll have a full understanding of what I’m trying to do. I’ll put a link down in the description. Now the most important component to this project in my mind has always been what type of container.

I use for the fish. All of the other stuff will be easy enough to customize or change down the road, but the tank is key to accomplishing all of my goals within the limits of my project. And the main goals for this part of the project are to maximize water volume and minimize the chance of leaks. So I looked at a ton of different options and ranked them according to price per gallon then I looked at the positives and negatives of each. The first thing I looked at, which has the lowest price per gallon is an Intex Above.

Ground Pool. Many people have used these for fish and a pool with a 10 foot diameter holds around 1200 gallons of water and costs around $125. Awesome, right Well maybe it’s awesome if it’s in your backyard, but I’ve heard way too many stories about these pools leaking and 1200 gallons of water leaking into my crawlspace is not anything that I want to think about. Not to mention it would take up my entire 10 foot by 10 foot area. But mostly when I tried to picture an above ground pool in my basement crawlspace I just.

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Couldn’t do it. Next I looked at IBCs. IBC stands for Intermediate bulk container. These are used extensively in the aquaponics community. I could get one that holds around 330 gallons of water for about 30 bucks on craigslist. But the entrance to my crawlspace is only around 60 inches wide by 30 inches tall. So to use these I’d have to cut them down significantly. And I considered it for a long time but ultimately I just didn’t want to have to modify my container right off the bat in that type of a way.

Another thing I could get on Craigslist are 55 gallon plastic barrel drums. These are around 20 bucks a piece but really the container shape of a barrel isn’t ideal for the type of fish that I want to keep. It gives them almost no horizontal swimming space. But I did keep these in mind for other parts of the project down the road like filtration. I also came really close to building a plywood tank. Essentially it would be like an above ground pond and there are tons of plans on the internet.

For this. It would be a wooden frame with plywood sides and then a pond liner inside. This could have worked and I could have built around a 500 gallon tank for what I estimated to be about $250. But much like the pool, I just couldn’t let myself do it. I know that pond liners are pretty reliable and I even could have coated the inside of the box with something like pond shield but ultimately I just never felt like I would trust it. The option that I probably came the closest to using was a series of rubbermaid stock.

Tanks. Ideally I would have gotten a 300 gallon version but much like the IBCs, there was no way it would fit through my crawl space. And unlike the IBCs, you can’t cut it down at all. But I did think about getting multiple 100 or 150 gallon versions because they sell them at Tractor Supply. If I could have gotten them a little bit cheaper I probably would have done it. There did have some used ones on craigslist but they were all pretty nasty. So after all of that, the solution that I went with has a large water volume and extremely.

Low chance of leaking. I found two 180 gallon bulk bins on craiglist for $100 a piece. They’re one solid piece and are made of FDA approved materials. They even came with lids. You can’t really tell from the pictures but they’re actually very clean. It was a tight fit getting them into my crawlspace but now that they’re in there I think they’re going to be perfect. In the next part of the series I’ll talk about filtration, so be sure not to miss that, and if this is your first time here then I would love to have you subscribe.

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