Container House Uk Planning Permission

Well the carrot juice is fantastic, I loved it. And I’ve taken a note down so I’m probably going to have to go buy some. Which is shameful, so suckered by the advertising Very Refreshing Yes the orange and. Carrot, orange and grape that one. Carrot, orange and grapes which is different and the beetroot dip with the sesame seed crackers. Yes I thought the beetroot and sesame seed crackers were really different. I’ve not tried that before. Cheers! I tried the new butternut squash dip and it was absolutely delicious. Really delicious,.

I loved it. We don’t normally shop at Sainsbury’s, but we’ll be tempted after the giveaway things, they were nice, yes. I mean it’s really nice, it’s really nice with the bright stand and they seem to be having some nice giveaways. I liked the strawberry ones, they looked quite good as well. I’ve been doing the brand new vegetable dips, that are in store and they just are amazed by the flavour that you get from them. Especially I would say the beetroot they find really surprising, bright pink, but hey it tastes fantastic!.

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