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So talking about holiday collecting, I’m just going to show you a very few examples of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving has a wide range. You’ll find a lot of paper items that are a form of post cards and decorations. You’ll find platters and dinnerware. You’ll find composition pieces. A few examples that we have here is this composition piece of a turkey with a lead feet. And you’ll find these out there pretty liberally. They’re kind of a fun thing to collect and display. They come in a wide range of sizes anywhere from, this one is about 2 12 up to about.

6. So they have the nice lead feet so this would range probably about in the $35 range. This is a composition piece here. You see the turkey here with the gobbler A nice piece. This would range in around the $60 range. I want to show you a different, other examples that we have here. Just to show you the condition, this is another turkey composition. This one was made in Germany. It has a lot of damage issues to it. You can see there’s flaking probably from heat being stored in an attic somewhere. It will cause all that flaking.

That will effect the price on this. I have this priced out at $25, so the damage does really effect the price. And one more example I have here is plaster. This is another turkey, different sizes but very similar but made of plaster. Not a very expensive $20 item. So it gives you a little range of just the turkey that you can collect. In a Thanksgiving collectibles there is a large range of collectibles. I mean this pumpkin can even cross over into a Thanksgiving holiday collectible as well as Halloween. So some of these will cross.

A Guide to Collecting Holiday Antiques Antique Turkey Candy Container

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