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So today we are back at our favorite Thai restaurant but we’re going to be having a special meal. We have ordered a set for two people that focuses on Northern Thai dishes, so we are going to get a sampling of different curries that come along with sticky rice. And this is what it might look like. Our first dish has arrived and it is called Khao Soi and it is fried noodles on top of a hearty curry. That looks amazing. It does. Let’s dig into that baby. I’m going to try my first fried noodle. I’ve never had anything like this. It’s kind of.

Nice and the curry is kind of spicy. How is that It’s a very flavorful spicy curry. I can tell it is made from coconut milk. It’s not a very thick curry. It is more stewlike and soupy but it is really nice on a warm day like this. I’m enjoying it. Sticky rice inside. So a lot of the Northern Thai dishes have pork in them, so as you can see over here we have a pork sausage. We have something that looks like ground pork with nice green herbs and this might also be pork if you ask me.

One of the characteristic elements of Northern Thai food is that you eat your side dishes with sticky rice. This is going to be tasty. So I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be using my hands or not but because this is sticky rice I am. We’re going to dip it over here and see how it tastes. Spicy or sweet This one is surprisingly sweet. So I’m going to try one of these little puffs in another kind of dipping sauce. That looks like it could be spicy. Yeah, it is spicy. Burning your mouth.

Eating Northern Thai Cuisine Khantoke Set Feast for dinner in Chiang Mai, Thailand

We also have a nice pumpkin stew over here with tofu. Spicy Not spicy. It’s just really hot. Okay, what is next So next up in the dishes to try here would be the ground pork. It looks like it has been marinated in a nice little sauce. Very strong flavor with the sauce. It looks like soy sauce but that is hard going down. Very tasty though. So it is only our first week in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand but we are quite quickly discovering that this part of the country has a lot to offer in the cooking department.

Normally, when you think Thai food you think of Pad Thai, Green Curries but really there is so much variety here. Today we had dishes that we had never even heard of before and they were so tasty. We still don’t even know exactly what they are. We don’t know the n ames. I’m sure we will learn them over the course of our time here but for now what we can tell you is that Northern Thai food is really tasty. So just when we thought the meal was finally over and we are so stuffed they bring dessert.

Out for us and it is amazing. So here you can see bananas. Those are just slices of bananas in a sweet, thick coconut cream and it is amazing really. Oh yeah, you need to try it. I want to see your face when you bite into that. Wow! It almost has a bit of a rum caramel type flavor which really accentuates the coconut milk. That was seriously the feast of feasts. We paid 300 Baht in total for that which is roughly ten US dollars and it was worth every penny or should I say every Baht.

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