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Hey guys!! Today I will show you how to make some emoji EOS lip balms!! was super requested so I hope you enjoy This is also a collab with my friend Sofia Styled so don’t forget to check out her awesome emoji designs by clicking the link at the end of the tutorial. For my first technique start lighting a candle and then take some non toxic crayons Cut a piece of the black crayon and place it on a spoon with some beeswax I also added a tiny piece of brown crayon but it didn’t make any difference.

Let it melt with the heat from the candle and then pour it onto some aluminum foil. used a new EOS so I cut the lip balm part and I used the grid to mark a circle onto our black mixture once it was dry Then take a needle and start drawing the face of the emoji you choose I decided to make the winky face As you see, I used a picture on my phone as a guide. Then carefully take out the pieces and place them in the lid of the EOS container.

Be really patient here and make sure you make the mirror image of the emoji. Put that in the freezer as we continue with the tutorial. Then place the lip balm in some hot water and add 1 teaspoon of beeswax and 2 of olive oil You should also add a little piece of yellow crayon. They are non toxic but if you are still concerned using them you can replace it with oil based food coloring. Mix it well, let it melt and then carefully pour it onto the lid.


Keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes. In the meantime, using a cutter pop out the grid part like so. Then check out your design and put back on the lid Screw in the grid and pour some more yellow mixture Once that sets take the bottom part of the container and push it down like so and you will have your emoji EOS lip balm. I used this same technique to make the emoji with sunglasses, first I draw the pieces, then I put them in the lid I pour some yellow lip balm mixture the same way I did before.

If your lip balm doesn’t turn completely smooth you can use a candle to melt the surface very slightly I’m really happy with how these ones turned out and they are very easy to make but as you see the design doesn’t go all the way down into the lip balm, so that’s why I made the second technique. First, I cut off the lip balm part of a new EOS and I melted it with some yellow crayon piece I poured it onto the lid and let it set in the freezer.

Then I took it out and started drawing the shape of the emoji face with the needle. I chose the heart eyed emoji and I’m using the bottom cup as my base. Then, hollow out the mouth like this I mixed 1 teaspoon of beeswax with 2 of olive oil and a piece of black crayon and I poured that onto the mouth hole. I let it set and took out the excess like so. And then I did the same thing for the eyes this time using some red crayon.

Then I follow the same steps as for the other two screw the grid, add the rest and push the bottom cup again. If you find that the edges are not perfect, you can take your needle and clean them a little bit. And that’s it!! This technique takes a little bit more time but it looks super cute too! So that was all!! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and don’t forget to check Sofia’s tutorial for more emoji EOS designs! Don’t forget to send me a picture through Instagram.

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