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Welcome back for episode 9 of rebuilding a house from Metro mortgage investments I’m Trent Dalrymple and before we got out to the house well we always go over the numbers but now I’d like to answer a question that’s come up from one of the viewers the series about profit he said you actually going to walk away with $163,000 cash on this project honestly no because we have other expenses and some things may change so let’s go over the numbers, right now the property that’s not gonna change we’ve.

Already bought the property in fact we’ve torn down the original house that cost us seventyfive thousand dollars what may change is the construction cost we have one hundred and seventy thousand dollars it may go up so right now we have a total cost of $245,000 that may increase the appraisal, we have a value $400 eight thousand dollars now hopefully that will go up but if it doesn’t go up and of course our cost is increased that is going to reduce our profit of $163,000 now one other things that is not included in this commission to the.

Realtor we always have a Realtor who sells our houses well it’s gonna come off the bottom and we also have financial backers investors with our company they have to be paid too so 163,000 dollars that I get to shove in my pocket, I wish but that’s not gonna happen so those are the numbers we’re going to go out to the property at this point the house is now been framed up on the first floor and now they’re gonna be doing a of course the second and then the third floor so if you like any more information about any this or any of our.

Episode 9 Rebuilding a House Private Money Investing

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