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Hi, it’s Teena Spindler. here usually we’re out the garden but today I’m bringing you inside because I’ve got some inside projects I want to take care and I love to bring a bit of the garden from outside into the house. And in nature we see some great arrangements that include height, various shades of green, and that awesome pop of color. In order to create that inside I want to use a concept that I call Thriller, Spiller, Filler and I use that concept in order to give myself a really interesting arrangement inside.

So let’s grab the pot take it outside and get started. First thing we need to do is put a little soil in our pot liner here. This is what we’re actually planting in. The pots in the living room are decorative. The potting mix that I’m filling is a Moisture Control potting mix So the first thing I’m gonna go ahead and put in here is our palm which is one of our thriller plants. Nice tall, great shades of green. You want to take a look at the roots of.

The plant that you’ve taken out of the pot. They’re usually a little compacted down at the bottom. So it’s a good idea to go ahead and loosen those roots, and don’t be afraid, you’re not gonna kill it by giving it a little time. And the reason that you want to do that is if you don’t these poor roots will continue to circle the plant rather than reaching out into the soil. We’re going to put this in the back of this pot so that we have room in the front for.

How To Design Indoor Containers with Teena Spindler

Our Fillers and Spillers. The next plant I’m going to put in here is both a Thriller and a Filler because it’s going to be in the foreground with that great color to give us a little thrill, but it’s also going to cover some of these long stems and fill up that void there. Tuck that in. We want the height of all of these root balls to be about the same. Our next plant that we’re going to add is gorgeous zenbidium. I love zenbidiums because they had a lot of color.

And they last a really time. This one is both Thriller and a Filler well and I love how it picks up that yellow from the kalanchoe. So we’ve got some beautiful yellows going on here but different textures of leaves, different shapes of flowers. Now our last plant that we’re going to put in here is our Spiller, and this lovely pothos which it’s verigated foliage you can see actually pick up that yellow. Now that we’ve finished planting our plants the next step is to give them a good water and also feed them at the same time.

The last thing that we want to do to really finish this up before I put it inside is to cover the exposed soil with Spanish moss. Very easy to do, just rip off a little piece of it, and look for some exposed soil and tuck it in. You don’t really have to worry about hanging over the edges is because we’re going to be inserting into our bigger pots so anything that’s hanging over will end up getting covered up. Okay, I think we’ve got it all ready, let’s go ahead and take it.

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