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Do you know what SIPS panels are The Terry Redlin Art Center behind me was built with these panels by Enercept. We’ll learn more next. Hi, Neil. Hi. Thanks for joining us. We’re here at Enercept and we’re in the sales and manufact We’re going to take a look a around in just a bit. But first of all, give me some background on the company. What do you do We’re a manufacturer of SIP panels which is a foamcore insulation laminated on each side with a structural board which is oriented strand board.

What are some of the advantages of using the SIPS product over a stickbuilt home The main ones are going to be energy efficiency first and foremost. The Enercept home will heat and cool for less than half of the best built stickframe or standard traditionally framed home. Secondly, it’s going to be that the home is able to be assembled much quicker. And thirdly, the home is much quieter and more comfortable than a regular conventionally built home. Everything that you produce here is custom. Correct That’s correct. We do everything from a standard ranch style home to a more elaborate customized.

Home that you would see on a golf course or on a lake home or a mountain home. How are the panels assembled Well, they’ll go through our design phase or through our drafting team. They then do what we call a cut list or a production book which if you or I would look at it as being like a puzzle piece for the overall puzzle being the home. That thing goes down to our production floor. They will make the individual pieces of the home here through our lamination stage, through our wood cutting,.

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Foam cutting. All of those different aspects. Then it comes together on our lamination area where then the panels are built and finished ready to go out to the job site. So, if I am someone who is interested in using Enercept’s products, how do I get started We can start a number of different ways. A lot of times it’s just a conceptual page out of a plan book or off an internet plan. We’ll estimate it for them, make sure it works into their budget, and then we can take it to our builder to get, you know, a fully.

Finalized price for them. Well, we have the opportunity to take a look at some of your projects including the Terry Redlin Center. And you even did some work on the South Pole. Tell me about that. Yeah. We did the new elevated station at South Pole, Antarctica through the National Science Foundation. It’s a 60,000squarefoot basically cie of a building. And most people in our area are familiar with the Terry Redlin Center and might be surprised that the SIPS product was used there. Yes. That is a perfect commercial style of building for what we do. It’s a red iron steel building and then.

Our panel is wrapping that envelope, keeping all of those original works of art in pristi. Well, let’s take a closer look at some of those projects and also talk to some of your customers. Okay. Let’s do that. I don’t think you could build it really any other way to have the quiet and also at the same time the humidity and climate control that we’re able to provide. With the heat and sound transmission and everything that we would’ve experienced over a 16year period of being open to the public, we’ve seen that payback many times over now.

Like putting Legos together structural, insulated panels by Enercept fit perfectly to make a quiet energyefficient home that comes together faster than traditional stickbuilding. Combine that with the added strength and great insulation Enercept’s structural, insulated panels are a smart building choice. Well, Neil, we had a chance to talk to your customers and take a look at some of your projects that are in progress. And now, we’re looking at some finished panels right behind us. That’s correct. These panels now are done and finished. They are ready to be loaded on the truck and they’re going to out to their future home.

Now, when we’re talking about the building actually going up, we’re going to cut some time off of that part of the process. Right That’s correct. With one of our experienced assemblers, they can go and put that same building up in probably a quarter to a third of the time and it’s already insulated for the homeowner. We were discussing efficiency. Go into that a little bit more. Well, the efficiency of our system comes with that we eliminate the thermal bridging meaning wood penetration all the way through the wall. An average.

Enercept home will have 3 where a normal stud frame or traditionally framed home will have 25 to 27 solid wood penetration. And what does that mean in terms of heating and cooling costs That’s where we talked about where it’s going to give you that 40 to 60 savings both in heating and in cooling year round. Neil, why should someone choose Enercept for their next home Cause like we talked about incredibly energyefficient home we can fit into any budget. We can make our system work with them and their builder or one o.

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