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Mike basich was a snowboarding pioneer. but after hundreds of competitions that brought money and fame, he went in search of something different. ROCK MUSIC PLAYING Welcome. Thank you. It’s such a rush just to get up here. MUSIC PLAYING.

When did you first get into snowboarding? My mom was always looking for something different and fun for us to try out, so that’s how we discovered it. And the sport had no rules. And that’s where that kept us in it, because no one was telling us what to do. Oh! Ouch! From 7 to about 14 years old, I had epilepsy. And so being different than everyone else,.

You felt at home. that’s something my parents drove into me every day, saying it’s ok to be different. I just tackle things that way. MUSIC PLAYING Well, welcome. Wow. This is the inside.

It’s beautiful. how long did it take for you to build this place? It took me five years two and a half years to do all the rock work. I think I moved about 175 ton of rock. Every piece of cement was hand mixed, and gathered the water for it by hand, as well. God, it’s such a labor of love. You get to do fun things. This is actually a shower here. And it’s a seat in the daytime.

But you get to use it’s a bit camping style. no shower curtain, just out in the open. pouring water, sitting down. MUSIC PLAYING I’ve got a little oven, which the door’s from the junkyard. And bought a nice little fireplace, which is my cooking, heating water, warming the place. So that’s the central attention for the utilities.

Yeah. this is it. Where are you getting your water? Yeah, this is creek water, which I have two creeks on the property. Mike, where do you sleep? I’ve got the loft as my bedroom very different than anywhere else I’ve lived. I go to bed with the sun, and I wake up with it. I don’t feel like I’m trying to race time. In a city,.

You always feel like you’re on a rat race. and here, it feels like you’re in sync with what’s actually happening. So this was your dream. Since you were a little boy, you’ve been wanting to do this. This is my dream and reality, 40 acres to do whatever I want with. It’s really fun. MUSIC PLAYING Tell me when you first started getting into that competitive circuit.

Competitive circuit was right off the start. the world cup, traveled the world a bunch I’d be in a different country almost every weekend. Worked my body hard. I was making about $170,000 a year. Played it pretty smart. I bought my first house, 4,000 squarefoot house huge because I went for the American dream. I bought the big house and had a fancy car. It didn’t do anything different for me. It just took up time.

How to Build a Concrete Block Raised Bed Garden without Mortar

(john) alright this is john kohler with growingyourgreens today we have another exciting episode for you were here at the CindRLite Blocks, Sunblocks and Bricks and why were here today is actually Im going to build a new raised bed and finding the best material to build my raised bed out of and that is the concrete blocks, much like the what is it the three little pigs fairy tale where the one pig built his house our of straw, which you can build a raised bed out of just get straw bales, the other pig built his house.

Out of wood which the big bad wolf blew down and one pig built his house out of bricks or concrete blocks that the wolf could not get into and the other little piggies were safe. So today Im actually here to research and find some blocks that Im going to build my raised bed out of. You know, this is the best option for me to build my raised bed because its not wood that may degrade in the weather or some kind of plastic wood or some other material, something thats been.

Here for a long time. so lets head to the yard and check out what we got. Alright, so as you guys can see were in the yard, actually Im just looking at all these blocks just stacked up all over the place, totally insane. Im going to find the best block thats going to work for me so I can make a raised bed out of bricks instead of wood. Alright, these are the blocks that Ive been looking for laugh. Check it out, so these guys are just solid blocks and theyre.

Nice and heavy duty here and basically what im going to do is i going to take these guys and line them up. Oh and check it out man, these ones are cool they even have a decorative on the edges, so actually thats kind of cool instead of the just plain flat look here, like on this guys. They got all this different kind of options, you know. This is just flat if you want that flat look on both sides. This one actually has a design in it; its a straight line kind of indentation. Thats kind of cool.

Theyve got different patterns. i definitely like this pattern that kind of breaks it up, makes it look a little more interesting. Of course they got different colors here, so they got like this color here oh man, check this out! This is cool, I like this one the most actually, thats like a sanded look there, that looks pretty cool, thats a nice decorative there on that one. They got so many different kinds I wouldve not known this if I didnt come out here to walk because the guy in the store, the shop, said oh.

Yeah we got this, this and this but yeah man, definitely like this guy. it looks kind of like marble or something, it looks kind of fancy. Then of course you know you could just get the standard ones, just the gray ones or the tan ones, the tan flat ones, and then heres another kind right here actually they got all different kinds of ones here. Oh look at this, these ones are cool, theyre taller. Thats ultimate dude! Its just one block. Theres another one right here it just has.

Cut outs on both sides, i dont like that one so much for a raised bed, but i think this guy right here, I like it because its just so tall and this is like a large block here so I will not have to double stack the blocks. Here are of course those standard red ones and then we get into these guys that are hollow on the top so those ones wont necessarily work for me. So another option is these guys but the problem with these guys is theyre just too dang thin and although theyre pretty good size if you stack them.

Up this is prone to fall over unless you maybe like glue something together to reinforce them so Im just definitely not going to go with these cheap thing guys here. Scene change So I finally decided on the blocks I got, we got home here and got the Jeep loaded up with the blocks. Now hits car oops! So each one of these blocks weights like 31 pounds so its very important and critical that you do not overload your car. I loaded m car until the wheel wells and the tires were kind of low and stuff and I.

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