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Growing Sugar Apple Sweetsop in a Container Terrace Garden

Hi Friends, today I am going to show you Sugar Apple which is popularly called as Sitaphal in India, Which is grown on Pot on the Terrace This is the Sugar appleCustard apple tree as you can see it has grown nicely on the potcontainer and this is the fruit which i harvested from it yesterday so lets see how to grow one of these in your Garden.

And also know about the Sugar appleCustard apple along with it. Sugar appleCustard apple tree is shallow rooted and dose not need any deep soil so you can happily grow them on your terrace wider potscontainers are preferable. Sugar apple tree requires Tropical and near tropical climate grows best in dry areas.

It has a high drought tolerance Hence you need not have to water it daily, just see to it that your potcontainer dose not get completely dried up Sugar apple is not particular about the soil any type of soil, dense or loose is fine also make sure potcontainer has good drainage.

Because this tree cannot tolerate water logging Here I have some Sugar appleCustard apple seeds you can directly sow them into the soil or . you can use the wet paper method to germinate them these are one month old seedlings and they usually take . more than a year to start flowering Sugar Apple trees grow from 10 to 20 feet.

But here you can see its not even 6 feet high and already started flowering and you can see small sugar apple coming out here. Its just 1.5 year back, that I sowed the seeds their branches are hard and light brown in colour as you can see they grow irregularly Sugar apple leaves will be pointing downwards and at young it will be pale green .

And later it turns its colour to dark green and it grows without any teeths. Now lets see the journey of this Sugar appleCustard apple from tiny bud to this big fruit. You can see the buds which are in triangular shape they grow like this here you can see the buds coming out in clusters As the buds grows the petal grows longer and .

When it is about to flower it changes its colour to from Green to Lime Yellow. When it starts flowering there is a pleasant fragrance of the flower in the whole Garden. As you can see the petal starts opening like this and it will be wide open when it flowers. The flower has three petals and.

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